Straight Talk operates as a mobile virtual network operator on all of the major networks in the United States. However, Straight Talk is a brand of TracFone Wireless, and it’s a no-contract phone plan service that provides low-cost plans with unlimited text, Talk, and data and a diverse selection of high-quality mobile devices. In this guideline, you will learn about the Straight Talk affordable connectivity program for the eligible household who previously participated in the EBB program.

    Moreover, Straight Talk is among the leading wireless service providers in the US and offers Straight Talk home internet. Besides, it participated in the EBB program, also known as the emergency broadband benefit program. This program led by the federal government helped low-income households, the jobless, and anyone adversely affected by coronavirus afford internet access. Additionally, all qualified EBB households had an opportunity to receive free wireless services under straight Talk.

    Notably, as of 31st of December 2021, the EBB program was replaced by the new, permanent ACP program. This new government assistance project seeks to connect qualified households to healthcare, virtual schooling, and work opportunities. Suppose Straight Talk participates in the ACP; you can qualify if you are a lifeline member participating in programs like Medicaid or have an income equal to or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.

    About Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program

    ACP is a successor of the Emergency Broadband Benefit program funded by FCC funds. However, this program helps low-income households or individuals access broadband services. In detail, the program assists all eligible households to get affordable internet access for work, school, and seek health care.

    If you qualify for the Affordable connectivity Straight Talk program, you will benefit from internet service for a discount of $30 per month for non-tribal lands. On the other hand,  you will get up to $75 for tribal lands qualifying households. Apart from these cell plans discounts, you can also get Straight Talk hotspot plans if you have increased data needs. Moreover, you can get a maximum discount of $100 to purchase a tablet, desktop, computer, or laptop from a qualifying service provider.

    Most importantly, you should give at least $10 to $50 upfront during the purchase. Also, you should be a low-income household or a beneficiary of any government assistance program. Notably, the monthly service discount applies once a month, and the connectivity device discount is a one-time discount and applies to one device per household.

    Reason To Choose Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program

    Among the many qualifying and participating ACP service providers, Straight Talk services stand out in many ways. On this page, FCC ACP, you can get information about the ACP qualifying wireless providers.

    Below are the reasons behind consumers opting for Straight Talk ACP.

    • You receive free wireless services. You can benefit from free monthly texts, calls, and data through straight talk ACP. These wireless services are not only free but also unlimited. In other words, you are free to text loved ones, make calls, and browse for free without limits.
    • Quality services. When you subscribe to Straight Talk, you get free wireless services and the best Straight Talk phones services. As a Straight Talk ACP consumer, you get entitled to enjoy streaming quality, high data speed, and reliable call services anytime.
    • Straight Talk ACP services are contract-free, and you are not restricted to its services through long-term contracts. Therefore, you are free to terminate service anytime and enroll in another service without an early termination fee.

    Qualifications For Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program

    You qualify for Straight Talk ACP benefits if you have met the following rules:

    1. You qualify if you possess a gross total household income of 200% of the federal poverty level.
    2. Suppose you receive assistance from any government-supported programs. These programs include SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, SSI, and federal public housing assistance.
    3. Suppose you participate or get assistance from any tribal land-specific programs. Some of these programs are tribal TANF, food distribution program on the Indian reservation, and bureau of Indian Affairs general assistance.
    4. If you got an award on a federal Pell grant in a current academic year.
    5. You have the approval to receive free or reduced-price school lunch or school breakfast program through the USDA community eligibility provision in the last three school years.
    6. If you are a lifeline program member.
    7. If you attain the required eligibility criteria for participating in any other provider’s low-income program.

    Documentations For Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program Application

    Straight Talk ACP benefits will be limited to low-income households with any Straight Talk compatible phones. However, you must confirm eligibility when applying. You need to attach documents that prove that you qualify for the program. Some of these documents include:

    1. Job termination letter if you qualified for the program due to job loss. These documents include a dissolution notice or termination letter.
    2. If you qualified through participating in the assistance program, you should attach approval documents to the program. The documents include a benefit award or verification letter, including SNAP benefits verification letter, Medicaid approval letter, or Federal public housing benefit award letter.
    3. If you qualified through your total household income meeting the federal poverty limits, you should submit documents to prove your financial status. Some of these documents include Annual state, social security statement of benefits, federal or tribal tax return copy, Veteran administration documents, or Child support awards.
    4. Additionally, you are supposed to attach copies of documents to prove your identity. Such documents include a Passport, Certificate of US naturalization, birth certificate, US driver’s license, or Individual taxpayer identification number document.

    Application for Straight Talk Affordable Connectivity Program

    When enrolling in the Straight Talk affordable connectivity program, various options are to consider.

    They include:

    Applying through the FCC page. You can go to and fill out an application form. Then, use the locator tool to check a provider near you, and Straight Talk as your preferred provider.

    Alternatively, you can apply using mail. In this case, you need to print an application, fill out the application manually and household worksheet, attach your eligibility proof copies and forward them to “ACP support center, PO Box 7081, London, KY 40742 “.

    Finally, you can apply directly through your preferred service provider. You need to contact Straight Talk at 1-833-343-8322 for application guidance or open their website and apply.

    Wrap Up

    Straight Talk ACP is a newly initiated program that assists low-income families, or individuals access free or subsidized broadband services. The US government runs this program and helps eligible consumers through a participating service provider like Straight Talk.

    However, since Straight Talk participated in the EBB program that gave birth to the Affordable Connectivity Program, it’s assumed that this provider will work with ACP to relay monthly discounts to its consumers.