Nowadays, the best bring your own phone plans are usually an excellent cost-saving option. It’s not a sound decision when wireless carriers entice you to purchase a new phone to receive the best on their cell phone plans; yet, your current phone is working perfectly fine. However, in this article, you will get to know some of the best carriers that offer bring your own phone plans and still get the best price.

    Most importantly, provided you’re satisfied with how your current phone works, you can bring it over to another carrier’s wireless services and subscribe to their cell phone plans. You need to ensure it’s unlocked and compatible with a specific carrier service, and you’re good to go. Besides, you can also port in your phone number and keep your contacts. The choices are up to decide.

    Therefore, if you’re happy with your current device, you don’t have to upgrade to the latest phone model, with a bring your own phone plan. Provided the cell phone is compatible with the carrier, it’s a straightforward and quick process to switch over. In this case, you will not get tied by a lengthy contract in paying for the device throughout your agreement.

    The Benefits Of Bring Your Own Phone Plan

    You’re securing your freedom when you switch to a cell phone carrier that offers BYOP plans. You can switch carriers anytime, and you have freedom from contracts and financial freedom. However, if you’re searching for coverage from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon’s network, you can find this with cheap cell phone plans that include everything you need.

    Interestingly, you can forget to get fixed in a two-year agreement when you opt for a BYOP plan. You choose when to switch carriers through a no-contract phone plan.

    If you wish to keep your phone and number, you can comfortably do that and cut out pricey device payments. Additionally, you can customize your plan by deciding on how much data you require, choosing between unlimited or no data, paying as you go, and selecting minutes or unlimited text, talk, and data. You can select a plan to match your budget and your usage.

    The 9 Best Bring Your Own Phone Plans Providers

    1) Verizon 15 GB Prepaid Phone Plan

    The above plan goes for $50 without AutoPay and $45 per month with an AutoPay discount that applies after 1st month. However, this Verizon Smartphone Prepaid plan features 30 days of Unlimited Minutes within the US and Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Plus, unlimited text within the US and to over 200 international destinations and 15 GB of high-speed data that slows to unlimited data at 2G speeds after.

    Additionally, a hotspot is included in this plan, and video quality is limited to DVD quality (480p). There’s no annual contract, no fees, and no monthly bills. You can use your capable cell phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot at no additional cost on the 5 GB and 15 GB plans. Besides, you can add 10 GB of high-speed hotspot data to the unlimited data plan for $5 per month, slowed to 600kbps after high-speed data allowance gets used up.

    2) Verizon Basic Phone Plan

    This basic plan is an individual plan for basic phones and features unlimited talk and text and a 500MB data allowance. The monthly cost is $30 + $35 upfront, and you can add extra data for $5 per 500MB.

    With The Verizon Plan, the following features are also included:

    • Cloud Storage from Verizon
    • Call forwarding
    • 3-Way calling
    • Basic Voice Mail
    • Caller ID
    • Call waiting
    • No Answer/ Busy Transfer

    3) AT&T $30 Monthly Unlimited Prepaid Plan

    The AT&T $30 Monthly Unlimited Prepaid Plan costs $30 per 30 days + $0.99 upfront. It includes 30 days of unlimited nationwide calling and unlimited nationwide text, picture, and video messaging. However, with the first 5 GB at high speed. If you go beyond your allotment of high-speed data, your data speed gets slowed until your next billing cycle.

    Moreover, mobile hotspot usage applies to this plan, and it also features fraud call blocking and spam alerts through AT&T’s Call Protect and Mobile Security apps which requires compatible device/service.

    This Prepaid AT&T Monthly Unlimited plan comprises unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited nationwide text/ picture/ video messaging, and Unlimited AT&T to AT&T mobile calling within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

    4) T-Mobile Connect Plan

    This T-Mobile Connect plan is a monthly cell phone plan that is $15 per month + $10 upfront and for use within the US. However, it features unlimited Talk, Text, and 2.5GB of 4G LTE data per line while on the T-Mobile network and a yearly data upgrade of 500MB through the year 2025, to a maximum of 4.5GB per month. Mobile hotspot is allowed up to full speeds up to data amount. You can top up to 5 lines on a T-Mobile Connect plan.

    On the other hand, you can buy add-on data passes if you exceed your allotment of high-speed data. Notably, T-Mobile Connect plan customers are not qualified for T-Mobile Tuesdays, international features, autopay discounts, or special device discounts. And taxes and fees don’t feature with T-Mobile Connect plans. Other Included Features:

    • Voicemail with Message Alert
    • Emergency Calls
    • Call Waiting
    • Caller ID
    • Conference Calling
    • Customer Care

    Additionally, you can receive up to $1000 via a virtual MasterCard prepaid card when you bring a compatible and eligible phone and port-in your number from Verizon, AT&T, Claro, Xfinity, Spectrum, US Cellular, or Boost. The offer is valid for up to 5 lines, and you need a qualifying credit.

    5) Straight Talk All You Need Unlimited Plan

    Straight talk operates on all the four major networks to deliver wireless services to its customers. Before switching to Straight Talk, you should check your phone’s compatibility first. The Straight Talk Unlimited plans include1500 nationwide talks, unlimited nationwide texts, and unlimited data for the first 100MB at High Speeds, then slowed to 2G. Notably, at 2G speeds, the effectiveness of some data applications, like streaming audio or video, may get affected.

    Additionally, you may enroll by registering your accepted credit or debit card with Visa or MC logo at and get a recurring charge to your credit or accepted debit card on your Service End Date each month. This automatically refills your Straight Talk service with the Straight Talk Plan you choose.

    You can also receive a unique code on the rewards program and share it with your referrals of up to 12 friends, and both receive a free month of service.

    With Straight Talk, the below features are also included:

    • Voice Mail (minutes gets deducted)
    • Caller ID
    • Call Waiting
    • 411 calls at no extra charge

    6) Metro by T-Mobile $30 2 GB Plan

    This plan goes for $30 per month + $30 upfront and includes unlimited nationwide text, talk, and data with a 2 GB of 4G LTE data allowance. You can watch video streams at up to 480p, plus all Metro by T-Mobile plans involves no-contract plans and feature taxes and fees.

    However, this plan also enables you to utilize your phone as a mobile hotspot to share your 4G LTE mobile data with other connected devices. You can access 5G with a 5G capable phone within the 5G coverage area.

    Metro monthly plans entail direct communication between two people. But, you can add calls to other services such as chat lines, conference calls, radio broadcasts to your monthly plan for $3/month for 300 minutes and $10/month for 1000 minutes. Besides, you can add up to 4 additional lines to your plan for $30 per month per additional line.

    7) Cricket 2 GB of High-Speed Data

    Cricket Wireless functions using AT&T Mobility’s nationwide network. However, this plan Cricket 2 GB of High-Speed data costs $30 per month + $9.99 upfront and includes unlimited nationwide talk, text, picture, and video messaging, plus data with 2 GB at high speed. This plan is not qualified for Auto Pay or Group Save discount.

    Additionally, the 2 GB and 5 GB plans feature Stream More to watch video using less data. You can get DVD quality for about 480p at no extra cost. Besides, this service can get turned off anytime online.

    With Cricket Wireless, the below features are also included:

    • Voicemail
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Forwarding
    • 3-Way calling

    Add-On Features:

    With Cricket Protect for $7 per month, you can get your phone covered for loss, theft, damage, etc. You can also add 1 GB of data for $10 per month after the amount of high-speed data is included with your plan. Notably, the left-over data doesn’t roll over to the next billing cycle but expires at the end of the monthly cycle.

    8) Boost Mobile $15 Plan

    The above plan applies to new customers who bring their own phones only. The Boost $15 plan features unlimited domestic talk and text and 2 GB of 4G LTE  and  5G Data on Expanded Network with mobile hotspot included. However, data access ends for the remainder of the month immediately after the 2 GB allowance is used.

    Moreover, this plan is not qualified for device promotions, and it includes unlimited domestic talk and text, 50 domestic voice roaming minutes-on Android devices only, and 411 Directory Assistance calls. The unlimited services apply only to Boost’s domestic coverage area.

    • $5 per month Todo Mexico Plus – Unlimited Calls to Mexico
    • $10 per month International Connect Plus- Per Minute Rates
    • You can use data allowance for tethering
    • 5G Inclusion
    • No Long Distance Charges (Domestic USA)
    • Bring Your Own Phone
    • Free voicemail (or included in monthly minutes)
    • No Roaming Charges in the USA

    9) Tracfone 500 Minutes + 500 Texts Smartphone Plan

    Tracfone enables you to bring compatible T-Mobile, AT&T, or unlocked GSM phones when you join. This Smartphone-only Airtime Plan offers you 30 days of service for $14.25 with Auto-Refill and includes text, talk, and data. With unlimited carryover, your unutilized texts, minutes, and data never expire, provided your service is active and in use within six months.

    You will not receive triple benefits with this service plan with the 500 Minutes + 500 Texts Smartphone Plan, but you can call over 100 International destinations. You can get a 5% discount with every refill when you sign in for Auto-Refill on select smartphone plans. Besides, you need a Credit Card and Account for enrollment in Auto-Refill.

    The following add-ons are available with the smartphone plans:

    • Get extra 1,000 texts for $5
    • Get additional 500 minutes for $10
    • Receive 1 GB extra data for $10
    • Get low rates on international long distance calling for $10

    Types Of BYOP Plan – A Interesting Things

    i) Unlimited Plans

    If you are looking for unlimited talk text and data, you can get your demands when you change carriers. If you are a data-hungry user looking for unlimited plus plans, you can save good money by switching to one of the affordable unlimited data plans.

    ii) Basic Plans

    This category applies to customers who only utilize a cell phone to make a few calls, send numerous messages, and barely never go online. You receive basic cell phone functions, an allotment for minutes of talk, and around 2 GB of data at a fantastic price. Once you finish your data allowance, your speeds slow, but you can easily add on more.

    iii) Family Plans

    If you need four or more lines, many carriers offer group plans at a discounted price. You can compare the cheapest family phone plans from different providers to choose what each family member requires.

    iv) Single Line Plans

    If you need the best phone plans for individuals, you don’t have to pay a premium rate because you only require one line.

    v) Talk and Text Only Plans

    If you don’t need data, there is no problem. You can compare cheap talk and text plans, and you’ll save a ton of money if you’re not paying for data.

    Bottom line

    Switching carriers with bringing your own phone plans is a cost-effective way to save your monthly phone bills. If you have a device that you love, you can switch with it over to any of the above carriers and enjoy plans that suit your wireless needs and budget. You must ensure that your device is unlocked and compatible with your select carrier for the bring your own phone plans to work well for you.