Boost Mobile is among the leading mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States. However, this carrier operates through T-Mobile’s network, which happens to be the most prominent 5G network in terms of coverage. If you want to switch from your existing wireless provider and join Boost Mobile, there are ready deals on the Boost Mobile free phones when you switch. Most importantly, changing between various wireless carriers is one of the best options for getting your ideal service provider.

    Moreover, if you plan to switch to a no-contract prepaid carrier in the US, consider Boost Mobile as one of the best options. This provider offers Boost Mobile phone deals that feature a wide range of premium and affordable smartphones. Besides, when you switch to Boost Mobile, you will get many deals on devices and plans. Switch to Boost also gives you a thorough pass to unique perks, such as free phones and services.

    On the other hand, you need a phone compatible with Boost and unlocked domestically by your current carrier before switching. However, lost/stolen phones are not accepted for bringing to the Boost Mobile network. If you are overwhelmed with paying monthly bills that don’t match for service at your current carrier, then it’s about time to ditch your existing cell phone service and join Boost Mobile to save massive amounts o cash on cellphones and plans.

    The Switching Process To Boost Mobile

    Switching to Boost Mobile is a straightforward process through Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP), but you’ll have to consider a few things. First, you’ll have to ensure your current cellphone is unlocked, meaning it’s not on a contract to a specific carrier.

     Second, your mobile device must be compatible with the Boost Mobile network. You can check if your cell phone’s compatible with Boost using your IMEI number. Alternatively, if your current cell is not compatible, there are options to buy a new phone through Boost Mobile affordably.

    Step 1 – Check Eligibility

    After you make a decision to switch to Boost Mobile, you can keep your own phone or, better can get a new cell phone. Your cell phone has to be compatible with Boost Mobile if you intend to keep your current phone. To check your phone’s compatibility, visit the web page of or dial *#06# to get your device’s IMEI number.

    Step 2 – Get A SIM Card

    Purchase a SIM card from Boost Mobile in-store or online or from Walmart store.

    Step 3 – Select A Plan

    Once you install the SIM card, select a plan for your cell phone. Boost Mobile offers a number of plans; select one from there that suits you best.

    Step 4 – Activate

    After completing all the steps, you have to activate your cell phone with any Boost Mobile plan.

    About Boost Mobile Free Phones Switch Deals

    Boost Mobile switch deals don’t need signing up to any service contract. Besides, the cell phones aren’t fully unlocked, and you’re not committed to Boost Mobile. If you decide to enroll in one of the affordable prepaid plans, you can bring your old number to the carrier. Again, if none of the cell phones above match what you’re searching for, there are other free phones when you switch options.

    Best Boost Mobile Free Phones When You Switch

    Boost is a prepaid carrier with no long-term contracts. Besides, there are no credit checks nor activation fees for new Boost customers when switching to Boost. The carrier features no roaming charges and does not send monthly bills for services to a customer.

    You can even sign up for Boost Perks to get more exclusive offers and special deals. When you switch to Boost, you can find the following in-store phones reserved for new customers who switch to this carrier. The existing customers are also featured for BOGO offers and trade-in promotions.

    Best Boost Mobile Free Phones

    1) Samsung A32 5G

    The above deal applies to new customers switching their service over to Boost and port in the current phone number for Samsung A32 5G for absolutely free. However, prepaid carriers such as Boost assume if you transfer over your old number, you’re more likely to stay with their service. One of these months is the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, which typically goes for $279.99. You can acquire it for free when you make the switch and save that crazy discount.

    2) Motorola Moto G Power

    If you switch from another service provider to Boost Mobile, you can get a Motorola Moto G Power for free. This offer only will apply to those customers who switch a line to an eligible plan of Boost Mobile and then activate the device.

    3) Apple iPhone SE

    Other options are available such as the iPhone SE, which you can get for free in-store and save $399.99. You can switch to Boost and receive the iPhone SE for FREE when you activate your new cell phone on Boost’s Unlimited Plus plan. However, this deal is only available in-store, so hurry up and get your new iPhone.

    Activation Of Boost Mobile SIM Card When You Switch

    You need to visit a Boost Mobile in-store to activate your Boost Mobile SIM card when you bring your own phone. You can also activate the SIM card by following the below steps.

    1. Confirm your cell phone is compatible and unlocked.
    2. Select and order your Boost Mobile SIM card kit online.
    3. When you get your kit, insert your SIM card into your cell phone and follow the activation instructions provided in the kit.

    Boost Mobile BYOP Plans When You Switch

    Initially, switching phone carriers used to be confusing and costlier. Actually, there are no specific BYOP plans and that’s why you can use any existing plans available at Boost Mobile with the BYOP option.

    Here, in this segment, we have provided details of each individual Boost Mobile plan so that it can be convenient for you to choose.

    i) Boost Mobile Limited Data Plans

    Any Boost Mobile customer activating a new service line on the Expanded Data Network with a compatible device can select these plans. The shared data plans include:

    1) $15/Month – 2GB (5G/4G)
    • Unlimited Talk and Text
    • 2GB Data
    • Mobile Hotspot Usage
    • New BYOP Customer Only
    • SD Quality Video Streaming
    2) $25/Month – 5GB (5G/4G)
    • Unlimited Talk and Text
    • 5GB Data
    • Mobile Hotspot Usage
    • New Customer Only
    • SD Quality Video Streaming
    3) $35/Month – 10GB (5G/4G)
    • Unlimited Talk and Text
    • 10GB Data
    • Mobile Hotspot Usage
    • SD Quality Video Streaming

    Summary Of Boost Mobile Limited Data Plans

    Plan Text and Talk Data Cap Mobile Hotspot
    $15 Unlimited 2GB Data allotment use
    $25 Unlimited 5GB Data allotment use
    $35 Unlimited 10GB Data allotment use

    ii) Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans

    Boost Mobile’s Unlimited Plans provides something for every user, whether you’re looking for unlimited data, a single-line plan, or a family plan. You can combine these plans to build up a multi-line family account. The unlimited plans include:

    1) $50/Month – 35GB (5G/4G)
    • Unlimited Talk and Text
    • 35GB Data
    • 12GB Mobile Hotspot
    • SD Quality Video Streaming
    2) $60/Month – 35GB (5G/4G)
    • Unlimited Talk and Text
    • 35GB Data
    • 30GB Mobile Hotspot
    • HD Quality Video Streaming

    Summary of Boost Mobile Unlimited Plans

    Plan Text and Talk Data Cap Mobile Hotspot
    $50 Unlimited 35GB 12GB
    $60 Unlimited 35GB 30GB

    Final Words

    Discover a wireless provider that treats you excellently when you sign up for Boost Mobile. However, free phone deals on iPhones and Android smartphones will compel you to switch to Boost today. Boost Mobile packs exclusive in-store deals for tech-savvy customers. If you plan to purchase a new phone, hold on a bit as your next cell phone could be priceless with a free phone when you switch to a boost offer.