Cricket Wireless has various low-cost plans for heavy data users and budget-conscious shoppers. AT&T’s dependable network is used by the top-rated mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Cricket offers superb 4G LTE coverage, rapid 5G service when available, and an excellent price-to-performance ratio. There’s an option for you whether you’re looking for perks, a lot of data, discounts, or a combination of benefits. However, this article will dive into the best Cricket Wireless hotspot plans.

    Cricket customers use AT&T’s towers because AT&T owns the company. Cricket Wireless users will be able to get 5G service any place AT&T owns 5G towers if they have a suitable smartphone. Cricket subscribers will access the considerably larger LTE network if 5G isn’t ready. The company uses the AT&T GSM network. This network technology is reliable and provides a wide range of network coverage.

     Cricket’s main selling point is its affordable unlimited data package. The less expensive options, however, come with some significant limitations. On the basic unlimited plan known as Cricket Core, data speeds are limited to 8 Mbps, significantly below average for broadband speeds these days. Cricket may also cause data to slow down during peak periods.

    You also won’t be able to utilize your device as a mobile hotspot. You’ll need the unlimited plus plan (Cricket More) to eliminate the internet speed limits, which also comes with a free HBO Max subscription and 150 GB of cloud storage – but it’s also more expensive.

    Should I use a Cricket Wireless hotspot for home internet?

    We don’t recommend using a hotspot for Cricket Wireless home internet. Phone hotspots can only connect a few devices and have limited data. Standalone hotspots connect a greater number of devices, but there is still a restriction. In addition, compared to what you get from Cricket Wireless, standalone hotspot devices supply significantly less data per month.

     When should you utilize a Cricket Wireless hotspot?

    • Going on a trip (inside the country or internationally) 
    • Working away from home or the office
    •  Living in a rural area
    • Visiting a weekend or vacation rental house

    Hotspots are ideal for short-term use while traveling or working away from the workplace. They’re also a decent alternative if you live in a rural region because they’re less expensive than satellite internet—though in that case, 4G LTE or fixed-wireless internet may still be your best options.

    The Cricket Wireless Hotspot plans

    cricket wireless hotspot plans

    MVNOs aren’t known for offering many advantages, but the Cricket Wireless Unlimited + 15GB Mobile Hotspot combo is an exception to the rule. You can get a genuinely unlimited call, text, and data for $60/month ($55/month with autopay) without deprioritization or throttling. There’s a massive 15GB of dedicated mobile hotspot data, 150GB of cloud storage, and even an HBO Max subscription—albeit an ad-supported one.

    Cricket’s mobile internet has a 480p streaming video restriction, even though data is unlimited. However, on a small screen, you’re unlikely to notice the drop in quality—and switching to Wi-Fi removes that restriction.

    The Core plan, in particular, is Cricket Wireless’ best option for most people, as it includes plenty of unlimited features while also allowing you to avoid paying for a hotspot if you don’t want one. Standard Definition (480p) streaming, international texting to 37 countries, and unlimited LTE broadband access are all included in the core package. You can also use your call, text, and data in Canada and Mexico if you use less than 50% of your plan in the United States.

    Cricket Wireless plans that include high-speed data but not a hotspot, such as the $30/month for 5 GB and $40/month for 10 GB, require an additional $10/month to enable internet tethering on a compatible device. All data shared via mobile hotspot will be added to the plan’s monthly mobile data allowance.

    You can acquire Cricket Wireless Turbo Hotspot 2 device and pair it with your plan if your current gadget isn’t compatible to be a hotspot device. On its own, the Turbo Hotspot 2 costs $79.99. This small hotspot also packs a punch with dual-band Wi-Fi to support up to 15 devices.

    Summary of Cricket Wireless Hotspot plans and their pricing

    Plans include 5GB 10GB Cricket core Cricket more
    Cost $30 per month
    • $40 for 1 line
    • $70 for 2 lines
    • $90 for 3 lines
    • $110 for 4 lines
    • $55 for 1 line
    • $80 for 2 lines
    • $90 for 3 lines
    • $100 for 4 line
    • $60 for 1 line
    • $90 for 2 lines
    • $110 for 3 lines
    • $130 for 4 lines
    Talk and text
    • Unlimited
    • HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
    • Unlimited
    • HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
    • Unlimited
    • HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
    • Unlimited
    • HD Voice and Wi-Fi Calling
    Data allotment 5GB of 4G LTE or 5G data 10GB of 4G LTE or 5G data Unlimited high-speed 4G LTE or 5G data Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data at Cricket’s highest speeds
    Streaming capabilities Not included Not included Standard Definition 480p Standard Definition 480p
    Hotspot data Not available Not available Available 15GB included
    International calling Not available Available
    • Texts to 37 countries
    • Canada and Mexico usage (must not exceed 50%)
    • Texts to 37 countries
    • Canada and Mexico usage (must not exceed 50%)

    Cricket Wireless plans are modest to understand, and the service is prepaid. All plans offer unlimited calling and texting and 5GB, 10GB, unlimited, and unlimited + 15 GB of mobile hotspot access. On multi-line plans, there are per-line reductions up to a maximum of five lines on a single plan.

    Where AT&T’s 5G network is available, all plans have access to it regardless of data caps. Data speeds are limited to 8 Mbps on the lower-cost unlimited plan, and video quality is limited to standard definition (1.5 Mbps). When you run out of data on a data capped plan, your data rates drop to 128 kilobits per second (Kbps).

    Bottom line

    The Cricket More plan is the only Cricket Wireless hotspot plan that includes a hotspot data allotment. This plan includes 15GB of 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps hotspot data and unlimited 5G mobile data. However, when you hit the cap, your mobile hotspot speeds will be reduced to 128 Kbps for the remainder of the payment month.

    Cricket’s Cricket Core is also available for $55 per month or $50 with autopay. The 15GB mobile hotspot allowance, however, is not included. As a result, we advocate paying $5 extra per month, which pays for itself thanks to the additional benefits.