Cox Communications is a well-known digital cable television provider in the United States, ranked as the third-largest countrywide. It offers internet, TV, phone, and home security services to over six million households and businesses in about 19 states. The company has various cable internet plans and deals for its subscribers, including senior citizens. As discussed below, it has among the best cox cable deals for seniors, which favors all senior users, from beginners to heavy internet users.

    Cox Communications provides high-speed internet services to its subscribers, which is much more reliable. Recently, there has been a rise in senior internet usage, with more senior adults aged 65 and up being involved in various online activities. Notably, internet usage is linked to decreased depression levels and online learning, boosting the senior’s cerebral activity and overall wellness. Furthermore, the internet improves their quality of life by allowing them to maintain contact with loved ones.

    For seniors looking for new internet providers, Cox internet is there for them, especially if it is available in their areas of residence. It has various fast and reliable cable internet and TV deals and packages with several options for bundling TV and phone services. Do you know that you can get a deal with a starting monthly price of $29.99 for a year and high reliable speeds? This article focuses mainly on such deals, which also help the seniors save.

    How do you get started with Cox?

    To get started with Cox services, you will create an account online from which you will buy your plans. You will use the account to monitor your services, pay invoices or even acquire technical support. You will get a Cox ID and password to safeguard your account when registering for ‘My Account.’ However, to acquire Cox services, you need to:

    i) Check if you are in the service area

    You can visit the company’s website and confirm its services’ availability in your area from the Cox availability map. You can also achieve this by entering your location’s zip code in the availability checker. However, if you reside in one of the 19 states where it is available, go to the Cox website or call customer care to see if you can obtain service at your specific address.

    ii) Determine the internet speed you require

    Examine each plan and the number of devices it supports to determine which one is best for you. Cox has among the best bundle deals for TV and phone, which you might consider in your decision.

    iii) Select a plan (if bundling)

    After deciding on which plan suits you best, you can select one. If you wish to switch to TV or phone providers, bundling your Cox internet with another service could save you money.

    iv) Plan for installation if necessary

    Cox customer support will assist you in determining if you require a professional technician’s services or if you can complete the installation yourself. If you choose the latter, your equipment will be mailed to you, or you can pick it up at a Cox retail location.

    What are the best Cox cable deals for seniors?

    cox cable deals for seniors

    Although Cox Communications does not have specific deals for seniors, the available deals favor them much. They are available to seniors, from light or new internet users to those who like streaming shows on their favorite channels. Cox cable deals are divided into internet-only and the internet and cable TV bundle deals. These plans and deals are pretty affordable, helping them save on their monthly internet bills.

    The internet-only deals that seniors may check out are:

    • Cox offers special pricing for customers who sign up for a one-year service agreement. On plans with speeds of 25 Mbps or higher, Cox will lower your monthly internet cost by $35 for a year. This offer is suitable for seniors as they will benefit from ongoing savings rather than a one-time bonus.
    • Cox’s StraightUp Internet plan may be worth considering for those seniors who aren’t interested in making a long-term commitment. They can purchase 50 Mbps internet for $50 for a month, then cancel it if they don’t need it the next month. If they need internet access again, they can pay $50 for another month’s access. It is ideal for seniors looking for flexibility in their internet services.
    • Any customer who buys a 250 Mbps plan or a higher Internet plan from Cox gets a free subscription to McAfee Internet Security. This deal is excellent for seniors looking for a simple means of keeping their online activities safe.

    The above deals are currently the best Cox Communications deals. They can also be the Cox new customer deals as they are of quality and aims to attract and maintain customers.

    How can you get the best deal with Cox cable services?

    For seniors who go shopping for cox services, the following tips will guide them in getting the best Cox cable deals for existing customers:

    • Bundle Cox cable internet for the best deal: Bundling TV, home phone, and home security service results in a single cost, and the perks exceed the disadvantages of splitting those services among multiple companies.
    • Verify your Cox internet plan’s final price: While the first contract price will be lower, read the fine print to find out your regular pricing once the promotional period is over.
    • Purchase the Cox internet speed you require: While it may be tempting to choose the fastest internet package, most people do not require that speed. To avoid overpaying, choose a delicate balance between price and speed.
    • Install the Cox internet service yourself: Cox’s $20 internet self-installation fee is a fraction of what Cox charges for professional installation, and it doesn’t vary depending on what’s installed.

    What are the available Cox internet plans for its customers?

    Cox has among the best internet plans that are pretty affordable, and seniors may opt for them. These internet plans vary in specifications; hence they suit all seniors, from the low internet users to the heavy streamers. The available ones are:

    1) Cox internet starter 25

    This one cost $29.99/month for 12 months with a one-year agreement. It is a Cox low-income internet plan and includes:

    • Up to 25Mbps download speeds
    • Up to 3 Mbps upload speeds
    • 1.25TB data

    2) StraightUp prepaid internet

    This one is a pay-as-you-go plan that seniors also can go for, which means it has no contract. It costs $50.00/month and includes Up to 25 download speeds and connections to up to 5 devices at once

    3) Cox Internet Essentials 50

    This one goes for $39.99/month for 12 months with one year contract. The plan includes:

    • Download speeds up to 50Mbps
    • Upload speeds up to 3Mbps
    • 1.25TB monthly data

    3) Cox internet preferred 250

    This one has a price of $59.99/month for 12 months and involves one year contract. It has:

    • Download speeds up to 250Mbps and uploads speeds up to 10Mbps.
    • 1.25TB monthly data

    4) Cox internet Ultimate 500

    The plan costs $79.99 per month for 12 months. It involves:

    • 500Mbps download speeds
    • 20Mbps upload speeds
    • 1.25TB monthly data

    5) Cox internet Gigablast

    It costs $99.99/month for 12 months with a one-year term agreement. The plan includes:

    • 1Gbps download speeds and 35Mbps upload speeds
    • 1.25TB monthly data

    What cable TV plans does Cox offer to its customers?

    For the residents, especially senior citizens, television is a vital source of entertainment and information. The Cox cable TV plans come with voice-controlled remote, complimentary premium channels, and DVR service, although their prices vary by location. You may opt to bundle your TV packages with the Cox communications internet plans for a convenient bill and more savings. The available cable TV plans are:

    • Contour TV starter: it costs $53/month and has 75+ channels. This plan is best for seniors looking for a low-cost solution and primarily watching the news.
    • Contour TV preferred: it costs $98/month and includes 140+ channels. The plan is ideal for seniors who are willing to pay extra for entertainment channels.
    • Contour preferred plus: the plan goes for $118/month and has over 170 channels, including premium channels.
    • Contour TV Ultimate: it costs $138/month and has 250+ channels, including premium channels and channel packs.

    Does Cox offer seniors a discount on cables?

    Cox does not have specific discounts for senior citizens on the internet and cable plans. However, the company provides other means to help them save on their monthly bills. These means include various programs offered by the company that helps low-income households access the internet. One of the programs is the Cox Affordable Connectivity Program, where every eligible household or individual will benefit.

    According to the ACP program’s conditions, the program offers qualifying households to save $30 on their monthly internet service. Customers who live in tribal lands can save up to $75 on their internet plans.

    Bottom line

    Cox communications is a popular cable internet and TV provider with coverage to about 19 states in the US. It offers internet, phone, and home security services where its high-speed internet is much more reliable. The corporation has some deals for its customers that the seniors may opt for and enjoy its services explained in this article.