Misfortune can happen to anyone, anytime; thus, losing your cell phone should not make you feel stressed. There are steps for the Verizon lost phone is to be helpful you recover your cell phone or replace it if it completely disappears. You can check the My Verizon app for more details, or go to Total Mobile Protection to know what steps to follow if you have a stolen, lost, or damaged device.

    However, if you lose your device, one great tool to have is Digital Secure? This app is present to Android and iOS smartphone users who have subscribed to Verizon Total Mobile Protection. Perhaps, finding your device can take a couple of hours, so you might have to secure the personal information in the meantime. Thus, digital security lets you lock the phone or delete data remotely. 

    Interestingly, if your Verizon cell phone gets stolen, lost, damaged, or develops malfunctioning, you may qualify for a replacement if you are registered for device protection. For Verizon phone replacement, your plan may offer repair, replacement, and technical support for your mobile device.

    The policy covers issues that aren’t part of the manufacturer’s warranty, including theft, loss, or physical damage. Besides, it may handle certain defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

    Steps that need to select if Verizon Wireless Phone is Lost or Stolen

    According to statistics, close to 20 million phones get lost or stolen every year. However, traveling, new environments, distractions, and all-time device use may expose you to a higher risk of theft, misplacing, or losing your phone. If you miss your device, immediately try out the following:

    i) Contact Verizon

    You can sign in to My Verizon or contact (800) 922-0204 to cancel service and report a lost or stolen device. You can use anti-theft software like Verizon Mobile Security to clear your device of any confidential information.

    ii) Call Your Device

    You can use a borrowed device or a computer to call your phone number. There could be a possibility that you’ve left it somewhere, or it can be deep inside your bags/pockets. You will hear it ringing, or someone who came across it up will answer.

    iii) Put Your Device in Lost Mode

    You can remotely lock your device using a passcode and send a custom text on your lock screen display. That message can explain that your mobile phone is lost and include a contact number or location. Luckily, the lost mode may also prevent the devices from making mobile payments by a third party.

    iv) Use a Find-My-Phone Feature

    This feature either plays a sound from your cell phone or locates it on a map; however, this method won’t work if your device is on Airplane mode or turned off.

    v) File a Police Report

    Your verizon lost phone may get used in fraudulent or criminal activities, and you may fall, victim. Thus, it’s essential to report the incident to the police, and if you suspect a thief got your phone, don’t try to follow the person down; even if you can track the location, involve the authority.

    vi) File a claim

    Lastly, if you’re registered in a Verizon insurance program like Total Mobile Protection, or Verizon Protect, you can file a claim with Asurion or call their customer service at (888) 881-2622.

    Verizon Wireless Phone Replacement Options

    There are various options for replacing your cell phone or other devices. You can pick the issue you’re experiencing to check your options which include:

    1. A damaged device including water damage and cracked screen.
    2. Lost or stolen device.
    3. Device manufacturing defect like a mechanical or electrical fault.

    1) Damaged Device

    This option applies if your device shows any physical damage, including a cracked screen or water damage. However, your replacement options depend on whether or not you have device protection.

    In this case, you can file a claim on Asurion’s website if you’re registered in one of these device protection options. The options include Wireless Phone Protection, Verizon Mobile Protect / Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device, and Total Equipment Coverage.

    2) Lost or Stolen Device

    If your device is lost or stolen:

    1. Try to locate your device.
    2. If you can’t get your device, cancel your service to block unauthorized use.
    3. Replace your cell phone in one of the below ways:

    You can present a claim on Asurion’s website if you’re subscribed to one of these device protection options:

    1. Verizon Mobile Protect / Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device, or
    2. Total Equipment Coverage combines the benefits of Asurion Wireless Phone Protection and Verizon Extended Warranty.
    3. Wireless Phone Protection

    3) Manufacturing Defect

    A manufacturing defect features what’s wrong with the device itself, such as mechanical or electrical malfunction. It doesn’t cover physical damage due to outside forces like water damage, cracked screen, etc.

    However, your replacement options depend on how long you purchased the device and if you’re enrolled in device protection.

    1. Less than 1 year since purchase- The device will get replaced.
    2. 30 days or less since purchase- The device will get replaced with a new one.
    3. More than 31 days from purchase, the device will get replaced with a Certified Like- New Replacement of the same quality or comparable quality.

    Notably, if you possess an Extended Warranty, you’ll get expedited shipping. There’s no repair fee, and the replacement fee is $49, which depends on the time of claim and device type.

    4) Over 1 year since purchase

    If you’re registered in one of the provided device protection options, Verizon Mobile Protect / Verizon Mobile, Protect Multi-Device, Total Equipment Coverage, and Extended Warranty, your device will get repaired or replaced with a Certified Like-New Replacement.

    However, a similar make and model of the Verizon compatible phones will get offered, but exact color and features are not assured in your replacement device. Besides, there are no charges for Extended Warranty repairs, but the replacement fee is $49 depending on the time of claim and device type.

    Verizon Device Upgrade

    An upgrade refers to purchasing a mobile device through Verizon to replace a cell phone already using a line on your account. However, you can have Verizon free phone upgrade or upgrade by purchasing a new or certified pre-owned device, paying the total price, or through device payments.

    You can also get a device replacement on your account with a cell phone you already own. You can upgrade a mobile phone if your account is active and you purchased the device you plan to replace:

    1. At retail price – you can have an upgrade cellphone at any time.
    2. You cleared off your device payment agreement.
    3. With a device payment agreement – you can upgrade when any of these applies:
    4. You initiate an early upgrade.
    5. You purchased your device at a discount for entering a 2-year contract, and that contract is over.

    On the other hand, Verizon charges a one-time $35 fee per device activated or upgraded on the Verizon network. This fee cuts across regardless of the device type since each device is set up individually. The activation fee features a one-time cost for activating a new line of service using the Verizon network. It also includes when you bring your own device (BYOD).

    Moreover, the upgrade fee reflects a one-time cost for switching to a new device on the Verizon network. This fee is refundable if the mobile phone gets returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Learn more on change my phone number to Verizon to get more information about porting in and transferring your number to Verizon Wireless.

    Bottom line

    There are several ways you can take, as discussed above, to trace your Verizon Wireless lost phone. Unfortunately, if you can’t find it, you can contact the carrier and request a replacement. Verizon Wireless warrants your device against defects for one year from the date of original retail purchase.

    However, the Verizon Wireless warranty covers normal wear and tear and damage from accidents or abuse. Thus, you must have a device protection plan to get a replacement if you lose your cell phone.