Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator(MVNO) and a prepaid cell phone carrier operated by AT&T. This MVNO offers great, low-cost cell phone plans on the AT&T network that packs international features. However, you can use your Cricket service while traveling in Mexico, Canada, and other destinations. In this case, you don’t have to purchase a new SIM card or switch to a local wireless carrier. You’ll turn on your cell phone and enjoy cricket wireless international roaming.

    Moreover, other carriers may restrict your usage or have a special daily international add-on. With Cricket Wireless Unlimited plans, your data plans travel internationally. Notably, all Cricket unlimited plans start at $50 per month and now feature roaming data services, unlimited texts, and calls to and from Mexico, Canada, and the US. Thus, you can share those vacation photos on social media, text and talk to friends and family, check your emails, and more.

    On the other hand, Cricket International and Cricket International Extra allow you to stay in touch with friends and family around the globe. However, you must currently have Cricket International Long Distance Calling or one of Cricket Wireless Individual Country Add-Ons included in your line of service to make international calls. If you live in the US and call another country, then you use International Long Distance. But, if you’re calling outside the US, you’re using International Roaming.

     What Are Cricket Wireless’s Cell Phone Plans

    Cricket Wireless provides the following cell phone plans, beginning at $30 per month. However, international roaming is included in the unlimited Cricket wireless plans.

    The current cell phone plans include;

    • Cricket 5GB- $30 for 2GB data
    • Cricket 10GB-$35 for 10 GB of data
    • Cricket Unlimited Core-$50 for Unlimited data
    • Cricket Unlimited More-$55 for Unlimited data
    • Unlimited International Texting includes unlimited international text messages (SMS only) sent within the US to cell phones in the 37 Cricket International countries.
    • Unlimited Calling within the US to landlines and cell phones in Mexico and Canada. However, it excludes international long-distance service to the Northern Territories of Canada (Northwest Territory, 867 area code or Yukon, and Nunavut).
    • Unlimited Messaging (Picture, Text, and Video Messaging, i.e., SMS and MMS) within the US to cell phones in Mexico and Canada (Excludes Northern Territories of Canada).
    • Unlimited Talk, Text Mexico plus Mexico, and Canada Roaming enables you to make calls and send text messages (SMS only) in Mexico or Canada to phone numbers in Canada, Mexico, and the US while traveling in Mexico and Canada.
    • While traveling in Mexico and Canada, Roaming Data Access allows you to consume the high-speed data from your Cricket Unlimited cell phone plans. Notably, no matter your plan, if you use roaming data services on wireless carrier networks apart from AT&T Mexico, your data consumption may reduce to 2G. Additionally, suppose you are not on an unlimited plan and have exceeded the high-speed access allotment included in your plan. In that case, data speeds will slow to a maximum of 128 Kbps for your remaining monthly plan cycle.

    The International add-on Features Included with Cricket Wireless Long Distance Options

    Cricket International features Unlimited International Texting and Calling from the US to landline numbers in the Cricket International countries. However, the feature is available on a recurring monthly basis. You can add this feature on the first day of your billing cycle for the maximum value and a whole month of use.

    Cricket International Features:

    • $5 per monthly plan cycle
    • Unlimited calling to landline numbers in 37 countries
    • Includes Brazil, Peru, Israel, and Taiwan
    • Only available with cell phone plans starting at $30/month
    • Cancel at any time

    Cricket International Extra feature Unlimited International Texting and Calling, Picture and Video Messaging, from the US to landline numbers, plus 1,000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to wireless numbers in the Cricket International countries. Notably, this feature is available on a recurring monthly basis. You can add this feature on the first day of your billing cycle for maximum value and an entire month of use.

    Cricket International Extra Features:

    • $15 per monthly plan cycle
    • Unlimited picture and video messages (MMS) via the US to 37 countries
    • Unlimited calls to landline numbers in 37 countries
    • 1,000 minutes of phone-to-phone calling to 31 other countries
    • Only available with plans starting at $30/month
    • Cancel at any time

    The List Of Cricket International Countries

    Generally, all Cricket plans already feature unlimited texts, calls, and picture messages across the US. However, Cricket Unlimited plans to start from $50/month plus grandfathered plans also include:

    • Unlimited calling to and from landlines and cell phones in Mexico, Canada
    • Unlimited international text messaging (SMS only) from the US to 37 countries
    • Unlimited picture, text, and video messaging (SMS and MMS) to and from cell phones in Mexico, Canada, and the US Plus, you can have high-speed data access while touring in Mexico or Canada. In this case, speeds reduce when you consume your plan’s high-speed allotment. The primary consumption must occur in the US. Besides, texts, calls, and data consumption in Canada cannot go beyond 50% of the total consumption.

    The Cricket Wireless international roaming Countries Include:

    • Argentina
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Dominican Republic
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hong Kong
    • Hungary
    • India
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Venezuela
    • Japan
    • Malaysia
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • Nigeria
    • Paraguay
    • Peru
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • Taiwan
    • Thailand
    • Turkey

    The Steps to Add International Features To Cricket Wireless

    • Using My Account Online
    • Log in to My Account.
    • You’ll find a summary of your current rate plan and features.
    • Choose a line, then Features.
    • Choose Add Features.
    • Pick Cricket International and Cricket International Extra below Monthly Features. Notably, you can only have a single international feature per line per billing cycle. If you decide to add a different one, you’ll require to remove your current international feature first.
    • Choose to Add to Cart.
    • Plan for your feature change for today or the beginning of your next billing cycle.
    • Review your feature change details
    • If you scheduled your features to change today, input your credit card information and accept the Terms and Conditions.
    • Finally, select Submit.
    • Afterward, you’ll get payment confirmation on the screen and through text message.

    Bottom Line

    While traveling outside the US, you can use the Cricket Wireless international roaming add-on featured on its unlimited plans and avoid the high roaming charges for the countries you visit. However, you can make calls, receive texts and use your data services through your cell phone and sim card. In this case, you won’t necessarily switch to a new wireless carrier or buy a new Simcard at your destination abroad in Mexico and Canada.