Verizon is an American telecommunication company that operates throughout the country. It offers communication services such as voice calls, internet connection, and SMS to millions of Americans. Various phones work with Verizon, as we shall see. Since a phone must get old due to repeated usage, there comes a time when you need to replace it with a new one. Today I will focus on Verizon replacement phone so that you can know how to go about it.

    Verizon is one of the companies with the most robust networks. It is now offering 5G network coverage in most parts of the country. For your information, the 5G network is high-speed Verizon fixed internet and facilitates the fast download of large files such as movies, music videos, documentaries, etc. Other countries are starting to embrace the network, and soon, the whole world will be using 5G.

    Other network types include 4G,3G, and 2G. 5G network connectivity is 20 times faster than 4G, which explains why Verizon has faster connectivity. You need a 5G device to connect to 5G services. 5G devices are currently costly, and that is one challenge facing the advancement of the 5G network. Hopefully, one day, phones supporting 5G will be aIt would be best if you heap as those supporting 4G today.

    Ways to know about Verizon Compatible Phones

    There are numerous Verizon compatible phones in the market. However, knowing which phones work with the company can be a challenge, and more so if you do not know the Verizon network technologies. 

    The communication company uses CDMA phones. Currently, HD Voice-capable GSM phones are compatible with the Verizon network. And by the way, the CDMA-only phones are now not currently compatible with Verizon.

    With the above information with you, it is easy to find a phone to use with the carrier. Nowadays, we have phones that support all network types. Smartphones are designed to work with various network technologies, and there is no worry about which phone to purchase.

    The Acceptable ways to replace a phone at Verizon Wireless

    It is always essential to replace a device that does not work correctly. We have numerous Verizon phone deals for existing customers that one can take advantage of to get a new phone, most of them being trade-ins. We have numerous reasons why you may need to replace your phone. They include the following.

    • Damaged phone (, water damage, and cracked screen)
    • A lost or stolen phone
    • Having a manufacturing defect. That can be mechanical or electrical deformity.

    It is important to note that phone replacement is different from phone upgrading. When upgrading a device, you are getting a more advanced one. For example, you can upgrade to a phone with high-resolution cameras, large battery capacity, a large screen, faster processing speed, and ample storage spaces.

    Usually, damaged or lost phones are out of warranty, and you have to replace them at your cost. However, faulty devices due to errors during manufacturing can be replaced for free.

    Verizon has various protection plans that can help you when replacing your device. They include;

    • Verizon Mobile Protect / Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device
    • Wireless Phone Protection, and
    • Total Equipment Coverage

    And by the way, even the free government devices come with a 6-month warranty, and thus you can enjoy the protection services too. That includes devices you get via the Verizon EBB program, the newest support program to those affected by Covid’19.

    The following are steps to replace a phone at Verizon.

    1) Manufacturing defect

    Manufacturing defects include things such as electrical defects and mechanical malfunction. Such devices are replaceable for free if within the warranty.

    Damages due to external forces are excluded here. For a device 30 days old or less since purchase, you get a new device. If your phone is more than 31 days after purchase, you will get a replacement with a Certified Like-New Replacement similar to the current device you have.

    There are zero fees for extended warranty repairs if you have an extended warranty. However, the Verizon replacement phone cost is $49 based on device type.

    2) Damaged device

    If you have a damaged device, you will need to purchase a new device to replace the damaged one. As mentioned above, the damages include cracked screen, fire, or water damage. However, if you have a device protection plan, you will be able to replace yours without any issues. The following are some of Verizon’s device protection plans.

    • Verizon Mobile Protect / Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device
    • Total Equipment Coverage that combines the benefits of Verizon Extended Warranty and Asurion Wireless Phone Protection. The plan covers malfunctions and manufacturers’ defects.
    • Wireless Phone Protection

    If you aren’t enrolled in any of the device protection options above, you can opt to;

    • Buy a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Verizon phone replacement.
    • Buy a new device
    • Activate another phone you already own.

    Again, if you are enrolled in AppleCare, you should contact Apple support through Apple’s website. And by the way, AppleCare is among the Verizon iphone deals for existing customers using Apple devices.

    3) A lost or stolen device

    If you lost a device, remember that these are not in the warranty coverage. Before you replace your device, you should attempt to locate your phone. If you cannot find the device, make sure you suspend your services and erase all data to prevent any misuse of your information.At the same time while getting new phone you need to active Verizon replacement phone tracking service for avoid unintentional hassles.

    After that, you can replace your device using any device protection plan or purchase a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Replacement phone, buy a new phone at retail cost, or activate another device you already own.

    Do I lose my plan if I replace my phone at Verizon

    The truth is that what you lost is the device you have been using. Now that you will get a new device, it does not mean that you will lose your account. All you will do is sign into your new device with your Verizon account details and continue enjoying the services. Of course, if you lose your phone, you will need a new SIM card.

    Still, you cannot lose your voice call minutes, data, or minutes on your already subscribed plan, even if everything will be intact on the Verizon low-income internet scheme once you resume with the other phone.

    The best Verizon replacement phone

    There are numerous phones that you can use for Verizon replacement phone new or refurbished. The following are some of them.

    • TCL 20 SE
    • TCL 10 SE Unlocked
    • Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy A51 LTE
    • Nokia 3V TA-1182
    • LG – G7 ThinQ
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 G960U
    • Moto G Power
    • TCL 20 Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

    What is Verizon device protection

    I have talked of Verizon phone replacement if you have device protection. Device protection resembles car insurance, whereby you insure your phone, smartwatch, or tablet. If you lose or accidentally damage your phone, it provides options to repair a cracked screen or replace it with another device as soon as the same day. Your device protection plan dictates the phone you get; either get an old device of the same quality or a new one.

    The truth is that device protection allows you to save hundreds of dollars that you can use to buy a new device. Again, enrollment is available for new or existing phones, either recently purchased, had a line added, or served as an upgrade.

    Can I apply for protection for several devices

    It is possible to protect various devices in one plan. If you are a parent, you can protect devices for your wife and children so that in case of any misfortune, you do not spend a lot of money buying new phones. The best time to apply for device protection is right after the purchase to cover areas outside the warranty.

    And one more thing, if you are replacing any device at Verizon, you need to send it back to Asurion for the prepaid shipping label that comes with the replacement phone. You did the replacement within 10-15 days to avoid non-return charges. However, if you lose your phone, you do not need to return anything.

    How do I activate my Verizon replacement phone

    Your Verizon replacement phone activation process is as smooth as other carriers. Only you need to follow some steps; first, you need your new sim card or old phone sim card to insert your new phone then dig out your unique IMEI number from your device by dialling *#06# on your device. once you get your number, just contact Verizon customer service at 1-800-922-0204, and they will assist you in getting your new phone activated

    Bottom line

    Verizon is a telecommunication company that operates in the United States. The company offers voice calls, data, and text messages to millions of Americans. You can open a Verizon account online if you have a compatible device. Various devices work with Verizon that you can get from the company itself or buy at a retail store. You can replace your phone under warranty or any device protection plan.