Boost Mobile operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and is one of the famous wireless services providers in the United States. The company offers affordable services, from unlimited and limited data plans to several unlimited talks and text plans. Additionally, the company has phone deals for its customers where you can even get one of the Boost Mobile free phones. If you wonder how you can have one, read this article to understand more about this.

    Boost Mobile runs on a major network in the US, T-Mobile, and has everything you’re looking for in a wireless provider. This one answers why it is opted for by the residents. The company’s plans include high-speed data, unlimited call and text, and unlimited music streaming with no data costs. Furthermore, this carrier offers an extensive range of the latest phones from major brands at competitive prices, with no service contracts.

    The company has free phone offers to its customers, although under some requirements discussed in this article. It comes as an advantage to them as it helps them save more money, mainly when you include the company’s excellent plans. Boost Mobile also provides several add-ons with notable features. The company also has the Boost perks, an app for its customers that collaborates with retailer partners to offer exclusive discounts and opportunities to win VIP experiences.

    Procedure To Get Boost Mobile Free Phones

    Generally, you get Boost Mobile free phones when you switch to the network, which is quite good for new customers. After joining, you can use either port in your number from your current network to Boost Mobile or add a new line to the network to get a free phone.

    i) Port your number to Boost Mobile

    Porting a line from your existing provider to Boost Mobile is one option to receive a new phone. You’ll also need to activate the line you are porting on Boost’s $50/month Unlimited Gig plan. You will receive a free phone when you port a line. You can then choose from the available phone brands and models.

    ii) Add a new line to a plan which is already existing

    The second approach to acquiring a free phone from Boost is adding or buying a new line and combining it with an existing plan like the Boost Unlimited Gig plan. It must be a port-in or a new activation to acquire the phone. However, you will begin to pay for the services in the second month. The free service is only available for the first month.

    The company has also had some Boost Mobile plans with free phones, and some of the free phones when you switch to Boost Mobile.

    • Motorola Moto E
    • LG Tribute
    • ZTE Speed
    • Alcatel OneTouch Elevate

    iii) Apple iPhone Deals

    Boost Mobile has you covered with its deals if you are an iPhone lover. This is especially if you don’t opt for the bring your own phone plan. These deals are available on the company’s official online store, where you are assured of saving. These include:

    • Apple iPhone SE 2nd generation: You can have it for $199.99 and save $200.
    • Apple iPhone SE: The phone can be purchased at $379.99, saving $50.
    • Apple iPhone 11: You can purchase the phone at $349 and save $150.
    • Apple iPhone XS: You can acquire this phone at $100 off and purchase it for $799.99.

    iv) Android Deals

    If you prefer Android over iOS, this network also caters to you. It has excellent discounts on the Android phone brands, which include:

    • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: This device is sold at $300 off, whereas you can have it at $399.99.
    • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G: The phone costs $199.99, a discounted price of $250 off.
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: The phone can be acquired at $1,300.99, saving $400.
    • Samsung Galaxy A71 5G: You can save $180 and have this phone at $249.99.
    • Motorola G Pure: The phone has a discount of $70; hence you can purchase it for $59.99.
    • Motorola G Power: You can save $70 and buy the phone for $99.99.
    • Motorola G Stylus: This phone costs $139.99, which means you can save $120 when you purchase it.
    • TCL 20 XE:  You can save up to $60 and have the phone at $59.99.

    Network Of Boost Mobile

    Providing its services as an MVNO, Boost Mobile does not have its own network towers. It depends on other already existing networks to provide its services. Boost Mobile relies on T-Mobile network towers that use GSM technology (Global System of Mobiles). This amounts to high internet speeds, excellent 5G performance, and adequate nationwide coverage in urban and suburban locations.

    Boost Mobile used initially operated using the Sprint network with the Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology. T-Mobile merged with Sprint in the year 2020, where now Boost Mobile shifted to T-Mobile. Currently, most networks worldwide use GSM technology and hence the popularity of Boost Mobile.

    Reasons To Join The Boost Mobile Network

    Any resident who joins Boost Mobile enjoys several benefits from this network. Some of them are:

    • Quality and flexible plans: Boost Mobile has among the best and cheaper plans, including the cell phone plans with free phones. Again, you won’t be forced to pay for plans you don’t require; instead, you can customize the best plan for you.
    • Comprehensive and reliable network coverage: since it operates on one of the major networks in the US, its 4G LTE network reaches 99% of the US residents, which is such a benefit to them.
    • You can keep your phone and number: you are ensured to save as you don’t need to acquire a new device. You can bring your own and port your number across to the network.
    • Simple to switch: Joining the network is relatively easy for any interested resident.
    • No contracts: acquiring Boost Mobile phone plans is not complicated as no contracts are needed; hence you pay as you go.

    Get Started With Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile allows you to join the network without abandoning your phone for any interested customer. The Boost Mobile bring your own phone (BYOP) option helps you save the costs of purchasing a new device. If you decide to bring your phone to the network, always ensure it is unlocked, i.e., not bound to any specific carrier. Again, ensure that the phone is compatible with the network with the help of the company’s online compatibility checker using the phone’s IMEI.

    If you opt to purchase a new device, it is advisable to visit the company’s online store and acquire one. Notably, these phones are automatically compatible with the network. Additionally, any phone operating using the GSM network technology is compatible with this network. Some of the Boost Mobile compatible phones include:

    • Apple iPhone 11 & 11 Pro
    • Apple iPhone 12, 12 Pro & 12 Pro Max
    • Apple iPhone 13 Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy A21s
    • Samsung Galaxy A02s
    • Samsung Galaxy A03s
    • TracFone Motorola Moto E
    • Motorola Moto G7 Play
    • Ulefone Note 12P
    • Motorola Moto G Power

    Having your device with you, visit the Boost Mobile service activation. Choose the new customer option as you’ve joined the network newly. Then select between “use my own device with Boost Mobile SIM” or “Activate the new device.” Proceed to choose whether you will use your existing number or get a new one.

    After that, enter your phone’s IMEI number/ serial number and create your own account with Boost mobile. Afterward, purchase a SIM card and then activate it to start the Boost Mobile network. You will enter the 13-digit SIM card serial number in the card’s box to activate the SIM card. Also, key in the IMEI number in the IMEI ID box and then proceed to activate it.

    Final Verdict

    Boost Mobile is an American Mobile Virtual Network Operator that uses T-Mobile’s network towers to offer its services. The company has comprehensive coverage since T-Mobile is one of the major network providers in the US, making Boost Mobile a reliable provider.

    Boost Mobile offers quality phone plans and deals to its customers. You can also get a free phone with Boost Mobile, especially when you join the network.