The US Federal Communications Commission provides tablets and other connected devices for nearly free for low-income families. The government and other organizations offer people free tablets through various assistance programs. One of such programs is SNAP, which helps low-income people to obtain a free tablet with ebt. Many organizations like the local state agencies and nutritionists offer SNAP benefits to qualified households.

    On the other hand, EBT is an abbreviation for Electronic Benefits Transfer. It refers to an electronic system that enables state welfare departments to give benefits through a magnetically encoded payment card. Additionally, all SNAP, formerly Food Stamps participants, can pay for their groceries using their SNAP benefits. Therefore, SNAP participants receiving free tablets with food stamps are the only members that qualify for the EBT.

    Moreover, Food Stamp is a popular government program funded by the Federal Government that helps many low-income families in many States. As a result, you can get a free tablet through EBT through the qualification criteria by the Federal government. Usually, the amount of the benefit depends on the income and expenses. And low-income households and families who attain the eligibility requirements can get the free laptop program through EBT. 

    Application Process For EBT Program

    Various ways exist for EBT free tablet applications. However, the simplest method is to apply to the SNAP/EBT program online.

    • 1st Step: Proceed to
    • 2nd Step: Tap ‘Apply SNAP’ and then ‘Get Started.’
    • 3rd Step: You will get taken to the online application form. Complete it by availing the necessary information and documentation that confirms your eligibility.
    • 4th Step: Send the application and wait for several days to see if you qualify.

    Alternatively, you can also forward your EBT application through mail or fax. Just download the SNAP benefits application form in your language at

    However, seniors of age 60 or more can download the SNAP application for seniors. You can make an application for the SNAP/EBT program through a phone call. Contact (877) 382-2363 and hold 7 to apply for SNAP.

    Documentation For A Free Tablet EBT Participations

    To prove your eligibility for participation, you must submit these documents. Since your eligibility depends on the Food Stamps program, then you can attach one of the related documents such as:

    • A  benefits verification letter, an approval letter, or a benefit award certificate.
    • Social security number/Driver’s license/passport/ID/Taxpayer Identification Number (Individual) bearing your name and date of birth.
    • Documentation indicating your income statuses such as the prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return, current income statement, and unemployment statements. 

    Additionally, the documents to submit depend on your eligibility status and the free government tablet wireless providers’ requirements. Besides, the documents can vary depending on your state; hence you must know the exact requirements of the documentation. 

    Documents That Needed For The EBT Program Application

    To complete the SNAP/EBT application process, you need to avail of some documents that show and prove the information regarding you and your household. However, you can submit the below-supporting documents together with your application.

    • An official document with identity and SSN (Social Security Number).
    • Submit an official document about your residency, including a rent receipt, lease,  deed, utility bill, or mortgage statement.
    • An official document showing your earnings and number of hours worked, like pay stubs or a letter from the employer with gross income and number of hours worked.
    • An official document showing other income if you get pension, workers’ compensation,  child support, Veterans’ benefits,  alimony, etc. The acceptable documents feature a check or record of payment, benefit or award letter.
    • Submit an official document with your noncitizen status, like an Employment Authorization Card, Permanent Resident Card, or another document with your current or pending immigration status.

    Moreover, to become qualified for more SNAP/EBT benefits, you can also add some optional SNAP documents, like:

    • Housing Costs: For instance, mortgage statement, rent receipt, lease, home insurance bill, or any document indicating how much you require to pay.
    • Utility Costs: For instance, a bill for gas, phone, electricity, heat, lease, etc.
    • Dependent care costs feature child or adult daycare costs.
    • Medical Costs: For instance, medical bills are not handled by insurance, disability bills, payments for homemakers, transportation costs, etc.
    • Child support payments.

    Best Providers That Offer Free Tablets With EBT

    Q Link, Wireless is a Lifeline and ACP provider that gives a free monthly cell phone service plan that features unlimited talk, text, and data on one of America’s largest networks. QLink’s affordable connectivity program(ACP) also offers eligible customers a free tablet with EBT or SNAP.

    However, the tablet model depends on the availability and location and availability. ACP participants must cost-share a one-time $10.01 payment to receive the device. However, to participate in Q Link Wireless ACP, you must qualify ACP and apply at

    ii) StandUp Wireless

    StandUp is a current ACP provider that provides discounts on connected devices. The company offers a discount on the connected device, and customers may receive a free tablet by contributing more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchasing price.

    Additionally, StandUp ACP provides free cellular service with unlimited text, talk, 10 GB of high-speed data, and unlimited low-speed data. Eligible customers will enjoy these benefits using their phones or tablets. To participate in the StandUp ACP, you must qualify for ACP and apply at

    Additional Benefits For EBT Free Tablets

    Most importantly, participating in the SNAP program and using the EBT system provides numerous perks and benefits. First, it enables you to get free food and settle for your groceries using your SNAP benefits.

    Second, you can enroll in the Lifeline or ACP program and thus enjoy:

    • Free monthly texts
    • Free monthly data
    • A free smartphone
    • Free cell phone service
    • Free monthly voice minutes
    • A discount on monthly internet services
    • A discount on a connected device ( laptop, tablet, or desktop computer)

    The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a new federal assistance program that offers a monthly discount on internet service. Some Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) providers offer a one-time discount on an affordable connectivity program tablet. You can get up to $100 on connected devices such as laptops, tablets, and desktops if you qualify. In this case, you need to contribute more than $10 and less than $50 on the purchase price.

    On the other hand, to participate in the ACP, you must either have a low-income household status or participate in other government aid programs, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which uses the EBT system.

    Method To Get A Free Tablet With Food Stamps

    If your benefit from Food Stamps, you can receive a free tablet through EBT. Many government programs enable people to receive a free government phone and tablet through SNAP to connect to the virtual world. Apart from the government offer, you can also receive a free tablet from several nonprofit organizations or NGOs.

    Documents To Submit for Free Tablet With Food Stamps

    Generally, you must avail some Food Stamps documentation proof while applying for the EBT-free tablet.

    First of all, you must confirm your identity by presenting these documents.

    • Eligibility proof document 
    • Income proof or salary slip
    • Income proof/student information 
    • Residence proof 
    • A photo ID proof 
    • Contact details 

    Final Thought

    Additionally, various Lifeline providers available in all US states provide different Lifeline benefits with monthly services alongside the free devices. The offers include free text messages, minutes, and a certain amount of free monthly data.

    Apart from free tablets with EBT, some Lifeline providers provide free or discounted laptops, smartphones, or tablets. The discount helps qualified customers connect for online learning, virtual jobs, online classes, and training. Notably, only one discount applies per household, and it’s non-transferable.