The Qlink Wireless Reviews 2022

Qlink wireless is the fastest growing cellular company that understands the infinite importance of communication. Accordingly, the cellphone company works hard to ensure every individual is connected wirelessly. It has excellent customer care services. Qlink is one of the most trusted and reliable providers that has collaborated with the government to offer free cell phones to eligible users through lifeline Assistance. In today’s, article I will focus on Qlink Wireless reviews and everything you need to know about the company.

Moreover, the Qlink provides free call minutes, texts, and monthly data. It offers these accessible services in numerous states like Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, and Idaho.

The article will review Qlink Wireless, one of the Lifeline Assistance Providers and considered the fastest-growing provider of the Lifeline and EBB programs. If you’re qualified for the Lifeline Assistance program, you’re eligible to get a free government phone from Q Link Wireless and receive free monthly cell phone services. You will know various free smartphone brands and how to get them. Finally, the article will focus on the QLink Wireless phone upgrade and replacement.

Are you curious to know what network does Qlink Wireless uses? Qlink is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that operates under T-Mobile. It is vital to note that Qlink cell phones do not come with a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM). In addition, these phones barely come with any memory cards. This implies that these devices don’t need a SIM card to be used. Consequently, these phones can only work well on CMDA networks, not GSM networks.

Conversely, the good thing is that you can unlock your Qlink Wireless gadget and use it on other CMDA networks. You can utilize the services of carriers like US Cellular and Verizon. Commonly, these cellular carriers are compatible with Qlink. However, it would help to unlock your phone before using their services.

qlink wireless reviews

There are many lifeline companies in the US. Among many, why should you choose Qlink?

  • Qlink services are affordable with no extra hidden charges. It has cheap discounted plans that are affordable to low-income individuals. In addition, it has entirely free plans with zero incurred costs.
  • It has nonrenewable contracts. QlinkWireless is contract-free. That implies you can easily cancel Qlink Wireless services any time with no fines.
  • It performs no credit checks on customers.
  • It has a national wide coverage as it relies on T-Mobile towers for network provision. That means it has services in many states across the USA.
  • You can get free Qlink plan additional features likes; Caller ID, Voicemail, Free Domestic Roaming, Call Forwarding with QLink services like Find Me and Follow Me, Call Waiting, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Three-Way Calling, and Free calling to 911.

You must be an active participant in any federal government assistance program to benefit from Qlink. Some of the assistance programs are also eligibility criteria in the Qlink EBB program. The assistance programs are listed below.

  • The Low-income home energy assistance program
  • Supplemental security income
  • Children’s health insurance program
  • The Supplemental nutritional assistance program
  • Temporary assistance for a needy family program
  • Medicaid health program

You must provide evidence of eligibility to benefit from Qlink lifeline services.

  • You must present your bank account details and financial records. These documents show that you have a low income that is equal to or below 135% poverty level.
  • Providea membership certificate from your respective government assistance program.
  • Present birth certificates to prove your age if you qualify as a senior.

When applying for Qlink free government smartphone, follow the complete process below.

Find out all free phones on offer and choose your preferred phone in Qlink offices or the official website.

ii) Apply for the free phone

Enroll to get your application form. Fill the form with the correct required details.

iii) Prove eligibility

Attach reliable documents to prove eligibility on your application form.

iv) Submit the form 

After proving eligibility, submit your form and wait for the approval.

You can also submit your Qlink phone application form and relevant documents to Qlink’s physical address. If you are a resident of Karnes, Frio, Bandera, Bexar, Wilson, Medina, Atascosa, and Kerr, you can send your application via:

Qlink Wireless, LLC,
499 E Sheeridan Street
Suite 300
Danias, Florida 33004.

You can also call them via Fax1-855-837-5465 or Cell phone number: 1-855-754-6543.

Note that you can follow the above process to apply for Qlink Wireless free tablet. After submitting, the provider investigates your documents to prove if you qualify. They can contact you for an interview. Later, Qlink Wireless will take two to three weeks to process the request and deliver your free tablet or smartphone.

Qlink allows users to bring their own phones through the Qlink BYOP program. This program has conditions that need your phone to be unlocked and compatible with Qlink postpaid and prepaid services. You can use the following steps to bring your phone to Qlink Wireless.

Qlink provides ways to prove eligibility for the BYOB program. You are required to enter your phone’s MEID, ESN, or IMEI to qlink wireless BYOP. You can also research a list of Qlink compatible phones to check whether your phone is among them.

ii) Receive SIM card

If your phone gets compatible with Qlink services, you will get a free SIM card from the provider. You can pick it personally from the provider’s offices, or it will be shipped or delivered to you at no cost.

iii) Activate your phone

How to activate your android phone

  • Dial: ##72786#, press ok, and tap ‘yes’ on your phone.
  • After that, your phone will shut and restart while activated.
  • To confirm whether the activation was successful, conduct a test call through 305-260-6232.

How to activate an iPhone

  • On your iPhone screen, dial ##873283#
  • Tap the green icon that appears, then ‘ok.’
  • After ok’ your phone will start updating.
  • Once the process is complete, press ok.
  • Conduct a test call through 305-260-6232 to confirm activation.

Below is a list of Qlink compatible phones that you can purchase from Walmart and bring to Qlink Wireless.

  • Samsung Galaxy A01 DUOS Unlocked GSM Android Smartphone
  • Apple iPhone 8 GSM unlocked 4G LTE phone
  • Apple iPhone 7 unlocked
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked
  • Samsung Galaxy s9+ unlocked
  • Motorola Moto g5 plus
  • Moto G9+ unlocked

1st Step

Visit Qlink’s online phone store and choose a phone you would like to upgrade to by clicking on the “Buy Now” button below the device of your choice.

2nd Step

You will require to enter your Qlink phone twice and log in (this step may be unnecessary if you are already logged into your account).

3rd Step

Complete the process by paying for the phone, which will be delivered to you in a few days. Some phones that you might receive under Qlink Wireless Phone upgrade include; HP Poblano VLE5, Motorola Moto G6 Play, Samsung Galaxy A20, among others.

1) Replacement Of Lost Or Stolen Phones

You need to provide these details if you are replacing your phone for the first time:

  • Your lost phone’s serial number.
  • A copy to prove that Q Link was your previous phone provider.
  • Your social security number.

Some QLink Wireless Phone replacement policies include:

  • QLink is not countable to any charges or lost minutes incurred between the moment you lost your phone and the moment you reported it
  • The company will replace your phone with little charges. If you lose your phone two weeks after owning it, QLink conditions the user to pay a $25 replacement fee. Replacement is free if you lost it within two weeks of ownership.
  • Every replacement phone comes with 1 GB of free data.

2) Replacement of Defective Phones

QLink offers its customer’s warranty duration of one year to replace defective phones. Unlike lost phones, replacing defective phones is stricter. An in-depth investigation is always done to ensure your phone does not defect or break carelessly.

After that, you are required to pay the usual $25 replacement fee, and then you receive your phone. But, if the device was already defective when you received it, you have up to 14 days from the delivery date of the mobile device to return it. In this case, the replacement will be free of charge.

Bottom Line

Qlink is a fast-growing Lifeline provider offering fantastic free plans to its consumers. You can now follow the article’s detailed information to apply for the free government smartphone. You are only required to be eligible for Lifeline and EBB programs to receive the phone.

In addition, you will benefit from national network coverage from the MVNO as it operates under T-Mobile. If you have any queries or complainants, check out their website or call their customer care for further assistance.