Cricket Wireless operates as a mobile virtual network operator that provides services across 36 states in the United States, with the most extensive coverage in Illinois, Texas, and Pennsylvania. However, the company’s broadband services are available to about 94.7 million subscribers making the carrier the 4th residential broadband provider in the coverage area. The carrier offers a range of plans, including Cricket Wireless home internet that enables you to pick the one that perfectly matches your budget and your life.

    Most importantly, Cricket Wireless strives to offer a high-quality Internet experience for all customers. As a leading provider of wireless internet and mobile broadband services, Cricket Wireless offers a wide selection of devices from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and more to suit your needs. You may use compatible Cricket 4G/5G basic phones, smartphones, or tablets with the carrier’s home Internet access service, provided the devices do not harm the Cricket network or other users.

    On the other hand, Cricket Wireless concentrates on affordable plans such as Cricket Wireless plans for 2 phones with a good network provider. Although the home internet plans may be expensive and not widely available, there are some inexpensive Cricket Wireless plans you can get from this carrier. Interestingly, you also experience a decent network coverage because Cricket utilizes AT&T’s mobile network.

    Cricket Wireless Home Internet Plans That You Needs

    Cricket Wireless provides four plans for customers to choose from. The 2GB plan, 10GB plan, and Unlimited Core plan. Recently, Cricket Wireless removed an 8Mbps cap on all its plans. The Cricket Unlimited More plan is the most costly, with full-speed data. The plan details include:

    i) 5GB Plan

    This plan is the cheapest simple package from Cricket Wireless. As per the name, you’ll receive 5GB of 4G LTE or 5G data access per month, plus unlimited talk and text for $30. Cricket’s 5GB plan also supports HD Voice and Wi-Fi calling if you have a compatible phone.

    Besides, you can have an additional gig of data as required for a fee. Each line of 5GB service goes for a constant $ 30-month rate. Cricket has also included 5G access on all of its plans and scrapped the long-standing 8Mbps speed cap from its cheapest options.

    ii) 10GB Plan – $40/month ($35 with autopay)

    If the 5GB of data isn’t sufficient for you, you may decide to upgrade to the 10GB Cricket plan for $35 per month. This package is the best for moderate data users. Luckily, each line is cheaper than the last, so twice the amount of data is well worth the additional fee.

    For this plan, the additional data and the per-line discount are the only differences from the 5G data plan, Although there’s still no streaming or hotspot available. But, you still enjoy access to 5G without the 8Mbps cap

    iii) Cricket Wireless More Unlimited

    The minor carriers don’t offer many perks, but the Cricket Wireless unlimited with 15GB of mobile hotspot bundle is an exception. This data plan is best suited for high data consumers and can be an excellent alternative to your Cricket Wireless home internet. With autopay for just $60/month or $55/month, you’ll experience unlimited text, talk, and data without deprioritization or throttling.

    Besides, 15GB of mobile hotspot data, 150GB of cloud storage, and even an HBO Max subscription. Although data is unlimited, Cricket imposes a 480p streaming video cap on mobile internet.

    Notably, Cricket also offers its unlimited tier for $55/month or $50 with autopay the Cricket Core. However, you will not enjoy the 15GB mobile hotspot allowance, cloud storage, HBO Max subscription, and premium data that doesn’t slow despite your data consumption. Therefore, the $5 extra per month, which pays for it self with the included goodies, is recommended.

    About Cricket Wireless Broadband Internet

    Cricket provides two data-only plans with a fixed amount of high-speed data access with no overage charges. The package is $35 for 20GB and $50 for 40GB per month. After consuming up all the plan’s high-speed data allotment, you will not have additional data access unless you purchase extra data access for the rest of the month of service.

    Additionally, the current monthly Cricket Wireless plans provide a fixed amount of high-speed data access without overage charges. The plan is $30 for 5GB and $40 for 10GB. Besides, the Cricket’s $60 Cricket More Plan and $55 Cricket Core Plan offer unlimited high-speed data access. Except for the Cricket More plan, Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds if the network gets congested.

    Notably, Cricket data access plans come with Stream More, except for the Cricket Core and the Cricket More plans, which help customers manage their data consumption. Stream More allows customers to watch more videos using Cricket wireless network. In this case, you use fewer data by streaming specific high-definition video at standard definition quality, identical to DVD (about 480p).

    However, Stream More needs a compatible device. Upon activation by Cricket on a customer’s account, you can turn it off and back on at any time through the customer’s online account or via the myCricket app.

    In summary, Cricket Wireless provides the following cell phone plans that complement the home internet plans beginning as low as $30 per month:

    • Cricket 5GB: $30 for 5GB data
    • Cricket 10GB: $35 for 10GB data
    • Cricket Core: $50 for Unlimited data
    •  Cricket More: $55 for Unlimited data

    Final Words

    Cricket Wireless offers mobile broadband internet plans that suit the needs of every user. Although Cricket Wireless home internet details are relatively scanty, you can have unlimited plans that provide a dedicated number of hotspots and high-speed internet connection as the best alternative.

    Interestingly, Cricket unlimited pans provide high-speed data for your home and feature no data cap. You can also receive extra perks like free subscriptions like stream more.