A tablet is an electronic device larger than a smartphone that allows you to access various communication tools such as internet connection, calling, and texting. The device usually comes with cameras to take pictures, record videos, watch movies, play games, etc. Some tablets even come with windows operating systems to access office tools for your work. You will discover more about the unlimited data plans for tablets shortly.  

    Since tablets usually connect to the internet, having suitable data plans for your online activities can be encouraging. You need an internet connection to access various online sites such as your social media accounts, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Since there are various service providers for internet plans, you have to choose the right service provider to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary costs. 

    The good thing about tablets is that most of them have features that you can find in smartphones. As I have mentioned above, you can call, text, and surf the internet with your tablet. That means you may not need a smartphone if you own a tablet. Again, the device is portable, meaning that you can move with it from one place to the other just as you can do with a smartphone. The 7” tablet is almost the same as a smartphone. 

    Factors to check when choosing a data plan for your tablet

    When buying a data plan to use with your tablet, you should consider various factors. They include the following.

    i) Cost

    Various companies have various data plans with varying costs. It is essential to check the data costs to ensure that you get the most affordable plan for your activities. Some plans are expensive, while others are pocket friendly. If two data companies offer the same amount of data for different costs, it makes sense to go for the cheaper one.

    ii) Connectivity speeds

    Various data companies have various connectivity speeds. The higher the internet speed, the better your connections. When checking on costs, also consider speeds and consistency. You may get a cheap internet connection only to receive poor performance. They usually say cheap is expensive. 

    iii) Coverage

    When subscribing to an internet service provider, you should check their coverage areas; service providers cover most parts of the country while others cover specific places. It is nice to choose the provider with countrywide coverage for flexibility. Sometimes you may need to travel somewhere and still need internet services. 

    iv) Security

    You do not want to choose a service provider whose internet connections are insecure. When online, there are lots of risks associated with insecure internet connections. Hackers may gain access to your internet and steal essential details leading to loss of money, especially if you do online banking.  

    Our Recommended most reliable unlimited data plans for tablets

    If you seek the cheapest data plan for tablet, you have come to the right place. The following are the various plans that you can get from various companies.

    i) US Mobile 2GB data-only plan for $10/mo

    The plan only gives you data bundles for your online connectivity purposes. If you receive a  free tablet with EBT from an NGO or a friend, the plan can be effective, especially if you have low data consumption. The plan gives you 2 GB of data with 4G/5G speeds. You can also add extra data at $5.00 per GB

    ii) Mint Mobile 4GB data only plan at $15/mo

    Mint Mobile brings you another beautiful plan whereby, when if you buy a data plan for three months, you can get 1 free. The plan is specifically for data since it does not give you texts and minutes. The 4 GB can take you far, especially if you have low data consumption. You can benefit from 4G/5G data. You can add more data and pay $3.75 per GB. 

    iii) Ultra Mobile 6GB data only plan at $29/mo

    Ultra Mobile has a data-only plan that can help when you want to connect to internet services for your social media management. There are no minutes or texts in this plan whatsoever. The 6 GB can take you a long if you manage them properly. If you find that the data offered is insufficient, you can add more data at $4.83 per GB and enjoy 4G/5G data.

    iv) Mint Mobile 15GB data only plan at $25/mo

    The plan usually gives you 15 GB per month. If you buy data for three months, you get one free. The plan is specifically for data as you do not get minutes and texts. You are able to enjoy 4G/5G data connection speeds, whereby you can add $1.67 per GB to continue enjoying connectivities.

    v) Red Pocket 1GB data only plan at $10/mo

    Upon subscribing to the plan, you get 1GB for your internet connections. The plan has 0 mins and 0 texts. You also get 4G/5G data and can add $10.00 per GB if you find that the given data plan is insufficient. The plan has nationwide coverage and has no contracts whatsoever. 

    vi) Ultra Mobile 3GB data only plan at $24/mo

    Our sixth choice for the best data plans for tablets is the Ultra Mobile 3GB data plan. It gives you 3 GB but no texts or mins. The connections are faster under 4G/5G speeds. You can add more data by purchasing them at $8.00 per GB. You will get a simple account dashboard, unlimited international talk and text, and nationwide coverage. 

    vii) Mint Mobile 10GB data only plan at $20/month

    When you buy three months of data, you get 1 free month from Mint Mobile. The plan gives you 10 GB for one month, of which you will be able to connect using 4G/5G speeds. You can buy additional data at $2.00 per GB and stay connected.

    The Best Ways To Get free tablet 2022

    You may require a tablet but do not have enough money to purchase one. If you come from a poor household, you may find it very difficult to buy a tablet for your various activities. Some people in society who need help to purchase laptops include students, the elderly, and the unemployed. 

    There are various ways you can get a free tablet for your use. They include the following. 

    i) Affordable Connectivity program (ACP)

    You can receive a free tablet from the government through the Affordable Connectivity Program. The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC aid program that ensures that low-income households can afford the internet connection for work, school, healthcare, and more. Eligible households get a discount of up to $30 every month toward internet service and at most $75 per month for households on eligible Tribal lands.

     Again, qualifying households can also get a one-time discount of up to $100 to buy a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from their service providers if they contribute at least $10 and less than $50 to cater to the buying price.

    You can see that you only need to contribute very little money towards the purchase price. Therefore, people from humble backgrounds can easily acquire them. Various aid programs can make you qualify for ACP if you are a member. You can quickly get a free tablet with Food Stamps or any other aid program from the government. The following are ways you can qualify for the ACP program.

    • If your total household income is at/below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
    • If a member of the household benefits from at least one of the following;
    1. Received a Federal Pell Grant within the current award year;
    2. SNAP 
    3. Federal Public Housing Assistance 
    4. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    5. WIC
    6. Lifeline
    7. Medicaid
    8. Veterans Pension or Survivor Benefits
    9. Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance 
    10. Tribal TANF
    11. Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations
    12. Tribal Head Start 

    Apart from the ACP program, we also have another aid program from the government called Lifeline. However, Lifeline usually gives free cell phones to seniors who qualify for the program. The service also offers its services to other needy citizens too as long as they show eligibility proof. 

    ii) Non-Governmental organizations

    We have numerous Non-governmental organizations that allow you to get a free tablet if you qualify. You should show proof of either low income or any other applicable document to get a free device. The following are some NGOs that can offer you a free tablet. 

    1. World Computer Exchange
    2. Smart Riverside
    3. The Salvation Army
    4. Everyoneon.org
    5. Freecycle
    6. Local churches
    7. Computers 4 kids

    iii) Get help from your friends and relatives

    The trick also works since there are people out there who are generous enough to give you a free tablet. When in need, you should never shy away from it, as your endowed friends and relatives can help you get the device you have been longing for. 

    Bottom line

    Tablets are essential devices in the modern-day world. You can use them for calling, texting, and surfing the net. You can use your tablet to work online from home or the office. If you cannot afford a tablet, you can get one free from the government via ACP, non-governmental organizations, or friends and relatives.