Straight Talk is an American telecommunication company that provides calling, texting, and internet access services. It is a mobile virtual network operator because it doesn’t have its communication masts.

    Therefore, it partners with other networks to provide coverage. The company works with all the Big 4 networks, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. To use the Straight Talk services, you must have a compatible device. You can get one from the company and use the Straight Talk phone payment plan to pay for the phone.

    Being an MVNO, Sprint services cost less compared to companies with infrastructure. That is because it does not rent offices, nor does it incur costs to build towers. Therefore, it shares profits with its customers.

    The only problem is that MVNOs are subjects of their network providers. If they encounter issues, the company itself must encounter the same issues. These include slow networks, call droppings, and delayed message deliveries.

    With Straight Talk, you can be sure of the best services since the company’s partner networks are robust. They have moved to the 5G network, which is excellent. 5G network is 20 times stronger than the 4G network, allowing you to access internet services with lightning speeds. Downloading large files such as movies has improved a lot with the new communication technology, which has changed the internet to a great extent.

    Straight Talk Phone Payment Plan Working Process

    If you plan to join the service and take a phone to repay slowly by slowly, you must be willing to know how the service provider phone repayment works. We have various Straight Talk phone payment plan available whereby you can opt for when you want to buy a new phone. They include the following. Have a look.

    i) Monthly installments

    The monthly installments allow you to pay for your device every month until a specific time when you finish the repayment. Usually, you deposit some money in your account, then pay the rest for around 24 months. That way, you can get a phone even if you do not have enough money to pay in full. However, paying in installments typically means paying higher than buying once you finish. Straight Talk monthly installments cost around $20 and $30, depending on the device’s price.

    However, you have to pass the credit check to get an installment phone. That means the company has to contact a hard inquiry to know your creditworthiness. For your understanding, creditworthiness refers to an individual’s ability to pay a loan. Despite that, the monthly installment remains among the best Straight Talk phone deals you can depend on.

    ii) Finance

    Another payment plan at the company is Finance. It is a monthly installment plan also known as the equipment installment plan (EIP), whereby you own the device after paying the device’s total price. Therefore, Straight Talk remains with the phone until you pay the last coin, then get the device for use.

    Therefore, the only difference between Finance and Monthly Installment plans is that you have to finish the payment then get the phone.  For the Monthly Installment One, you need to pay a particular deposit, then get the phone and pay the rest as in installments.

    iii) Lease

    Lease refers to renting a phone and paying monthly fees until the lease period is over. You then return the phone to lease a new one, or pay the remaining amount and own the phone completely. That makes the lease option cheaper than Finance and monthly installment options. Again with the lease option, you can always get the newest phones in the market. You also get the opportunity to test the best phone that meets your demand before buying it.

    iv) Early Upgrade

    Here, the company allows you to upgrade to a new phone as you continue with your monthly payments. There is no extra charge for the option, and you get a new device before the payment term of the current phone is over. However, if you upgrade early, you will extend your agreement, and the monthly expense will rise compared to that of a lease or finance.

    The importance of the payment plans

    There are numerous advantages associated with the company’s payment plans to its clients. First of all, you can get a phone to use for your communication needs even if you do not have the total amount at hand. That is when you use the lease or monthly installment plan.

    Secondly, you have the chance to test the best phone before buying if you opt for the leasing plan. The Finance plan allows you to save for your phone, which increases the chances of getting the phone other than diverting the funds for other activities.

    The only disadvantage with some of the plans is that you may end up paying more money than you can use when you buy in cash.

    Straight Talk Plans For Their Subscribers

    Once you register with the service, you need to choose a plan that suits your needs. You can choose a comprehensive plan that covers voice calls, data, and messages or get any of the Straight Talk hotspot plans if your aim for joining the cellular network is for internet connection. Some of the plans you can get at the company include the following.

    1) Straight Talk Ultimate Unlimited Data Plan

    You have to part with $50 a month and get $0.99 upfront for three months when you use Auto-Pay. The plan comprises unlimited talk, messaging, and 4G data. You pay $10 and get the international calling pack to include international calls.

    There is no contract accompanying the plan, and thus you can opt-out anytime. With this plan, other services you can enjoy are Voice Mail, Call Waiting, streaming in 480p, Caller ID, and 411 calls for no additional charge.

    2) Straight Talk Unlimited Plan with 5 GB

    Another plan that you can opt for is the Straight Talk Unlimited Plan with 5 GB. It costs $34 per month and $0.99 upfront. The plan comes with unlimited talk, messaging, unlimited 2G data, and 5 GB of 4G LTE data.

    You can pay $10 more to include international calls in your plan. There is no contract, and thus you can opt-out anytime. Other services which come with this plan are Voice Mail, Call Waiting, streaming in 480p, Caller ID, and 411 calls for no additional charge.

    Apart from the above main plans, you can also opt for other services such as buying data packages for your Straight Talk home internet. If you work at home, such a fast internet connection can be of great help.

    Bottom line

    Straight Talk is among the telecommunication companies of the US that offer virtual network services. It does not have its cellular towers but depends on the networks of four major companies, which include Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint. Before using the services, you can join online whereby you bring your phone and migrate with your phone number from the previous service provider.