The 5 Best Free Cell Phone For Seniors And Disabled

Let’s get this discussion story started with the free cell phone for seniors and disabled. Our senior is our study of living in this world. Senior people also come from a different generation and gives our new generation to control it as the senior did. We know most of the senior don’t know much better about the new generation technology, but don’t think that they are not smart like us.

We always need to keep in mind that we will be a senior once and our everything is will be old. However, today we will discuss some good quality free cell phone for seniors and disabled. Our discussion will be about free cell phone for seniors and the disabled. Let’s talk about some company who also provide a free cell phone for seniors and disabled.

free cell phone for seniors and disabled

Best 5 Free Cell Phone For Seniors And Disabled

1. GreatCall Lively Flip

GreatCall Lively Flip

This is one of the best cell phone for the senior. This phone has many comfortable proficiency for senior and disabled. When we start to know about this cell phone then some part come first as well, the display is like simple menu and big bright display with the large text this is very easy for using.

Next come to the black light keypad of this phone and its with urgent response button. And the battery life is awesome compatible for every senior user. When we talk about the additional part of this phone then we know that this phone not supported internet service no email access and without any micro SD card.

Those part didn’t allowed because this method is not very importance for senior and disabled people. Further if you want any additional service then it’s will be charged for the extra amount. This was some information about the jitterbug flip phone which information is compatible for use senior and disabled.

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2. Motorola Moto G6 Play

Motorola Moto G6 Play

This Motorola Moto G6 is very new smartphone which can use every type of people. This is one of the best free cell phone for senior disabled. There is no doubt about getting it free. This phone have many smart convenient method as well, 3GB ram, 4000mAh battery power, and 13 MEGA pixel camera supported on this.

All of those thing we look before buy any cell phone. The good thing is that this smartphone has good proficiency on those part. This phone also supported GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EVDO, LTE network and it is very high quality network we know that. However this is one more great free phone for senior and disabled.

3. Nokia 3.1 Android One

Nokia 3.1

Nokia brand is very rare brand we know that. This one more high quality creation of Nokia for senior and disabled. This smartphone also supported many feature as well, 32GB internal storage, 13 MEGA picture camera, 3GB RAM, 2990 mAh battery and the maximum network power LTE.

Those are the special specification of this phone which is we need to sure at first, Senior and disabled can use touch screen mobile very easily. This phone will be one more great privileges for senior and disabled.

4. Nokia 3310


This cell phone is mostly for the senior disabled. every design and function of this phone created for the easy mood which is very comfortable for senior and disabled.

If you see this phone then its will remind you about the old day’s. Nokia 3310 have button system for using. Every senior will like it without asking any question.

5. Apple iPhone 7

apple iphone 7

Apple iPhone also listed in the free cell phone of senior. When we heard about the name of apple we don’t need to know much about it. Apple iPhone roviding by the free phone method. This phone also senior and junior can use it without asking any question.

Apple tech is the world best technology everybody know that. However, this Apple iPhone 7 also listed themselves on the top 5 free cell phone for seniors and disabled.


Guys we see many comfortable cell phone for the senior and disabled, there are many more cell phone provide by lifeline company. Lifeline company provide free cell phone with their specific terms and condition we should know that. Those are the some others aspect of buy cell phone from the lifeline program. That was all about the top 5 free cell phone for senior and disabled.  

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