Qlink is a top cellphone service provider in the Lifeline program. New customers are given smartphones by Qlink, which is among the lifeline programs. If you have a smartphone and think of upgrading it, you should consider the link Wireless phone upgrade program. In this program, you can keep it from a wide range of smartphones.  Whenever one signs up for free government smartphones, he/she will only receive an essential phone available at the minute.

    This is why you should consider a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade. Qlink Wireless phone upgrade program comes with free wireless phone service for its users. These services include free talk, data, and text. All qualified consumers are also given a free smartphone that appears with free wireless phone service. An upgrade indicates that you already have an active Qlink Wireless agreement, but you have a simple phone with basic features.

    If you have been granted a phone for a free month and consider upgrading to a Qlink Wireless phone, you can choose your phone from several new Smartphones. It’s satisfying to know that you are not restricted to remaining with your original phone, but alternatively, you can upgrade to the most advanced smartphone models. A QLink Wireless phone upgrade will provide you with a faster, better, and more effective phone.

    Qlink Wireless free phones are mobile phones provided to low-income somebody who cannot afford phones. Your family income should be below a certain level to qualify for these, and it will be imposed before you are awarded the phone. Qlink wireless free phones are sponsored by the US government’s Federal Lifeline Program.

    The cell phones are provided by Qlink mobile company, under the umbrella of providing affordable telecommunications services to those who cannot afford them. Separate from qualification by the gross income potential, you can also qualify for Qlink free wireless smartphone if you are a beneficiary of these government-sponsored programs.

    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Food Stumps
    • Medicaid etc
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • The National School Lunch
    • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

    When you register and are eligible for Qlink Wireless free phone service, you profit from; monthly internet data, unlimited monthly talk time, unlimited texting, etc. These offers come to your accommodation of the Lifeline program from the government.

    With this plan, you can expect no credit checks, bills, and fees to make payments to be enrolled in the program which means you can look forward to better independence to stay connected and communicate with friends and family.

    You can get Qlink Wireless free phone by requiring the following qualifications and attaining eligibility status to enjoy Qlink Wireless free phone services, and it’s mandatory that

    • Your cellphone must not be under any leasing terms/contract.
    • You send your parent service for 2 months or more if your phone was using Sprint, Virgin, or Boost mobile services.
    • If you were using Sprint prior, be sure to meet all your pre-agreed financial and contractual responsibilities to qualify.
    • If you were applying for Boost or Virgin mobile, ensure that it is active on the precise prepaid account for a minimum of one year to be eligible.

    There are copious reasons why you should upgrade to the Q Link Wireless phone. This program will let you experience up to 1000 minutes to set up appointments, influence employers, call your cherished ones, or even contact health and emergency services.

    Qlink has more each month minutes than all the other Lifeline service carriers in the country. Apart from free cells, you’re also given free 1GB of monthly data. This data can be practiced on social media, emails, surfing the web, or even modernizing your phone applications.

    The WiFi can also be utilized to download music, photos, and videos on your smartphone. The program also provides you unlimited text messages all month long, even if your data and free minutes run out.

    1. Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

    Preview Product Rating Price
    SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G Factory Unlocked Android... SAMSUNG Galaxy S20 FE 5G Factory Unlocked Android... 13,474 Reviews $590.17

    Samsung S20 is one of the most advanced and greatest smartphones from Samsung generators. With the modern technological progress in the cell phone industry, manufacturers have a competitive engagement in releasing flagship phones. This smartphone has the unbelievable 64MP primary Hi-Res Camera Zoom, which Captures hi-res images from 3 feet away or from 100 feet away.

    The new 30x Space Zoom and crisp images and animated video in Bright Night mode create high-quality blue light content – no flash gives you impressive power and clarity with LED flash. And have an auto-HDR, panorama, and the 10MP selfie camera made a second video call, Auto HDR, and obtained a 4k video.

    It also has a 4000mAh non-removable Li-Po battery with 25W super-fast charging and 9W reverse wireless charging. Furthermore, the gadget has outstanding 128GB massive storage, generous storage out of the box, and storage is expandable, which defines you never have to delete what’s important to you. Along with it, 12GB of RAM performs this phone faster.

    This smartphone also has IP68 dust and is water-resistant up to 1.5m for 30 mins. Its supports CDMA, GSM, and 4G LTE network services. And this factory unlocked cellphone gets next-level power for everything you like to do with Samsung Galaxy 5G; some implementations are shared more, game harder, and never miss a beat.


    • Quality camera specs
    • Highly compatible
    • Long battery life
    • Fast internet speed
    • Ambient noise control


    • No headphones jacks

    2. LG G8s ThinQ

    Preview Product Rating Price
    LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM 4G LTE, 128GB Carmine Red -... LG G8 ThinQ LMG820TM 4G LTE, 128GB Carmine Red -... 428 Reviews $339.99

    This LG unlocks universal congenial phone has 136 inches ultra-wide and 78˚ Standard 13MP primary cameras features with Dual-LED dual-tone flash, HDR, a panorama that creates 4K hi-resolution video. And also, 32MP HDR highlights front camera capture your crucial videos.

    You would also make ultimate multitasking with a high resolution 6.4 inch LG Screen that’s an OLED capacitive touch screen. This smartphone has a Longer-Lasting Non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery, a 21W fast-charging capacity, and 9W wireless charging. This device’s internal memory capacity is 128GB, expandable with a MicroSD slot, and supper-supported 6GB RAM. It supports GSM, CDMA, and 4G LTE.


    • Friendly user interface
    • One year warranty and second-year promise
    • Great camera quality
    • Friendly user interface


    • Low sound from speakers

    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 256GB, Aura Black - Fully... Samsung Galaxy Note 10, 256GB, Aura Black - Fully... 6,123 Reviews $228.95 $218.00

    Assume you are searching for the best camera smartphone, well. In that case, Galaxy Note 10+ has a fantastic triple rear camera with 12MP Wide, 12MP 2x Zoom, and 16MP Ultra-Wide, which captures glorious photos and videos with LED flash, auto-HDR, panorama. And increase the attractiveness of this design with a 10MP Selfie Camera with Dual Pixel for capturing fun moments with friends.

    There is sufficient memory space for the essential files with 12GB of internal storage that is expandable up to 512GB externally via a microSD card. Through your daily business with fast charging, you can receive a long-lasting creative power battery of 4,300mAh with wireless power-sharing. Additionally, have S pen’s newest Evolution offers you the power of air gestures, a remote shutter and playlist button, and handwriting to text, all in One Magic wand.

    Whatever, Note 10+ is a company unlocked US version with a warranty. The bezel-less Infinity 6.8-inch screen gives an immersive, cinematic quality to whatever you are viewing. And this phone offers to get 4G LTE internet usage time up to 14 hours and WiFi Internet usage time up to 14 hours.


    • Cinematic display
    • Expansive memory
    • Pro-grade photos
    • Wireless power share


    • Not new

    4. Apple iPhone XS Max

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Apple iPhone XS Max, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray... Apple iPhone XS Max, US Version, 64GB, Space Gray... 14,905 Reviews $291.95 $277.95

    Apple iPhone XS Max is fully factory unlocked and compatible with all carriers in your country, which you are choosing like AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile, Verizon, US-Cellular, Cricket, Metro, etc. So, as a result, you can enjoy separate mobile plans offered by your mobile carrier.

    This device has 64GB storage, which helps you store your necessary file and documents, and have 4GB RAM. Besides, this phone has a Super Retina OLED capacitive touch screen 6.5-inch display protected with scratch-resistant glass, an oleophobic coating. This smartphone body is produced of stainless steel and IP68 dust-resistant and water-resistant.

    This smartphone has a 12MP rear camera and 7MP secondary camera to capture video and images with Quad-LED dual-tone flash, and HDR panorama. The phone has a 3174mAh Non-removable Li-Ion battery that supports your 16 hr talk time and 15W fast charging advertisement.


    • Ample storage
    • Fast charging enabled
    • An efficient processor
    • An IP68 certified product
    • An immersive display


    • Slow charging

    5. Motorola Edge Unlocked

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Motorola Edge | 2021 | 2-Day battery | Unlocked |... Motorola Edge | 2021 | 2-Day battery | Unlocked |... 1,015 Reviews $299.99

    This smartphone model is water-resistant, which involves that it can survive ordinary water combinations and splashes. The ports have shelters that ensure that water stays out of delicate areas. The manufacturer also guarantees that the smartphone can survive water levels for up to 3 ft for half an hr.

    The phone runs d on Jellybean; although the Android version isn’t the latest, it still supports most apps and Android features.


    • You can practice a MicroSD card to expand on memory
    • Friendly user interface
    • Powerful processor and chipset
    • It has incredible sensors to


    • Low battery life

    6. Google Pixel 4a

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Google Pixel 4a - Unlocked Android Smartphone -... Google Pixel 4a - Unlocked Android Smartphone -... 10,363 Reviews $399.99

    A mid-range phone loaded with features to enhance your mobile life, the Pixel 4a 128GB phone from Google sports various modes to expand image quality. And smart technology to lengthen battery life, digital supports to make it more manageable to get things done, and impressive camera modes such as Night Shot, which can capture luminous skies and more transparent low-light scenes.

    Adaptive Battery learns your favorite apps, reduces power to what you rarely use, and Google Assistant lets you control the phone with your voice and even display calls. Mobile photos and video are primarily exercised with the single rear 12.2MP camera. On the front of the Pixel 4a is an 8 MP camera for catching selfies and chatting with others online.

    When it comes to video, the primary camera can record up to 4K resolutions and slow-motion at 120 or 240 fps, and the selfie camera can gain full HD 1080p clips at 30 fps. A phone that runs the Android ten operating system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset, a 1.8/2.2 GHz 8 core processor, and 6GB of RAM.

    All of your applications and content are saved on a generous 128GB of built-in storage. This smartphone is unlocked and decent with GSM+CDMA/4G LTE carriers, with integrated wireless support for dual-band 2.4+5 GHz WiFi 5 (802.11ac) networks.


    • Best-in-class camera
    • Bright OLED display
    • Attractive design
    • Low price


    • Battery life could be better
    • 5G version coming later

    7. Samsung Galaxy S8

    Preview Product Rating Price
    Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Phone - 5.8in Unlocked... Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Phone - 5.8in Unlocked... 2,881 Reviews $135.31

    This phone is probably the most incredible model supported by the Qlink Wireless service. The phone comes with 8 cores for multitasking and a better browsing experience. It also emphasizes a 5.8 inch super AMOLED display with a fragile frame edge screen.

    The primary camera is a 12 MP camera and an 8MP selfie camera. The phone also supports iris scanning, Which isn’t found in just any type of smartphone.


    • It has a powerful processor
    • Good camera quality
    • The screen resolution is amicable
    • The user interface is friendly
    • Uses a powerful processor


    • Low battery life

    If you are a new and old existing Qlink Wireless customer, you can easily upgrade your phone. Sometimes you fill the board with your feature phone, and you wanted to upgrade it with Qlinik Wireless’s new and latest phone. When you are an existing Qlink Wireless consumer, you have to email your full identity with your full name and your phone number to upgrade your phone, and Qlink demands a minimum cost.

    New customers qualify after 90 days after they purchase the phone, they also can upgrade, but they have to pay full money for the new phone. This is the whole process of upgrading your Qlink Wireless phone.

    Bottom Line

    Implementing a Qlink Wireless phone upgrade will let you enjoy using a smarter, better, and more effective smartphone than what you were given when you signed up for the service. The promotion can be done anything you are ready to get your Qlink Wireless cellphones as long as you abide by specific rules. Don’t delay upgrading or reaping your Qlink Wireless phone. Your smarter and newer cellphone is waiting for you.