Cellular networks have become more advanced over the past few years. Currently, we have 5G network coverage which has taken the US by storm for its robust cellular networks which provide high internet speeds among other features. Phone manufacturers are also working with cellular service providers to ensure the devices work under the networks available. Currently, in the US, GSM network technology is the commonly used cellular network. All the standard service providers rely on GSM to provide network coverage to their customers. At this point, you may be wondering, what Cellular network Qlink wireless uses? if you wish to switch to Qlink wireless or to check network availability within your location.  

    Q link wireless is one of the largest free government cell phone providers in the US. They serve millions of Americans who are of low income and lack access to a phone or a cell phone plan. Qlink wireless offers very reliable new budget and midrange smartphones that offer some cool packs.

    When I took that Q link wireless uses is very reliable in the first nationwide coverage except for a few areas in which you may need to purchase a cell phone signal booster to get better cellular coverage. Luckily, Qlink obtains data on the network coverage and works towards ensuring that areas with poor cellular coverage get better coverage over the coming months or years.

    This article aims to focus on what network does Qlink wireless uses and whether it’s reliable. Will also look at the network coverage of Qlink wireless and how you can bring your phone or checking phone compatibility on the network. Lastly, we will look at the cell phone plans and some of the free phones offered by Qlink wireless for people who are interested in joining the network.                                                              

    Q link wireless uses a T-Mobile network to offer coverage. T-Mobile is one of the largest standard service providers in the US and covers almost 99% of the landmass. Reviews are done by people who use the mobile show that the network is reliable, and a very small percentage reported downtime.

    The only time you may experience issues with the network is during network congestion whereby priority goes to people who use postpaid plans on T-Mobile. Luckily, if you are using a 50 compatible device you may not experience such issues because the number of users on T-Mobile under 5G is very less.

    Qlink Wireless operates as a mobile virtual network operator and leases network services from T-Mobile. This does not give them all the T-Mobile benefits, but it ensures that the killing customers are getting the best neutral coverage.

    what network does qlink wireless use

    For your phone to be compatible with Qlink wireless, it must use GSM network technology. The good thing is that most manufacturers are creating devices that work with GSM networks and this brings a wide range of phones that are compatible with Q link wireless.

    Before you bring your phone, you may be required to check on phone compatibility at the Q link website. You may also visit the nearest Qlink wireless store to check on network compatibility if you are not tech literate.

    To check on phone compatibility visit the Qlinks website and key in your IMEI number. The IMEI number can be obtained by dialing *#06#. From there you will key in the IMEI number, and it will take a few minutes to get feedback on whether the device is compatible or not.

    If the device is compatible, you can sign up for a Qlink wireless account and complete the process to bring your device to the network. Also, for users who I’ve been a Qlink phone replacement, the device will undergo the same procedure to check compatibility.

    Some of the phones compatible with Qlink wireless come from brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Apple, OnePlus, and many others. Just make sure the device uses GSM network technology and it will be good to go. You can also check phone compatibility via T-Mobile’s network since it uses the same technology as Qlink wireless

    Yes! you can port your old phone number to Qlink wireless and network compatibility will not be used as a determining factor. For you to port your number:

    • You should have cleared any pending bills
    • Your account with the previous service provider should not have been deactivated
    • The number should not have been reported for any fraudulent activities.

    If your phone number meets the criteria as mentioned above the next step will be to contact Qlink wireless and inform them that you wish to put your phone number. They will then contact your previous service provider and check if everything is in place.

    If you have any pending issues Qlink will reach out and inform you on how you can give way to put your number. If everything is OK, the porting process will begin, and it may take one to two business days for your number to officially be on the Qlink wireless network.

    As mentioned earlier Qlink wireless uses T-Mobile to offer network coverage. The network has some benefits which include the following:

    i) Fast Internet speeds

    T-Mobile offers high-end Internet connectivity in all the areas it covers. If you have a 5G compatible phone stand a chance to get faster Internet speeds since 5G is known to offer reliable Internet speeds. Other devices that may work on 4G networks still get reliable Internet speeds except during network congestion.

    ii) Nationwide coverage

    Q link wireless customers benefit from nationwide coverage offered by T-Mobile. This implies that you can move around the country and still get better cellular coverage unless you move to a sparsely populated rural area in which case you may be required to have a portable cell phone signal booster. You also get other perks if you are in other countries like Mexico and Canada where there is stable natural coverage.

    iii) Dedicated Technical Support

    As a Qlink wireless customer, you get the benefits that a T-Mobile customer gets. When it comes to network coverage T-Mobile has the best Technical Support to ensure that their network is always on, and they carry out investigations and repairs faster to avoid any network interruptions. This makes them stand out among the other standard service providers for their relentless technical and customer care support.

    iv) Wide range of phone compatibility

    Since T-Mobile uses GSM network technology, there is a wide range of phone compatibility on the network. You can bring your own device to the network and there are high probabilities that it is compatible with Qlink wireless.

    v) No need to use a cell phone signal booster

    Unless you live in a rural area, there is no need to use a cell phone signal booster. However, if you travel often, you may be required to get a portable cell phone signal booster since some Asians have poor cellular coverage.

    Ensure that the booster you buy will not cause any network interruptions and it should be verified by the FCC. If there is a chance that it may cause network interruptions, T-Mobile will contact you requesting you to shut it off.

    The cell phone plans offered by Qlink wireless vary with location. If you qualify and are approved for a free cell phone in the plan, here is a standard plan offered by Qlink wireless:

    • Unlimited talk text and data
    • Voicemail in three ways calling
    • Unlimited picture messages
    • Free SIM card and activation next plane
    • Access to 10 million free Wi-Fi locations
    • New tablet

    These are the Current benefits that you get when you join Qlink wireless. However, the perks offered may vary from time to time so ensure you follow them on their social channels or subscribe to their newsletter for updates. For any inquiries feel free to contact them via email or you can visit the nearest Qlink wireless store for any service full stop

    Bottom line

    From this article, we have discussed what cellular network does Q link wireless uses. This will help people who wish to bring their own devices, new customers who wish to join the network, and existing customers to learn more about the type of network used and whether it is reliable.

    For new customers, if you find that Qlink wireless network is reliable you can consider signing up for a cell phone plan, but this will require you to meet certain eligibility terms based on Q link wireless requirements. remember, before bringing your own device ensure to check on phone compatibility to avoid any issues with the network.