Verizon is one of America’s most reliable mobile networks offering coverage to millions of customers in the US. However, it offers high-end services, various plans and packages, and a Verizon free phone upgrade. Mainly, every such provision involves a cost, but the Verizon Wireless free phone upgrade fee is likely waived.

    Various reasons may push you for a phone upgrade. Perhaps, your contract may be over, and you want to upgrade to Verizon iphone deals for existing customers at a discount. Alternatively, it could be that you’re longing for a new device that more advanced to suit your current needs. Whichever the reasons, the upgrade process is simple and requires little attention.

    Moreover, you can upgrade by purchasing a new or certified pre-owned device and pay for the total price or use device payments. Besides, the device must be “upgrade eligible” to qualify for device payments. An upgrade occurs when you purchase a cell phone at Verizon to replace a mobile device that already has a line on your account.

    Time To Upgrade a Mobile Device On My Verizon Account

    You can upgrade a cell phone if your account is still active and you purchased the device you want to replace on the Verizon phone deals for existing customers. However, you can upgrade to a new device at any time at retail price, or you can upgrade using a device payment agreement.  You can upgrade under any of these conditions:

    • You paid off your cell phone payment agreement.
    • You do an early upgrade.
    • You purchased your device at a discount for signing a 2-year contract, and that contract ended.

     When you log in to My Verizon and see your phone labeled Upgrade Eligible, you can immediately upgrade your device. However, tap the Check Upgrade Options button to confirm your upgrade eligibility date if you don’t see that message.

    Moreover, you’re not required to buy a new phone to upgrade. Still, you can upgrade to a cell phone that you already own, and after you upgrade your phone, you can keep the cell plan you’re currently using, or you can also change your plan.

    Verizon Wireless Free phone Upgrade Eligibility Checker

    If you want to know if you’re eligible for a Verizon upgrade or not, you can visit Verizon’s eligible upgrade page and key in your mobile phone number that’s attached to your account. You’ll then find out when you’re fit for an upgrade based on your contract.

    Most importantly, if you’re the owner of your account, you can easily log in to My Verizon or open the app to check this information. You need to click “Upgrade Device” to start the process. On the other hand, if you’re not eligible for an upgrade, you can always purchase one of the Verizon compatible phones at the retail price.

    The Device Upgrade Fee

    A one-time fee of $35 per device applies to activated or upgraded cell phones on the Verizon network. Besides, this fee applies regardless of the device type, and the upgrade fee is a one-time cost for switching to a new device on the Verizon network.

    Additionally, this fee is refunded if you return the device within 30 days of the date of purchase. For this charge, Verizon allows you access to a range of services, tools, and personalized support to ensure your device gets set up for a seamless experience on America’s most reliable network. Check more services such as the Verizon ebb program for helping customers during the COVID pandemic.

    The Best Ways To Upgrade Verizon Wireless Free Phone

    When you enter service with Verizon Wireless, the carrier gives you a discount on a cell phone if you accept a two-year contract. Besides, Verizon provides many phones ranging from the Apple iPhone to Samsung. From the time your phone gets activated, you start buying time towards an upgrade with Verizon.

    1) Upgrade After 20 Months

    Generally, there are 24 months of cell phone service commitment with Verizon, but after 20 months, your phone qualifies for an upgrade. Verizon provides that early four-month window to decide whether you need a new phone and which phone model you want to upgrade to.

    However, in the same case you initially signed a contract with Verizon, there is always an assortment of phone models to choose from. The price of each device depends on the features, such as a camera, storage capacity, and others.

    2) Sign a New Contract

    The moment you consider upgrading your phone, you sign a new service contract with Verizon. Verizon offers you a new free or discounted phone for your continued commitment to the company. When you upgrade and enroll for a new contract with Verizon before your previous contract ends, the new contract begins when you activate your new phone.

    However, you can take advantage of the Upgrade the moment you become eligible, and you won’t have to combine the remaining four months onto the new contract. Your new contract starts immediately, and your next Upgrade is ready after 20 months.

    Process of Switching to Verizon

    Switching carriers is a great way to reduce your monthly wireless bill and, with a transfer to Verizon, you can improve the quality of your service. You need to do some research and follow the below steps to choose the best provider and plan, including Verizon low-income internet, for you without worrying about any hidden charges.

    However, the cost of switching phone carriers can be affected by several factors, such as device payoff and plan type. On the other hand, a switch can help you improve service and might even save money, making it a suitable choice in the long run. Before you take any switch, you need to review what happens on any carrier switch and decide if you’re ready to make the change.

    Factors Need to Consider Before Upgrade Phones

    i) Early termination fees

    Most major carriers have concluded the 2-year contract, so early termination fees (ETF) are quickly becoming a thing of the past. However, based on when you acquired your last phone, you could still be liable for an ETF of up to some hundred dollars. The only way to confirm dues is to contact your current provider.

    ii) Device payoff

    You need to pay off any outstanding balance in full before switching carriers, not unless you bought your phone outright or you’ve owned it for a few years. The amount you owe follows several factors, and you need to check with your provider about your remaining device balance.

    iii) Cell phone cost

    If you are buying a new phone, request your new provider concerning the all-in cost of your device, including taxes.  Besides, all major wireless carriers provide Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, and for you to participate, your phone must be compatible and unlocked with the new carrier’s network. You can receive a credit towards your new phone for trading in a device if you don’t have to return it when you cancel your current contract.

    Ways To Switch Carriers for Free

    a) Comparison Cell Phone Providers

    Research and compare how much different providers are charging for a specific phone model. You also need to know how much are overage charges are, if any? Plus, can you get the device you need?

    b) Watch for deals

    Carriers often give special promotions and discounts to both new and existing customers. For instance, Verizon provides a range of deals each month, including phone discounts, a prepaid Mastercard, or added money for a trade-in when you make the switch.

    c) Collect personal information

    Ensure you have all the necessary details, such as your current account number, password/PIN, and your phone’s ESN/IMEI number.

    d) Back up your data

    Before returning your existing cellphone to your current carrier, trading it in, or switching to a new provider, you need to back up your data for easy retrieval later.

    e) Know  your number

    Many carriers don’t accept your old number, so check the policy before terminating your current plan. If you want to maint your phone number, your current plan will probably require you to remain active until you “port in” at the new carrier.

    f) Make the switch

    There are two ways to switch carriers, either online or in person. After you’ve activated your new service, your old account should immediately cancel. However, you can contact your previous provider to receive a final bill, which may include an early termination fee if you’re needed to pay one.

    Can You Do Phone Upgrade Early With Verizon

    After 30 days of phone ownership, Verizon allows you to upgrade select phones early if you’ve settled at least 50% of the retail price, plus if the phone is in perfect condition. However, many phones involve a 24-month payment plan, meaning you can only upgrade after one year.

    In other words, to benefit from the early upgrade option, you must purchase a new qualifying device through a monthly payment plan, and your account requires to be in good standing. However, this offer does not apply to all phones types. The eligible devices include:

    • iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max,
    • iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11
    • iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

    Bottom Line

    The Verizon free phone upgrade grants you the opportunity to get a device that suits your current digital lifestyle. If you have a primary phone, you can upgrade to the latest device money can buy.

    You can anytime upgrade your device by paying out the total retail price of the new device in one payment. However, if you want to use a monthly payment plan, you must be eligible for the program.