What Phones Are Compatible with Straight Talk in 2022

Straight Talk is a Tracfone brand that operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in the United States. This Company offers prepaid, no-contract service through Walmart locations. It features the best cell phones and plans on America’s largest and most dependable networks. Additionally, this carrier sells phones you can buy in full or lease through a payment plan. Straight Talk compatible phones support CDMA and GSM devices and use the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks.

Straight Talk Wireless is one of the top low-budget carriers in the US, with more than 25 million subscribers. Moreover, you can opt to purchase a mobile device direct from Straight Talk or bring your own device, provided it’s compatible with the carrier’s network bands. With Straight Talk’s Keep Your Own Phone program (KYOP), you can receive Straight Talk service through your current phone, as long as it is compatible with the Company’s KYOP program.

However, the compatible phones with Straight Talk include AT&T Compatible phones, T-Mobile Compatible phones, and most GSM and CDMA unlocked cell phones. If you have a 5G-compatible cell phone, your Straight Talk plan enables you to connect to AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s, and Verizon’s 5G networks. Notably, T-Mobile currently leads on 5G coverage. But other carriers are also upscaling on the 5G network infrastructure development.

How To Check Phone Compatibility with Straight Talk

straight talk compatible phones

Some mobile phones, specifically the international / imported phones, will also not function on Straight Talk, even if they are unlocked. The incompatibility comes in as they do not support the right frequency bands. However, you need to check on frequency band compatibility if you have these phones to see if they will work on the Straight Talk network.

To check if your current mobile phone is compatible with the Straight Talk network, you can use one of the following methods:

How To Switch to Straight Talk

Straight Talk is available through Walmart, but you can buy equipment and customize your plan through the Straight Talk website. Besides, you can buy a phone through Straight Talk or switch your Straight Talk cellphone service to your existing phone.

The Company provides a wide variety of phones, such as budget phones that include free phones with a phone plan. If you have a device you love from your current carrier, you can decide to bring it over to Straight Talk and enjoy affordable services without getting into lengthy contracts. However, it’s super easy to bring your own device to a low-cost carrier:

  • 1st Step – Order your Straight Talk SIM card kit online.
  • 2nd Step – When you receive it, pop in the new SIM and follow the activation process.
  • 3rd Step -If you want to transfer your current phone number, the process may take up to 24 hours.
  • 4th Step – Enjoy your plan

What Network Does Straight Talk Compatible Phones Use

Straight Talk operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), meaning it doesn’t have its network towers but depends on other carriers’ network infrastructures. This Company uses Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile towers to offer its customers cellular service. First, you need to examine each significant network’s 4G LTE coverage maps to identify the best Straight Talk coverage.

Generally, the three major 4G LTE networks that Straight Talk use are rated as follows:

  • Verizon-70% coverage
  • AT&T-68% coverage
  • T-Mobile-62% coverage

Most importantly, the Straight Talk customers subscribed to Verizon’s 4G LTE network enjoy the best LTE coverage in the country. Verizon covers 70% of the US, and its LTE network is robust in metropolitan areas. On the other hand, T-Mobile tops the list of the carriers with extensive coverage of 5G networks.

Does Straight Talk Offer Trade-In Program

At Straight Talk, you can trade-in your old device in perfect working condition and receive up to $300 with the Trade-In Program. You can proceed to the Straight Talk trade-in site and get value for your device. You receive the trade-in credit in exchange for your old device, and you can use it toward purchasing a new Straight Talk compatible phone.

Interestingly, you can open the Trade-In-Program Website to trade in your device in the comfort of your home. In about 7 days, you will get a box with shipping instructions and a prepaid return label you can utilize to ship the trade-in device back to receive value. Notably, you need to erase any personal information and PIN locks from your mobile device and package it following the shipping instructions provided in your order confirmation.

What Are the Plans You Can Use with A Compatible Straight Talk Phone

Straight Talk provides affordable unlimited plans and enables you to select your preferred coverage network among the T-Mobile’s, AT&T’s, or Verizon networks. However, your data plan will remain the same price regardless of the carrier you choose. Straight Talk is a cellphone service provider that provides fixed and unlimited monthly plans. You can choose a month-to-month option or obtain savings by opting for a 3, 6, or 12-month data plan.

Besides, Straight Talk offers cheaper cell phone plans than any primary wireless carrier. You can get premium features such as cloud storage, mobile hotspot data, and HD-quality streaming at an affordable rate. On the downside, any Straight Talk unlimited plan data speeds can throttle after consuming 60GB in a service period.

The Best Cell Phone Plans from Straight Talk Include

1) Straight Talk Platinum Unlimited

This plan is the best overall unlimited package, costing $60 per month with an auto-refill. Under normal circumstances, the price is $65 /month. Although this plan is the most expensive, it’s still a solid deal compared to a significant carrier’s plan like Verizon’s basic unlimited plan.

The Platinum plan and the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Straight Talk unlimited plans are similar except for these three features that include 100GB of cloud storage, 20GB of mobile hotspot data, and HD video streaming.

2) Straight Talk Silver Unlimited

 Silver Unlimited is the best value plan that costs $42.50/month for 3 months with Auto-Refill. The standard price is usually $45 without auto-refill. The significant differences between the Gold and Silver Unlimited plans are the mobile hotspot data allotment and cloud storage. However, if you know, you’ll maximumly use hotspot data and cloud storage but don’t want to pay the total price for the Platinum Unlimited plan. The Gold Unlimited is the best alternative.

Notably, the Silver Unlimited plan may not offer you any cloud storage, but it does offer you 5GB of mobile hotspot data if you ever need a bit of it. Interestingly, you will get the full 60GB of high-speed data for a much more affordable price than the Gold or Platinum Unlimited Straight Talk data packages.

4) Straight Talk Bronze Unlimited

 Straight Talk Bronze Unlimited plan is the best budget package option for $34/month and $35 without autofill. The plan is ideal for users who don’t need bells and whistles in a plan. However, you don’t have cloud storage or a high data cap, but you still enjoy unlimited talk, text, and (technically) data.

The most helpful thing to note with the Bronze Unlimited plan is that your data speeds can get throttled after 10GB of usage. Thus, if you’re the type of user who occasionally utilizes wireless data to browse social media or navigate your GPS app, then you can probably be good with only 10GB of high-speed data.

On the other hand, if you’re constantly streaming music on Spotify and frequent YouTube videos, you might exhaust all your data within the first week or two of the months. Therefore, ensure you pick your plan well not to suffer through 2G data speeds before your month ends.

5) Straight Talk 2-line Unlimited Plan

Straight Talk does not feature a specific family plan, but it is easy to add lines to your existing service. If you want to share on a Straight Talk unlimited plan with your family, you can receive your monthly reduced to $45/month per line instead of $50/month. However, you can get two Gold Unlimited data plans for a $5/month discount for each line.

The 2 lines unlimited plan costing $90/month is the best-customized family plan on Straight Talk though there are no extra perks beyond the $5 per month discount with the family plan.

Bottom Line

Straight Talk is a prepaid carrier that operates through the major US networks. Besides, this carrier is ideal for cellphone users who do not want to commit to lengthy contracts. This Company provides a wide variety of smartphones and allows new customers to activate service using their current Straight Talk compatible phones. Interestingly, the carrier packs more data plans, including unlimited, flexible payment options and auto-refill discounts.