Qlink Compatible phones 2022

Qlink Wireless is one of the United States Mobile Virtual network operators (MVNO), offering free telecommunications services such as free Talktime, free monthly data, and text messages to low-income Americans through the Lifeline program. The Company also provides prepaid wireless cell phone services for Lifeline and non-lifeline customers. Therefore, it’s helpful to know the qlink compatible phones on the current cell phone deal selection, whether you’re an iPhone or Android user.

Most importantly, Qlink wireless has an agreement with T-Mobile to lease its network services, covering more than 97% of the U.S. Territory and residents. Q Link Wireless is a renowned provider of Lifeline, a federal benefit program that’s non-transferable. However, you must be eligible to enroll, and only the benefits are limited to one per household. Qlink wireless has the best smartphone deals on the market right now, and you can find the best Qlink wireless phone upgrade deals.

Notably, if your household’s income meets the Federal Poverty Guidelines of 135% threshold, or if you participate in an eligible federal assistance program such as SNAP, Medicaid, and others, you may qualify for a Lifeline Program discount from Qlink Wireless. Again, proof of eligibility is required during the enrollment process. You must submit the relevant documentation that supports eligibility based on income level or program participation.

Benefits of Qlink Wireless

Qlink wireless provides free cell phone services, including unlimited voice calls, unlimited text, unlimited data, and a reliable network from T-Mobile. The benefits of choosing Qlink Wireless include:

  • The Company offers high-quality cell phones compatible with Qlink wireless for free.
  • Qlink provides free monthly plans for Lifeline customers, thus lowering your monthly cellular bills.
  • The carrier offers national coverage so that a customer can make international calls for free.
  • Straightforward enrolment process.
  • Customers can also experience reliable customer care service 24/7.

Overview of Qlink Compatible Phone

What Phones Are Compatible With Qlink

Generally, not all devices are compatible with Qlink services except those purchased directly from the carrier. However, if you want to bring a device purchased elsewhere to use with Qlink Wireless services, it must be compatible with Qlink. In other words, ‘compatible phones’ imply phones that operate on Qlink’s network and can accept Qlink’s SIM card, connect to its network, and enable you to use Qlink Wireless FREE phone service.

Moreover, Bring Your Own Phone program grants you a chance to bring the cell phone of your choice to the Qlink Wireless network (if compatible). You can follow the following steps to get started:

i) Check Your Phone’s Compatibility

To find out if your cell phone is eligible or not for the BYOP program, submit your IMEI, MEID, or ESN at Qlink wireless BYOP.

ii) Q Link Setup

After confirming your phone’s compatibility, Qlink will let you know if you require a SIM card kit. If you require it, the Company will ship it to you for FREE.-If you don’t require a SIM card, Qlink will activate your phone right away!

iii) Activate Your Phone

To ensure that your cell phone is now activated on the QLink Wireless network, you will have to follow the Activation page instructions.

How To Check If Your Phone Is Compatible With Qlink?

Qlink Wireless offers the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option, which enables you to maintain your current phone without buying a new one from the carrier. However, BYOP will only succeed if your device is Qlink compatible. It’s pretty easy to confirm your phone’s compatibility; all you need to do is submit your phone’s IMEI/ESN/MEID. This method will notify you whether or not your phone is compatible with Qlink wireless.

To get your phone IMEI;

  • Dial *#06#, the IMEI/MEID/ESN will display on your screen right away.
  • For iPhone users, proceed to Settings, General, About, and scroll down to check the IMEI/ESN/MEID number; for Android users, proceed to Settings, About the Phone, Status, and peruse down to see the IMEI/ESN/MEID number.
  • Finally, insert a sim eject tool into the hole beside the tray, eject the tray, and check the IMEI number on the sim card tray. Or, take the back cover and battery from the cellphone’s replaceable battery and look for the IMEI at the number on the back.

What Are Qlink Wireless BYOP Eligibility Rules

  • You must meet all contractual and financial obligations with your current service before a phone can be eligible.
  • If the cell phone gets flagged as lost or stolen, it is ineligible for switching to Qlink Wireless. You must contact your current provider to unflag the phone.
  • Leased cell phones are ineligible for transfer to Qlink.

About Qlink Phones

Qlink cell phones are designed to function with the Qlink network, which is a cell phone network specifically for Lifeline services. Qlink Wireless is one of the expanding lifeline service providers in the United States. The provider gives free wireless service to as many eligible families as possible, including 1000 free minutes, unlimited texts, and 3GB of data.

Besides, Qlink Wireless offers a list of the best compatible phones supported by the Qlink wireless Bring Your Phone program. Qlink Wireless also provides an extensive range of high-quality cell phones for individuals who want to replace or upgrade their cell phones.

If you want a list of qlink compatible phones, some of the best compatible phones are Samsung Galaxy S9+, the iPhone XS Max, and the Google Pixel 3. These phones provide an impressive array of features and top-notch performance on the Qlink Wireless network. Another exciting thing about these cell phones is that they are all unlocked. Thus, you can utilize them with any carrier.

What phones are compatible with Qlink?

  • BLU Advance L5
  • ZTE Blade A3 Lite
  • ZTE Blade A5
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • TCL 10 SE
  • TCL 20 SE
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Moto G Power
  • Motorola Moto e

How To Port in A Number To Qlink Wireless

You can bring your phone number and your current compatible phone to Qlink Wireless. However, bringing your number to Q Link Wireless is very straightforward. Just follow the below steps:

1) Eligibility Requirements To Bring Your Own Number

Maintain your number active on your current network. Besides, don’t call your current provider to deactivate your account before or during the number porting transfer. Contacting your current carrier will make your number NOT eligible for transfer.

Do NOT have an ongoing number transfer initiated with your current provider. If you do, you must contact them to cancel it.

ii)  Information You’ll Need

You’ll require a few pieces of information from your current carrier before you can port in your number to Qlink:

  • Your phone number to get transferred
  • Your current carrier Account Number
  • Your current carrier PIN Number
  • The original account’s Owner’s Full Name
  • Your current carrier billing address information

 iii) Check Your Number’s Eligibility

To confirm if your number is eligible for transfer to Q Link, sign in to “My Q Link Account” and choose “Bring Your Own Number.” Then, input the cell phone number you want to transfer. You’ll receive a response right away.

Notably, checking your numbers eligibility doesn’t affect your current/existing phone service. Therefore, you will be able to utilize your number until you authorize to transfer your number to Q Link Wireless and the transfer is completed.

iv)  Start Your Number Transfer

After providing your account information, Q Link Wireless will contact your current carrier to complete the number transfer process. Qlink recommends that you wait until you get your SIM card or cell phone before starting a number transfer. Most importantly, don’t terminate your current phone service until your new Q Link Wireless account has been successfully activated.

If you experience an error during the transfer process, it’s usually due to an incorrect account number, incorrect PIN Number, or a mismatch in the Account’s Owner’s Full Name. You will get notified through an email so that you can update the details easily online.

If you need further help, contact the Qlink Wireless expert support team any time at 1-855-754-6543.

How to Get my Qlink Compatible Phone Replaced?

Qlink replaces any phone that does not work with a brand new phone within 14 days of delivery. This is commonly known as the 14-Day Qlink Return Guarantee. This return policy does not cater to cosmetic defects or scratches. How to replace your phone:

  • Call customer support at 1 855-754-6543 and request an RMA(Return Authorization Number).
  • Write the RMA number on the prepaid shipping label that can be downloaded at the Qlink Website. Label and tape it to the original box.
  • Place the phone you want to be replaced inside the original box, seal it with tape, and ship it back to Qlink at no cost.

If you lost your phone, you need to contact your cellphone provider to deactivate the phone at absolutely no cost. When getting Qlink wireless for your phone replacement, you need to have details of your phone provider’s name, your phone’s serial number, and your phone number. This information is very crucial to help in your replacement process.

Does Qlink Offer Government Discounts?

Qlink Wireless participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an FCC benefit program that reduces customers’ broadband internet access service bills for eligible households. In this case, the program provides a discount of up to $30 on a monthly broadband Internet access service. Additionally, you can receive a single discount of up to $100 on specific connected devices and a monthly discount of up to $75 for households on qualifying Tribal lands.

Notably, the eligibility will get determined by the National Verifier. Only a single monthly service discount applies for an ACP eligible household and a single one-time device discount. The discounted devices are subject to availability, and beneficiaries must co-share at least $10.01. If the FCC confirms the end of the ACP, Qlink will terminate the ACP service offer. Also, if your household is no longer eligible, you will only receive the standard FREE basic Lifeline plan if you qualify for the Lifeline Assistance program.

Moreover, eligible households may get ACP-supported internet service from any participating provider. The Lifeline subscribers may continue with their existing Lifeline services without enrolling in the ACP. They may opt to take the ACP benefit from a different service provider other than their existing Lifeline provider. Lifeline services may vary by state, and services may not be available in all areas.

Bottom Line

To use Qlink Wireless services, you must have a compatible phone. Qlink is a Lifeline provider that offers monthly internet services to eligible low-income families. You can also bring a compatible and unlocked cell phone from another carrier and receive free lifeline services from Qlink Wireless. Besides, you must qualify and prove eligibility to benefit from Qlink Lifeline and Affordable connectivity Program.