Cricket Wireless has various low-cost plans for hefty data users and budget-conscious shoppers. Simple Cricket wireless prepaid plans with reasonable add-on options to fit your needs are available from the company every month. Cricket’s plans are all without an annual contract. AT&T’s reliable network is used by the top-rated mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

    The company offers several advantages, including strong 4G LTE coverage, speedy 5G service when available, and a competitive price-to-performance ratio. Cricket Wireless phone plans are also reasonable and easy, with single-line plans starting at $30 per month and unlimited options with four or more lines starting at $25 per line.

    There’s an option for you whether you want perks, a lot of mobile phone data, discounts, or benefits. Before we get into our primary topic, the best Cricket wireless prepaid plans, it’s necessary to understand what cricket wireless is and some of the benefits you could receive while working there.

    Details Of Cricket Wireless

    Cricket Wireless is an AT&T-owned and operated prepaid cell phone company. Therefore, it provides its services through the AT&T GSM network technology. The company was founded by Leap Wireless International in 1999 and eventually purchased by AT&T in 2014. Cricket Wireless is now known for providing excellent, low-cost AT&T cell phone options.

    Visual voicemail, VoLTE (also known as HD Voice), Wi-Fi calling, hotspot, up to 4K video streaming, domestic roaming, 5G connectivity, stateside international calling to Canada and Mexico, and international data roaming in Canada and Mexico are all features available on Cricket. Cricket Wireless plans offer single-line plans starting at $30 per month and unlimited options with four or more lines starting at $25 per line. Furthermore, the price you see includes all taxes and fees.

    Cricket Wireless also has some of the most incredible low-cost family deals on the AT&T network. Cricket’s Unlimited Core offers an unlimited data package for just $25 per line/month with the four-person family plan. Cricket’s Unlimited More package is also available for $33/line/month for four lines. The unlimited more Plan adds 15GB of mobile hotspot bandwidth to the Unlimited Core plan and removes the 8Mbps data speed cap.

    Does Cricket Wireless Offer Phone Deals

    The company offers new subscribers a variety of cell phone plans. New users get two free handsets, unlimited mobile phone data for $80, and two unlimited data plans with an outstanding limited internet speed of up to 3 Mbps, SD quality video streaming without data charges, etc. You can get these and other incentives when you switch to Cricket’s network.

    The bring your own phone (BYOP) offering is available to new cricket wireless customers who do not want to acquire new phones. This deal allows you to use your existing phone as long as you meet the following requirements: 

    • The phone must be unlocked 
    • It must not have been used for any fraudulent activity 
    • It must be compatible with the GSM network

    Furthermore, the corporation sells a variety of cell phones, ranging from older models like the iPhone 11 to high-tech gadgets like the iPhone 13 series. It also sells the latest Android devices, such as Samsung Galaxy flagships and low-cost Motorola phones.

    Cricket Wireless Plan With Multiple Lines

    The company offers multiple-line options that are less expensive than single-line rates. Except for the Cricket Core Plan and Cricket More Plan, all data plans include Stream More. This function helps you save bandwidth by streaming select higher-definition videos at standard definition resolution, similar to how DVDs work (about 480p).

    Stream More will be enabled for you by Cricket. You can switch it off or on once it’s turned on. Some of the benefits that you may get by subscribing to multiple include whooping discounts, which include;

    a) Cricket Core Plan

    You must have four lines with the Cricket Core plan. You will get a discount of $30 for the second line and $45 for the third and fourth line. For $100 per month, you get 5G network access, unlimited data, voice, text, and 480p Video streaming SD quality. However, if the network is busy, the data speed with this Plan may briefly slow down.

    b) Cricket More Plan

    It costs $130 per month for a four-line package. With this plan, you’ll save $30 on the second line and $40 on the third and fourth lines, respectively. Premium data, unlimited data, 5G network access, HBO Max with Ads, call and text, and 480P Video streaming at SD quality are all included in the subscription.

    The Best Cricket Wireless Prepaid Plans

    Cricket is an MVNO known for offering low-cost prepaid mobile phone plans in the United States. Under the AT&T network, the corporation offers great, low-cost phone options. The cheapest plan is $30 per month for a single line and $25 for multiple lines.

    Customers can alter their phone plans through the Cricket app or the company’s website with the Cricket Wireless phone upgrade. It’s set up so that only one feature change can be planned for the next payment period. Some of the best Cricket wireless plans are as follows:

    1) $60/mo Plan

    • $55/month with AutoPay  
    • Unlimited data plus 15GB Mobile Hotspot capability
    • 150GB Cloud Storage
    • SD quality video streaming (480p)

    2) $55/mo Plan 

    • Unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data
    • $50/month with AutoPay
    • 480p SD quality video streaming
    • Unlimited texts from the US to 37 countries
    • Wi-Fi Calling and HD Voice with a compatible phone
    • Cricket Call Defense 

    3) $40/mo Plan

    • 10GB of high-speed Data
    • $35 per month with AutoPay
    • Support unlimited talk, text
    • Wi-Fi Calling and HD Voice with a compatible phone
    • Cricket Call Defense

    4) $30/mo Plan

    • 5GB of high-speed data
    • Comes with unlimited text, talk, and picture messages in the US.
    • HD Voice & Wi-Fi Calling with only compatible phones
    • Cricket Call Defense

    Bottom Line 

    Cricket Wireless operates as a mobile virtual network operator under AT&T to provide its services. Being an MVNO, the company offers very cheap mobile phone plans and deals since it does not have physical stores requiring a monthly rent payment. Since the company operates under AT&T, one of the largest network providers in the US, its customer can get a high-speed 5G network with nationwide connectivity that covers almost 99% of the US geography.