Cricket Wireless is an American wireless service provider. The company is owned by AT&T, one of the biggest service providers in the United States. It provides wireless services to millions of subscribers in the country.

    Since it offers services using AT&T’s network, consumers experience excellent connectivity. That means they get high-quality calls, fast message delivery, and fast data connectivity. We shall look at various ways you can get Cricket Wireless free phones.

    Most service providers, including Cricket Wireless, have various ways you can get free phones. Giving out free phones is one way they attract new customers to their side and keep the current ones.

    However, free phones from most cellular companies come with specific requirements. In most cases, you must sign an agreement which, if you go against it, you lose the free phone and may be forced to pay the total cost. 

    Cricket Wireless started its operations in March 1999 under Leap Wireless International. Later, AT&T acquired Leap Wireless in March 2014 and merged Cricket Wireless with Aio Wireless. Due to the acquisition, Cricket Wireless officially became a property of AT&T.

    It primarily competes against Verizon’s Visible and, T-Mobile’s Metro, Dish’s Boost Mobile. As an MVNO, its plans are cheaper than those of the parent company and others, such as Verizon and T-Mobile. 

    Best ways to get Cricket Wireless free phones

    You can get a free phone from Cricket Wireless in two ways if you meet the requirements. These include the following.

    1. When you switch

    It is possible to get a free phone when you switch to Cricket Wireless. Switching means transferring to Cricket Wireless from another service provider. That could be Verizon or T-Mobile. You may switch from one service provider to another for various reasons. One of them is a poor network by your current service provider.

    We all subscribe to cellular companies to get connections for calls, texts, and cellular data. If a company cannot offer those services, there is no need to remain there. Your money for monthly subscriptions will be going down the drain. 

    Another reason why you may want to switch to another carrier is due to costly services. Various telecommunication companies have different charges for their plans. You can switch to another cellular company to pay less for the same service. However, you must ensure that the new company you are switching to has quality services.

    2. When you port your phone number

    Cricket Wireless lets you get a free phone when you port your number to the service provider. Porting means bringing your phone number from the other company to use with Cricket Wireless. That means your contacts will still be able to reach you when needed. When you get a new number from the new company, your contacts will face difficulty reaching you. 

    Qualifications and applications Process to get free phones from Cricket Wireless

    You can qualify for a free smartphone at Cricket Wireless in various ways. If you are switching to Cricket Wireless from another company, you must have settled all the bills with them. These include installment payments or compulsory plans with a particular duration. 

    At Cricket Wireless, you must purchase an eligible plan when you switch to get a free phone. You can always see the guidelines on the platform’s website when switching. Each phone model may have a different minimum plan purchase. Again, some phones require you to bring your number to benefit from the free offer. You can apply for a free phone online at the company’s website.

    How to get a free phone when you switch to Cricket

    Cricket Wireless gives you a free phone when you switch and purchase a particular plan. There are specific plans that go with various free phones. You must therefore buy one of those plans if you need a free phone. 

    We also have some phones that require you to bring your number to Cricket and purchase a plan to get them for free. Generally, you can follow the steps below to get a free phone when you switch.

    1. Visit Cricket Wireless
    2. Follow the process to port your phone number. 
    3. Purchase a given plan.
    4. Receive a SIM card
    5. Get a free phone and activate it.

    How to get a free Cricket SIM card

    Getting a free Cricket SIM card takes a few steps. You must follow the steps below to get your free SIM card. 

    1. Download the tryCricket App
    2. Confirm your phone Compatibility
    3. Order a Trial SIM
    4. Activate the tryCricket trial
    5. Try the Network at Home, Work, and Play

    You need an unlocked, GSM-compatible phone to carry out the trial. Again, 

    Only one trial is applicable per person, five people per given address. Furthermore, the trial applies to US residents only. Video streaming is limited to SD quality. In the process, you will get a trial phone number that belongs to Cricket. You cannot be ported to another carrier or retained.

    The trial lasts 14 days and includes free unlimited text, talk, and 3 GB of data on Cricket’s 5G network. Also, you need a compatible device to use with the free SIM. For your information, the free trial keeps your existing service with your current service provider. After the trial, you can decide if to continue with the service provider or terminate the service. 

    The best Cricket Wireless plan for a free phone

    We have various plans that allow you to get a free phone at Cricket. However, the best is the Unlimited + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot plan. The plan gives unlimited high-speed data that does not slow based on your data usage. You get many extras upon subscribing to the plan, including Cloud Storage and HBO Max with ads. You can set up the plan with up to five lines. 

    Additionally, the plan includes the following.

    1. High-speed data access
    2. Unlimited text, talk, and picture messages in the US.
    3. High-speed nationwide 5G
    4. HD Voice & Wi-Fi Calling with a compatible device
    5. Potential savings if you are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program
    6. Cricket Call Defense with a compatible phone

    Best 4 Cricket free phone plan deals

    There are various free phone deals you can get with Cricket wireless. These include the following.

    1. Samsung Galaxy A03s 

    You can get a free Samsung Galaxy A03s when you switch to Cricket from another service provider and activate the $60 plan. The deal does not apply to AT&T users. By getting the phone for free, you will save $119.99. The phone offers a great camera, a long-lasting battery, and a fast processor. To qualify for a free Samsung Galaxy A03s, you should bring your number to Cricket when you switch.

    2. Motorola Moto G Pure 

    You can get a free Motorola Moto G Pure when you port over your phone number to Cricket Wireless. The device usually costs $109, and thus, you can save a lot of money. 

    The Motorola Moto G Pure has a bright, 6.5-inch display and a durable battery and operates on Android software. You cannot qualify if you port over an old number from AT&T; since AT&T owns Cricket, there is no free phone to switch to Cricket because the plan is to lure users from other networks to join them.

    3. iPhone SE (64 GB) 

    The free iPhone SE saves you a whopping $399. The Apple iPhone SE is almost the same as iPhone 11 but much cheaper. It has enough processing power that rivals its larger screen competitors. Most importantly, the device gives you access to the latest iOS operating system. It also comes with a home button for those who have missed it. That lets you press the home button to return to the home screen or close apps. 

    You can get a free new iPhone SE with Cricket if you switch and activate at least a $60/month plan and pay two months in advance.

    4. iPhone 11 

    Another free deal from Cricket Wireless is iPhone 11, whereby you save $49.99. You can get the phone when you switch to Cricket, bring your phone number, and purchase a plan of at least $60/month. The iPhone 11 is usually priced at $499, so this offer is a fantastic discount.

    Even though it is not the newest iPhone on the market, it is still a powerhouse device. The device can do everything with its A13 Bionic processor and dual 12MP camera array. 

    Does Cricket wireless offer free iPhone

    As seen above, you can get iPhone devices from Cricket Wireless for free when you meet various requirements. These include iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (64 GB). Even though they are not the newest devices in the market, they can serve you well. Both devices require you to switch to the network to get them.

    Does Cricket wireless offer free Android phone 

    We also have various Android devices for free if you meet the requirements. Remember that you can get free devices when you switch to the network, purchase a plan or port your line, or a combination of two or three requirements. Various android devices you can get for free include Motorola Moto G Power (2022), Motorola Moto G Pure, and Samsung Galaxy A03s. 

    Does Cricket Wireless offer free government phones

    According to our research, Cricket Wireless does not offer free government smartphones. It does not participate in the Lifeline assistance program. However, it is among the various companies offering the Affordable Connectivity Program services. Beneficiaries get monthly discounts for their broadband services as long as they qualify. 

    What is Cricket Wireless’s free month of service offers

    Cricket Wireless offers a free month of service through the Affordable Connectivity Program. Beneficiaries get a monthly discount of up to $30 on any cricket plan with data and a monthly cost of not more than $30. If you live in the tribal lands, you can receive a monthly discount of at most $75 for your internet plan.

    Various plans open for eligible beneficiaries in tribal lands include a $60 per month plan, a $55 per month plan, and a $40 per month plan. 

    Final word

    Cricket Wireless is an American wireless service provider. The company is owned by AT&T, one of the biggest service providers in the United States. It provides wireless services to millions of subscribers in the country using AT&T’s network. It offers free phones when you switch, port your number or purchase a plan. You may also need to meet two or three activities to get a free phone. The carrier also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program.