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Unlock Cricket Phone

You wish to your unlock Cricket phone in various ways. You can unlock your device online, use the my Cricket Wireless app, visit a Cricket Wireless store or call a Cricket Support Advocate.

cricket wireless discount for low income

To get the Cricket wireless discount for low income consumers, you will have to apply for the ACP program by going to and then completing the ACP enrolment form at the carrier website or enrolling in the lifeline program.

cricket wireless hotspot plans

Cricket Wireless only offers one hotspot plan, Cricket More, which includes 15GB of hotspot data. Although the core plan includes unlimited services, you are not required to pay for a hotspot if you do not want one.

patriot mobile phone plans

The best cricket wireless prepaid plans is the $60 plan that comes with excellent additional offers such as 150 GB cloud storage, 15 GB mobile hotspot, and SD quality video streaming (480p).

cricket wireless iPhone deals

Cricket Wireless offers different types of Apple iPhones at different prices; however, the Cricket Wireless iPhone deals is one of that Apple iPhone SE 64GB and Apple iPhone 11.