Cricket Wireless is an American wireless service provider. The company belongs to AT&T and provides wireless services to millions of subscribers throughout the United States. Cricket Wireless started operating in March 1999 under Leap Wireless International. AT&T acquired Leap Wireless in March 2014, thus making Cricket Wireless a property of AT&T. Later, AT&T merged Cricket Wireless with Aio Wireless. You will learn how to unlock Cricket phones later.

    Usually, carriers lock phones so that you cannot use a SIM card from a different service provider. It happens if you have a contract with the company, such as an installment payment or a cell phone plan.

    However, it is always easy to unlock your phone when you need to use it with another carrier. We shall check the various ways you can unlock your phone as long as there are no ties left with the company. 

    You must know that it may be impossible to unlock your device if you have a contract with your service provider. If you have a locked phone, chances are you get the device for free or at a significant discount. Such phones usually have strings attached; if you go against them, you might be fined or forced to compensate for the phone. 

    Reasons for unlocking your phone

    There are various reasons why one might need to unlock their device. One common reason you may need to unlock your phone is international travel. When you unlock your phone, you can use the local wireless services by buying a SIM card from a local carrier outside the country.

    Unlock Cricket Phone

    You can then replace your Cricket SIM card with one from a local company. Before purchasing their SIM card, you should confirm if the company supports your device model. Upon returning to the United States, you can swap your international SIM card with your Cricket one and resume your regular services.

    However, not all countries require you to change your SIM card. For example, you can continue using your cricket SIM card when you travel to Canada or Mexico if you have a Cricket $50/mo plan and above. Such plans include international calling to and from Canada and Mexico. That means you will not need to unlock your phone or buy a new SIM. 

    Another reason you might need to unlock your phone is to switch to a different carrier. If you are no longer interested in Cricket Wireless, you have the freedom to utilize services from other service providers. 

    The requirements for unlocking a Cricket Wireless phone

    There are various requirements you should meet to unlock your phone. These include the following. 

    1. Your phone should be locked to the Cricket network.
    2. The device you wish to unlock must have been operating for at least six months of paid service.
    3. Your active phone number should not have been reported as lost, stolen, or suspended for fraud.

    Note that the 6 months paid service does not apply to Cricket phones bought by Unlimited Max Plan customers before January 4, 2018. However, Cricket can unlock one device for an active and deployed military officer who cannot meet the six-month service requirement, provided that they meet all other unlock requirements.

    You should send documents to or fax them to 770-360-4979. Ensure you include your phone number, name, date of birth, and email address.

    Ways to unlock Cricket phone Smoothly

    If you meet the eligibility requirements above, you can easily unlock your device to use with another service provider. There are three main ways you can use it to clock your device. They include the following.

    1. Unlock your device online

    You can visit the Cricket Wireless website to unlock your phone. You only need to sign in, visit your account settings, and select Get Code. Next, make sure you follow all prompts to get your unlock code. After that, you can use the code on your device to unlock it. If you are a non-Cricket customer, please call Customer care at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538). Generally, you can follow the steps below.

    1. Sign into your account
    2. Navigate to Account Settings 
    3. Select Get Code.
    4. Scroll down and locate the number of the device you’d like to unlock.
    5. Tap Request Unlock.

    The unlock code for compatible Android phones will be displayed on the screen and sent to your phone. Qualifying iPhone users can receive unlock codes through text messages the next business day. 

    2. Use your Cricket Wireless app

    Interestingly, you can unlock your device using your app. You must unlock some Android devices using the myCricket app. If you try unlocking such phones online, you will receive an error message. You can follow the following steps to unlock your device using the myCricket app. 

    1. Open the myCricket app.
    2. Sign out of the app.
    3. Select Unlock Device on the sign-in screen of your app.
    4. Hit Unlock at the bottom of your screen.
    5. After successfully unlocking your phone, restart it to finish the process.

    3. Visit a store

    You can also unlock your device at a store. Cricket Wireless has numerous stores across the country where you only need to walk in with your phone and ask the officers to unlock your device. You can also chat with an agent online and request them to help you unlock your device. Again, you can call a Cricket Support Advocate and request them to unlock your phone

    Things to do after unlocking your phone

    After your phone has been unlocked, the next thing is to start using your phone with the other service provider. You can follow the steps below to proceed with your new service provider. 

    1. Turn off your device.
    2. Remove your Cricket SIM Card. 
    3. Enter your new SIM Card from another carrier.
    4. Turn your phone back on.
    5. Follow the prompts, then enter your unlock code.
    6. Restart your device to complete the unlock process.

    Bottom line

    Cricket Wireless is an American wireless service provider. The company is a product of AT&T and provides wireless services to millions of subscribers throughout the United States. Some phones are usually locked to the carrier, so you cannot use them with other service providers. However, you can unlock a Cricket Wireless device if you travel abroad or want to use another carrier’s services.