What is Qlink Wireless Sim Card Replacement Method

Q Link Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator and an American telecommunications company that offers free wireless service to Lifeline-eligible customers. Besides, they also avail prepaid phone services, affordable cell phone plans, and an excellent selection of mobile phones and tablets. If your cell phone gets stolen or lost, you also lose your SIM card, and you may ask for a Qlink wireless Sim Card replacement procedure.

In this guideline, you will get more information about how to replace a Q Link Wireless Sim Card if lost or stolen with the phone. There are many reasons you would need to replace a Q Link phone or sim card. However, the most obvious reason is when your device got lost, damaged, stolen, or broken. Interestingly, you transfer the Qlink sim card to a new phone and use your services by putting your Q Link SIM into another compatible device.

 Therefore, you will require a replacement phone within the shortest time to continue enjoying QLink’s services in any of these situations. If your device gets lost or stolen with your SIM card, you can get a replacement device by paying a $25 replacement fee. On the other hand, if your device gets broken or damaged and has a working warranty, you will get a refurbished phone replacement.

Q Link Wireless is an American carrier that offers federal Lifeline Program eligible customers wireless services. However, Q Link Wireless service includes getting a free cell phone with free airtime every month. To be eligible for a qlink free government phone, you must currently be enrolled in a government-supported program, or you need to attain low-income standards in your state of residence.

Moreover, if you want to enroll in Q Link Wireless services, you can bring your current SIM card and cell phone number to the QLink Wireless network. Before initiating the transfer process: you need to have your current account number, phone number, and password from your existing cell service provider. The billing name and address on your previous cell service provider’s account are also necessary.

Most importantly, you must be eligible for the transfer process to succeed. First, keep your current cell provider’s SIM card active, and you should not call your current network and request them to deactivate your account before or during the transfer process, or else you will not qualify for the transfer. Also, you must settle any outstanding bills with your current network before the transfer.

qlink sim card replacement

If your cell phone with the Qlink SIM card gets lost, you can try first to locate the phone. Ensure to search everywhere you might have gone, and if you are confident that it is misplaced, then take the corrective actions to locate it. However, if your cell phone gets lost in a public space or stolen, you need quick action and report to Qlink to avoid unwanted costs.

 Thus, you need to contact Qlink Customer Service at (855) 754-6543 and report that your cell phone is lost. If you are sure that your device got stolen, engage the police and file a report. Cell phone theft is more rampant, and that police hardly manage to track the devices back on time.

Notably, Qlink will not give or refund any account balance if you decide to terminate services due to loss or theft of your mobile device. Moreover, you must activate a new device within thirty (30) days from the notification date. Otherwise, your account may get deactivated. You can also check on the Qlink wireless phone upgrade if your replacement device doesn’t feature the phone’s specifications you need.

1) Input your SIM Card

The SIM Card Kit has everything you require to install your new SIM card. Locate your SIM card underneath your phone’s back cover or a tray on the side or top panel. Get the SIM card ejector tool packed in your SIM Kit to pull out your current SIM.

Choose the correct SIM card size that fits your cell phone’s tray. Input your new SIM card into your phone’s SIM slot, close the tray, and switch on your phone.

2) Reset Your Network

To reset your network, you will have to open your phone’s settings. For Android, proceed to Settings & click Reset or Network Settings. Click Network Reset and follow the prompts.

For iPhone, open Settings, then tap General. Scroll down and click Reset and then. Click Network Reset Settings. Submit your iPhone password and confirm the reset.

3) Transfer Your Phone Number

To transfer your number to Qlink, you’ll have to keep your existing number active, settle any remaining balances with your current carrier, ensure your phone is unlocked, and feature no existing ports.

4) Download the App

Manage your account through the My Mobile Account App download from the Android Google Play Store or iPhone App Store. Then, follow all prompts. Additionally, log in with your Q Link phone number. You can also control your account by going to Qlink Wireless login.

What Should You Do If Your Phone Get Lost Or Stolen?

If your cell phone was lost or stolen, you could decide to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) or place an order for a new Q Link Wireless phone. Ensure to activate qlink compatible phones as soon as possible, as Federal regulations direct canceling service after 30 days of no use on inactive accounts.

You can order a QLink Wireless replacement device for $34.95. Besides, you can pay using a credit or debit card bearing your name, a prepaid credit gift card that can get bought with cash, or even a money order. Additionally, you can order online or by phone by calling 1-(855) 754-6543.

ii) Bring Your Own Phone

  • No activation fees.
  • FREE SIM card provided if required.
  • Keep your Q Link phone number.
  • Enjoy Lifeline from a phone you already love!

i) Limited Warranty Exchange Policy

If your received mobile phone is defective, you can return it to Qlink wireless within 14 days. Following Q Link’s discretion, the company will swap the defective device with a replacement phone. Thus, for a defective cell phone replacement, contact Q Link Wireless Customer Support at 1-855-754-6543.

ii) Lost or Stolen Mobile Device Policy

If your Q Link mobile cell phone gets lost or stolen with its Sim card, you can buy another replacement device for only $34.95. All reported lost and stolen mobile devices will get permanently deactivated. The replacement phone will feature all your remaining allotted minutes for the month. However, any additional minutes you may have had will not get replaced.

If the phone gets lost or stolen while on delivery to the customer, the phone and minutes may get replaced as a one-time courtesy at Q Link’s discretion. However, you must activate the replacement device or notify the company that you have seen the original device within 45 days of notification.

If you fail to notify, your account will get deactivated, and you will lose your cell phone number and become de-registered from Q Link Lifeline services. If Q Link plans to investigate the theft/loss of your cell phone with Simcard, you must cooperate by giving facts, sworn statements, and any information that may help the investigation. Learn more on Qlink wireless free tablet offer for eligible Qlink Lifeline customers.

If you qualify for the transfer, you should call Q Link and request them to send you a SIM card. Qlink will send it to you free of charge. The SIM kit should include 3 SIM card adapters, your QLink SIM card, and a SIM card eject tool.

 Follow the below steps for the transfer process:

  • Switch off your cell phone and remove the SIM card currently in it. You can utilize the SIM card eject tool provided in your Q Link kit
  • Eject out your Q Link SIM card and closely observe it to ensure there are three cut out sizes of the SIM card
  • Compare your old SIM card to the Q Link SIM card to determine which of the three cut-out SIM cards will fit appropriately on your phone. After you are sure, remove the appropriate size SIM card.
  • Insert the SIM card into your phone
  • Switch on your Q Link Wireless cell phone, and your SIM card will be installed. You will have to contact Q Link customer service to activate your SIM card if it is not activated. You can also visit the Q Link website for instructions on doing it yourself.

If you already have a SIM card, you can also use it with Q Link. You will have to check if it’s compatible with the Qlink network using the last four digits of the SIM card number. The card number is usually located on the back of the card.

If your SIM card is incompatible, you will have to contact Q Link customer service and offer an address where they will send a SIM card. The SIM card will get in the mail several days after verifying the address. If the SIM card is compatible, you have to activate your cell phone, and you can start enjoying Q Link Wireless services.

Bottom Line

Qlink provides a replacement for your stolen or lost cell phone with a Sim card. However, if your Sim Card didn’t get lost or stolen with the phone, you will get a device with the same or comparable specifications and features. In such circumstances, you have the option to bring your own phone or order a replacement device from Qlink Wireless. Notably, the replacement device is not free of charge. You must pay a fee for the replacement.