Everything you need to know about bring your own phone program under Qlink wireless

QLink wireless is an American Telecommunications provider and is known to provide quality services to its clients. Recently, the company launched the QLink bring your own phone program something other providers are struggling to meet.  As we all know, smartphones are extremely personal and for one to switch to another device, it is very heartbreaking.  

The other device may have an unusual look and design which you as the user might not like. It all brings us back to comfort. Qlink is here for such customers. They seek to ensure that all their customers are connected to a smartphone of their choice and also get the services from Qlink wireless. Lets realize qlink wireless phone upgrade

Below are some of the eligibility rules under the bring your own phone program:

  • If it is a Virgil or Boost mobile smartphone, the phone should be in the appropriate prepaid account for 12 months before being eligible to apply in Qlink wireless.
  • Leased phones are not eligible.
  • All contractual and financial related issues must be met dealt with Sprint before bringing in the mobile device.
  • Services should have ended in not less than 60 days for phones that were previously under Virgin, Boost, and Sprint

What are the benefits of Bring Your Own Phone program

The benefits are truly rewarding once you join the Qlink BYOP Program. BYOP focuses on keeping things familiar with what people are enjoying. First, the user retains his or her own Qlink number and also the monthly talk, text, and data is very affordable.  Their customer service responds at a fast rate when compared to other service providers. Due to this, customers are assured of reliable assistance and enjoy the Qlink services more efficiently.

Procedure for applying a Bring Your Own Phone Program

The procedure is divided down into three simple steps after which, you get to become a beneficiary of their services.

1) Check compatibility

You need to ensure that your device is compatible with the Qlink network. To do so, the user needs to enter the IMEI number in a drop box found in q link’s official website, After that, he or she will be notified immediately if the phone is compatible.  

2) You get a free sim card kit if necessary

Once you discover that you are eligible, the next crucial step is to get the user connected. This can be done by being offered a sim card kit or getting connected remotely. If you opt for a sim card, you can there switch off your phone, dump the old sim card and replace it with the new one from Q link.

3) Activate and enjoy your new provider

Once the insertion process is complete, reboot your phone and perform a reset on the network settings. Once the procedure is complete, your phone is now ready to work under Q Link wireless.

Bottom line

BYOP program has helped many people maintain the phones that they love most. On top of that, the program has a good rating according to many new customers hence a prospective person may enroll and will not be disappointed.

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