Straight Talk is a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United States run by TracFone Wireless. It is a prepaid and no-contract service provider that primarily operates from Walmart stores around the United States. The telecommunications company offers various phone plans and deals, including calling, texting, and internet services to Americans. As elaborated in this article, its data plans, such as the Straight Talk unlimited data plan, are much more reliable.

    The company has the latest phones incorporated in their quality phone deals. With their no-contract plans, you are assured of unlimited talk, text, and data on the Country’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE networks. These plans also guarantee that its clients get the most out of their connections. Additionally, they make internet services more accessible to low-income families and people in the US.

    If you are looking for a network provider to help you save on your monthly data bills, then look no further. Again, if you wish to spend less when purchasing a phone, Straight Talk has various options which favor both iPhones and Android phones lovers. Straight Talk deals range from the most recent flagships to midrange and budget-friendly alternatives. Let’s know more about Straight Talk, focusing most on the data plans associated with the MVNO.

    Our Recommended 5 Best Straight Talk Unlimited Data Plan

    Straight Talk has various data plans, and you can purchase any of them either on their website or at Walmart. Those who require plenty of mobile data to check social media, stream, and upload files. etc., Straight Talk has unlimited data plans. However, only a limited number of its data plans feature a defined quantity of data that can be used as a mobile hotspot. All the plans only work when using Straight Talk compatible phones.

    The available no-contract monthly unlimited data plans include:

    i) Bronze unlimited data plan

    The plan comes with:

    • 10GB of high-speed 5G mobile data
    • 5GB mobile hotspot data slowed at 2G
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
    • Unlimited nationwide calling to Canada and Mexico

    The plan costs $34/month + $0.99 upfront

    ii) Silver unlimited data plan

    The plan has:

    • Unlimited national talk and text
    • Unlimited mobile data
    • 5GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Nationwide talk and text
    • Nationwide calling to Canada and Mexico

    This plan goes for $42.50/month + $0.99 upfront.

    iii) Gold unlimited data plan

    The plan includes:

    • Unlimited high-speed data
    • 15GB of mobile hotspot data
    • 100GB Cloud storage
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
    • Unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico

    You can get this plan for $50/month + $0.99 upfront.

    iv) Unlimited international plan

    With this plan, you will have:

    • Unlimited mobile data
    • 5GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
    • Unlimited calling to 1000+ destinations
    • Unlimited calling to Mexico, Canada, China, and India

    The plan costs $59/month + $0.99 upfront.

    v) Platinum unlimited data plan

    The plan includes:

    • Unlimited nationwide talk and text and mobile protect
    • Unlimited high-speed mobile data
    • 20GB of mobile hotspot data
    • 100GB of cloud storage
    • Unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico
    • International calling to 1000+ destinations

    You can get this plan for $60/month + $0.99 upfront. You can use this plan as Straight Talk home internet since it has more mobile hotspot data.

    Ways to Join the Straight Talk network

    Switching to the Straight talk network is relatively easy for any interested customer. Notably, the network allows users to bring their own phones, considering that most residents do not wish to abandon their phones when switching. On the other hand, you can purchase a new phone, preferably from Straight talk phone deals offered by the company. However, bring your own phone (BYOP) option helps save on costs involved when acquiring a new device.

    The guidelines that you will follow to switch to the network are:

    i) Make sure your device is compatible and unlocked

    Your device should not be tied to any specific network services provider or carrier. Again, to be compatible, the phone should be able to operate well when you use it with the network. Therefore, you can confirm if your phone is locked with your former carrier. You can use your phone’s IMEI number on the online compatibility checker available on the company’s website to confirm this. The company has the best Straight Talk phones, which are unlocked and compatible.

    ii) Buy a SIM card or access code.

    Straight Talk provides SIM cards compatible with the major network providers: T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon; hence you can buy one and insert it into your phone.

    iii) Get an Activation Kit and activate your phone.

    Once you have the Kit, you will be able to use and enjoy Straight Talk services using the SIM card or the access code you bought. To activate your device, follow the guidelines outlined on the network’s activation page on the company’s website. You can, after that, choose a plan from the website and enjoy the service.

    The Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program

    You might be asking yourself, does Straight Talk offer an Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? The ACP is an initiative funded by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). As of 31st December 2021, this program replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB), which was active before then. It aims at assisting low-income families or individuals in having access to internet services. The initiative helps all qualified households to obtain low-cost internet access for employment, school, and healthcare purposes.

    The Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity program works with service providers to help all eligible customers. Straight Talk is one of the most reliable providers partnering with the ACP to deliver different benefits to these clients. It offers plans with unlimited speak, text, and data at no extra charge. Depending on your state of residence, some qualifying customers may be eligible for additional benefits under the ACP.

    Does Straight Talk offer free phones to its customers

    There are several ways that, as a Straight talk customer, you can use to acquire free phones. You can use programs like the phone trade-in program, where you exchange your old phone and get some cash to acquire a new one. You can also use the Straight Talk phone payment plan option. After you meet the requirements, you will choose suitable financing programs. The other way is through rewards and referrals, where you earn points after successful referrals. 

    Does Straight Talk offer extended data plans

    Straight Talk has extended plans that may be acquired for three, six, or a year. However, regardless of the number of service days, these plans only include 25GB of high-speed internet and unlimited nationwide calls and text. These plans might be perfect for you if you don’t use a lot of data or if your phone is always connected to Wi-Fi. It also removes the bother of purchasing a data plan every month.

    These plans are:

    • $130 plan for three months of service.
    • $255 plan for six months of service.
    • $495 plan for one year of service.

    Does Straight Talk offer add-ons

    Data add-ons are the plans you utilize or recharge if your existing internet data or talk time is depleted before the validity. With straight Talk, you can always purchase an add-on plan for as little as $5 when your data finishes before your monthly plan expires, for instance, if you were on any of the Straight Talk hotspot plans. The data add-on usage begins after using your active service plan’s data budget. 

    You can purchase several add-ons as you desire, and whatever data you don’t use in one month will be moved to the next one. The available add-on prices are:

    • $5, which includes 1GB of extra mobile data.
    • $10, which includes 2GB of extra mobile data.

    Bottom line

    Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless located in the US and operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. By using the network towers of the four major network providers in the Country, Straight Talk customers are assured of excellent, dependable coverage and services. The company has quite affordable data deals with the unlimited data plans its users enjoy as they are much more reliable.