Cricket Wireless is the no-contract subsidiary of AT&T. Besides. The company offers new and existing customers a way to receive affordable cellphones with cheap prepaid plans. While many of Cricket’s cellphones’ prices are pretty reasonable, some exceptional cricket wireless new customer deals stand out right now. This guideline will get the best Cricket deals for new customers who switch to Cricket Wireless.

    Most importantly, Cricket Wireless mainly offers savings on cell phones when you switch the carrier, although they have occasional price drops on Cricket Wireless cell phone plans. You can switch to Cricket, and you find your favorite iPhone and an affordably priced plan or even a free smartphone under the current deals and offer from the great, extensive network that serves over 99% of Americans.

    Moreover, Cricket Wireless is one of the prominent mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States. The company is wholly owned by AT&T and utilizes its network. Cricket provides excellent deals for new customers planning to switch. Unfortunately, Cricket doesn’t provide a lot of deals to existing customers. Most deals on Cricket Wireless usually require you to port in your number or activate a new account or line.

    Benefits of Choosing Cricket Wireless

    • All-in pricing – taxes and fees included in the final price
    • No credit check.
    • Affordable plans.
    • Cricket operates 4,300 stores in all 50 states, so wherever you are, there is convenience.
    • Cricket trade-in options are available for a cricket wireless phone upgrade.

    How Do New Customers Switch To Cricket Wireless?

    Cricket Wireless New Customer Deals

    Switching carriers is not easy as carriers in the U.S. depend on different cellular technologies. Therefore, a cell phone made to work on one particular network won’t necessarily operate on another. 

    For this reason, some rules apply to new customers switching to Cricket Wireless:

    • Cell phones from AT&T will operate on Cricket
    • Cell phones from T-Mobile have a higher chance of working on Cricket
    • Generally, cell phones sold by Sprint or Verizon will not operate on Cricket Wireless.

    Additionally, if you bought your cell phone outright from a third-party dealer, you may be lucky as most are frequently sold unlocked and open to working with any network.

    What Are The Steps To Switch To Cricket Wireless

    i) Unlock your Cell Phone

    You must unlock a mobile to function on the Cricket network. If it isn’t already unlocked, you can contact your original wireless carrier to unlock it for you, provided you meet their unlocking requirements.

    ii) Check Your Device compatibility

    Next, confirm that your unlocked cell phone or data device is compatible with the Cricket network. Some unlocked cell phones aren’t compatible with the Cricket Wireless network; you can quickly check with the  Device ID (IMEI) checker.

    iii) Choose a SIM card and A Cell Phone Plan

    You’ll have to add the Universal Cricket SIM card kit to your cart and then select the perfect plan for your mobile device. In this case, you can pick from the high-speed data and unlimited talk/text or Data Only Plans for tablets and mobile hotspot devices.

    iv) Port in or Choose a New Number

    In this case, you have to decide whether to bring your current phone number or receive a new number. Notably, if you want to receive Cricket-free phones when you switch, you must bring your own number. To transfer your own number, you will have to submit information, such as your account number with your previous carrier, your PIN or password, your billing ZIP code, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

    Again, no matter the option you choose, either purchase a new device or bring an existing one). You will automatically get directed to the option of choosing whether to bring a phone number or to get a new one, to offer the necessary information, and start the transfer process.

    v) Activate your Cricket Service

    After choosing a device, a cell phone plan, and a number, Cricket Wireless will liaise with your current carrier to initiate the switching process. Your current cell phone and service will operate normally until you activate your Cricket service. Immediately you activate your new service and confirm that everything is working well, you can terminate your account with your previous carrier.

    How Does A New Customer Activate Phone After Switching?

    After completing the switching steps above, you will get your new cell phone and SIM card or just the SIM card if you opt to keep your current phone in a few days.

    Thus, when you receive your package, you can begin your activation process as shown below:

    • Step 1: Proceed to Cricket Wireless activate and tap’Get Started’.
    • Step 2: Select your device type, whether Android, Apple, or others, Both/Multiple.
    • Step 3: Ensure your mobile device is off. Insert your Cricket WIreless SIM card into the device. Put the device back on, and after doing so, tap ‘I’m Ready’ on Cricket’s activation website.
    • Step 4: Select whether you have bought your cell phone or SIM card at Cricket or Another Retailer on the website. If you purchased the phone/SIM card at Cricket’s online store, you could tick ‘Cricket.’ and tap ‘Continue.’
    • Step 5: Answer the following query online: ‘Are you a new customer, or do you already have Cricket service.’ If you are a new customer, tap ‘New Customer’ and then ‘Continue.’
    • Step 6: Submit your order number found in your confirmation email or on your packing slip and your Cricket cell phone number in the respective boxes. Tap ‘Submit.’
    • Step 7: By now, your Cricket service should be active. 

    Ultimately, you can take your phone and try to make a phone call or send a text message. You can cancel your old service if it goes through because your cell phone is active. If the activation was unsuccessful, you could also contact Cricket Wireless customer service at 1-800-274-2538 for help.

    What Cell Phone Deals Does New Customers Get When Switching to Cricket Wireless?

    1) Free Samsung Galaxy A02s

    You can receive a FREE Samsung Galaxy A02s when you switch to Cricket from another carrier and activate the $60 unlimited Cricket Wireless plan. Notably, this offer excludes AT&T customers.

    2) iPhone SE 64GB

    You can receive a new iPhone SE for $49.99 with Cricket if you switch over and activate a minimum $60/month plan with Cricket and pay two months in advance.

    3) Motorola Moto G Power

    Get this cell phone for free when you bring your number and activate a minimum $55/month plan through Cricket Wireless

    4) Samsung Galaxy A12

    New customers can get this cell phone offer for free when you bring your number and activate a minimum of $60/month plan through Cricket Wireless.

    5) Motorola Moto G Play

    Get this cell phone for free when you bring your number and activate a minimum $60/month plan through Cricket Wireless.

    6) Cricket Debut

    Get this cell phone for free when you bring your number and activate a minimum $55/month plan through Cricket Wireless.

    7) Cricket Icon 3

    Get this cell phone for free when you bring your number and activate a minimum $55/month plan through Cricket Wireless.

    8)  iPhone SE 256 GB

     You can receive $200 off the total price when you switch to Cricket and activate at least the $30/month plan. 

    9) iPhone 11 

    Cricket Wireless deals for new customers include the iPhone 11 for just $99.99. You can get $400 off when you sign up for the $60-per-month unlimited plan for two months.

    What Type Of Cell Phone Plans Does Cricket Wireless Offer To New Customers?

    Cricket provides several plan options, including Cricket wireless plans for 2 phones, from the most budget-friendly plans to those for users whose lives are internet dependent. The usual categories of Cricket cell phone plans include:

    • Talk-and-text-only plans (no data)
    • Hybrid plan featuring talk, text, and data plans 
    • Shared family plans

    Moreover, all Cricket phone plans are prepaid, no-contract monthly plans, and all of them include:

    • Caller ID and call waiting services
    • Unlimited voice and text messages plus voicemail
    • You also receive unlimited video and photo messages if your plan includes data.
    • WiFi access

    What Cell Phone Does Cricket Have?

    Cricket Wireless offers a diverse selection of mobile devices, from regular cell phones with simple features to the newest and most sophisticated smartphones. At Cricket Wireless, you certainly get a device that suits your needs and budget. The company also provides a phone payment plan through Progressive Leasing, even though the cell phones are generally pretty cheap. New customers may also get a free smartphone when switching to Cricket Wireless.

    You can get what you need from iPhones to flip phones among the selection of Cricket phone deals for existing customers available. Cricket provides both new and renewed Android- and iOS-powered smartphones, like the Apple iPhone,  Motorola moto series, and Samsung Galaxy phones. 

    Through Progressive Leasing, you can lease your favorite cell phone from Cricket Wireless and ultimately either pay off the device to own it or return it for another model. Depending on the amount you’re eligible to lease for, you can get up to 5 phones and accessories on a weekly,  bi-weekly, or monthly payment. Besides, there are no credit checks, and you can apply either online or in a Cricket Wireless store. 

    Bottom Line

    Cricket Wireless cell phone deals are majorly reserved for new customers. If you are looking for the best, affordable wireless carrier with the best phone and plan deals, you should consider Cricket wireless. You will get a free device upon switching or a highly discounted device. Whether you are a new or an existing Cricket Wireless customer, there is always something in store for you.