Boost Mobile provides some of the best prepaid unlimited plans currently on the T-Mobile network. Besides, this carrier offers great family plans inclusive of all taxes and fees in their pricing. You can boost mobile plans with free phones that fully support the mobile hotspot and provide additional international calling services, plus other features.

    However, Boost Mobile offers you everything you want in a wireless carrier. Experience high-speed data, unlimited talk, and text, in addition to unlimited music streaming with no data charges included on all plans. On top of that, this carrier offers a wide selection of the latest phones from top brands at affordable prices, and all come with no annual service contracts.

    Moreover, the Boost prepaid option allows you to pay for what you want upfront with no annual contracts, no credit checks, no monthly bills, no overage fees, and roaming charges. Any new or existing Boost Mobile customer can get cell phone plans with free phones and save more money thanks to awesome phone deals on Boost Mobile. You can pick your favorite brand from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG.

    The Right Cell Phone Plans – Choose your Best Ones

    Wireless providers are constantly introducing new plans that are better than your current plan. However, the question comes in on how you can get the best cell phone plans for your smartphone. It’s not as simple as you think, and we will help you with tips to get there.

    First, price is a significant consideration when searching for the best cell phone plans, especially if you’re planning more than one line for other members of your family. You can often get discounts as you add lines, so you’ll have to compare the total cost of your plan depending on the number of lines that need service.

    Secondly, you also have to consider who provides the best coverage in your area, and if the carrier supports the cell phone, you’ll want to use it. You can ask neighbors, friends, and co-workers how a specific carrier’s coverage is at your office and home if you’re planning to switch wireless providers.

    Unlimited Cell Phone Plans

    Unlimited cell phone plans tend to be among the most costly on the market. However, if you’re attached to your phone to scroll through Facebook, stream Netflix on the go, and power through lots of data each month, the extra cost of an unlimited plan is worth it. Consider also the free cell phone service for life unlimited everything for more unlimited deals.

    Generally, expect to pay at least $30 for the cheapest plan, though the more prominent carriers charge unlimited data between $60 and $90 per month. Besides, the more expensive plans feature more perks, including increased data for hotspots, free streaming service subscriptions, and more. Interestingly, unlimited plans often include 5G coverage for the 5G enabled devices.

    Best Boost Mobile Plans With Free Phones – An Outstanding Guide for you

    1) iPhone SE $79.99

    The above device is available for new customers only and is limited to one line of service. To get this offer from Boost Mobile, you have to port in and activate your line on the $60 Boost Unlimited Plus plan. Besides, there are exclusive ports from Sprint-related carriers.

    2) Free Samsung Galaxy A32

    This offer is valid until 11/4/21 while stock last. New customers only qualify for this offer through a port-in and activation on eligible plans. Besides, Sprint-related carriers are exclusive ports required.

    3) $40 per month with Free Phone

    Valid through 11/4/21 for new and port-in customers only activating on the expanded data network (XP) while supplies last. You must port in and activate on eligible &50 and $60 unlimited plans—besides, it applies to the single and primary line on a family plan.

    After the first month of service, a $10 credit applies towards Boost service for six months. The unlimited customers who consume more than 35GB of data in a billing cycle will have reduced speeds.

    4) Free Moto g Power

    This offer is limited to 1 device/line, and it’s valid through 11/4/21, depending on supplies availability.  To qualify, you need a port and activation on eligible plans in select. Markets and etailers exclusive on or national retailers.

    5) 3 Lines $30 per month

    This deal is available for new customers who increase a new line of service. After 1st payment of $100, you will get a $10 per month credit within 20 days of your next payment date. If any secondary lines leave, the price will change. If the primary line leaves, secondary lines automatically move to a new plan at the next payment.

    6) BOGO Samsung A32 5G

     New customers only require eligible ports and activation on eligible plans exclusive ports from Sprint-related carriers.

    7) Boost Mobile Plans

    Initially, boost mobile plans with free phones focused on family discounts and unlimited data plans using the Sprint network. However, Boost Mobile’s plans have shifted focus after the acquisition by DISH and are now offering more affordable prepaid plans.

    Currently, Boost Mobile’s lowest-cost plan begins at just $10 per month for 1GB of LTE data, a significant drop from $35 per month. Boost Mobile’s new shrink-It! The plan also credits customers who make timely payments by lowering the plan’s cost by $10 after six on-time payments.

    Boost Mobile usually offers good deals on cell phone plans, including Boost mobile hotspot plans, if you opt to buy a device directly from them. However, for the best experience, it’s recommendable you bring the unlocked device and activate it on Boost Mobile. An unlocked phone grants you the freedom to switch plans or carriers at will.

    A) Best for Single Lines

    1. Unlimited $50 per month
    • 12 GB Mobile Hotspot
    • 480p Video Streaming
    • No Annual Contracts
    • Keep Your Phone Number
    2. Unlimited Plus $60 per month
    • 30 GB Mobile Hotspot
    • HD Video Streaming
    • No Annual Contracts
    • Keep Your Phone Number

    B) Best for Families (4 + Lines)

    1. Unlimited $100 per month
    • Unlimited Data, Talk & Text
    • 1 GB Mobile Hotspot
    • No Annual Contracts
    • Keep Your Phone Number
    2. Unlimited Plus $120 per month
    • 30 GB Mobile Hotspot
    • HD Video Streaming
    • No Annual Contracts
    • Keep Your Phone Number

    Consideration Before Switching To Boost Mobile

    First, before you make a switch to Boost Mobile and enjoy Boost mobile free phones when you switch, you should understand some basic details about this carrier that include;

    1. Boost Mobile is a contract-free carrier.
    2. They provide 99% nationwide coverage.
    3. The plans feature unlimited data, talk, and text.
    4. Their plans also include a mobile hotspot.
    5. Their plans feature unlimited music streaming with no data charges.
    6. They provide a diverse selection of the latest phones from top manufacturers at relatively affordable prices.

    Additionally, apart from the above-listed advantages, there are also Boost Perks. If you are a member of the Boost Nation family, you can receive instant access to exclusive rewards (by downloading the Boost Perks app and get exclusive perks, special deals like boost mobile iphone deals, and chances to win VIP experiences).

    Boost Mobile Offer BYOP

    Boost Mobile allows you to bring your phone to its service, but you first need to check eligibility to confirm if your phone will function on the Boost Network. Enter your Device ID or go to a Boost Mobile store to see if your phone is eligible. After that, you need to buy a SIM kit in-store or online or use your own Boost SIM card and activate it. In addition, the Boost Mobile Customer support team can sell you a Boost Mobile SIM card kit.

    Most importantly, you will have to purchase a new SIM card from a non-compatible wireless carrier when you bring your own phone. Your new Boost Mobile SIM card, will allow you to use the Boost Mobile network. If you want to activate a Bring Your Own Phone, you can head over to a Boost Mobile store. Learn more about boost mobile-free phones before you decide on Boost BYOP.

    boost Mobile Phone Activation Process

    To activate your phone on a Boost plan, to install or swap a SIM card in your Boost Mobile phone, follow the following steps;

    Step 1-Turn off Your Phone

     Maintain your phone off until you get to step 4 of this guide.

    Step 2- Get Your Phone’s SIM

    Find the SIM tray on your phone located on the side of the phone or below the battery. You can put a paper clip or a SIM ejector tool into the SIM tray hole. Push gently until the tray ejects.

    Step 3- Identify and Insert New SIM

    Note the position of your SIM in the tray, and then eject it out. Locate the SIM card in the package. Compare the size of the sim to find if it corresponds to the slotted size to your phone, and then pop out the right size that fits in.

    Step 4- Activate Your Phone

    Observe the on-screen instructions to activate your phone on your computer or another mobile device connected to Wi-Fi.

    Activation Tips

    If you are transferring your Phone to Boost, ensure you do the following before you start the activation process:

    • Request your current provider to unlock your phone so it is compatible with activation with Boost. You can look for more information on unlocking at
    • If you have to bring your current number to Boost, you must request your current wireless provider for your account number, plus a number transfer PIN. Besides, your account must be active and settled in total to bring your number. It’s advisable not to cancel with your current provider until you activate with Boost

    Look for your IMEI number for iOS devices. Go to Settings > General > About Android open Settings > About phone, or you can dial *#060#.

    Sim Card Activation Process

    Boost Mobile is a wireless cell phone service provider. When you buy a phone from Boost Mobile, it has a SIM card that stores the customer’s personal information, datebook, contacts, and other phone information. So, cell phones will not work without an activated SIM card.

    On the other hand, the company enables a customer to activate the cards online easily, but you must have your cell phone and SIM card with you to activate the card. Follow the steps below.

    • Step 1- Proceed to Boost Mobile’s activation website, and input the 15 digit SIM number at the far end of the SIM card in the “SIM ID.”Box.
    • Step 2- Eject the battery cover of your phone and take out the battery. You will find a 15 digit IMEI number in the battery slot. Enter that number on the website in the “IMEI ID” box and choose “Start Activation Process.”
    • Step 3- Afterwards, enter your activation PIN, which you can locate on the plastic SIM cardholder.
    • Step 4– Choose a phone number from the given list. However, you only need to select the first three digits, and the company will offer the last four digits. Tap “Submit Request.” and note down your confirmation number if you have challenges with the activation.