The US Federal Government has launched an initiative to connect all Americans with a free tablet with food stamps even during this pandemic period. The Food Stamp Program, currently known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is a federal assistance program that provides food-purchasing aid for low-income people. However, Individuals and households receiving SNAP benefits get the financial help each month directly into the household’s EBT card account.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs now allow employees to work from home. Therefore, if you possess a tablet or computer and internet access, you can work such jobs remotely. Every person who meets the Food Stamp or SNAP program eligibility criteria qualifies for the free food stamp phones program and can enroll. Notably, some programs got removed from the eligibility criteria, such as the National School Lunch Program and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

    Moreover, there are several programs for low-income households related to food stamps. Many families who meet the low-income eligibility also qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This governmental program offers eligible households a discount on broadband service and connected devices like laptops, tablets, or desktop computers. To obtain a free tablet with food stamps, you need to confirm the eligibility criteria within your state and ensure you have the relevant documentation.

    Documentation Needed for Food Stamps Application

    When applying for the Food Stamps benefit, you must gather and submit certain documents that prove your eligibility and other relevant information. The essential required documents include:

    1. Identification. Submit a valid ID, passport, military ID, driver’s license, school ID, birth certificate, etc.
    2. Proof of citizenship. Provide your birth certificate copy, green card, employment authorization card, citizenship/naturalization documents, US passport, etc.
    3. Proof of residence. Submit a current lease or a rent receipt, a voter registration card, a letter from your landlord indicating your address, mortgage records, etc.
    4. Earned and unearned income. Submit a paycheck stub, tax return records, child support award letters, a letter or formal statement from your employer verifying your income, bank statements, benefits award letters from your state or the Social Security Administration, etc.
    5. Medical expenses, including copies of medical, dental, or mental health care bills and statements
    6. Household expenses include mortgage statements, property tax records, copies of basic utility bills, rental receipts, proof of homeowner’s insurance, etc.
    7. Proof of disabilities includes medical records, a letter from your physician, or diagnosis documentation.
    8. Proof of school attendance, for instance, school schedule, course registration confirmation, etc.

    However, if you qualify based on the income eligibility criteria, then the following are the documents you must submit to get a free tablet with food stamps:

    1. Previous year’s state, tribal, federal, tax returns (pay stubs or W2 forms not acceptable)
    2. Workmen/ unemployment compensation documents
    3. Pension list of benefits
    4. Veteran administration state of advantages (VA cards aren’t acceptable alone)
    5. Retirement list of benefits
    6. A social security statement of advantages

    Again, you must produce enough documents provided by the government when qualifying through a disability.

    Best Providers Of Free Tablet With Food Stamps

    1) StandUp Wireless

    StandUp Wireless’s free phone offer is only available on a promotional basis for a limited time to customers enrolling for Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) at the same time. However, eligible customers signing up for one benefit, Lifeline or ACP, and in states where Lifeline is not available through StandUp Wireless will get e a SIM Kit and not a cell phone. However, StandUp reserves the right to scrap this offer at any time.

    Moreover, StandUp Wireless offers Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) government service. Lifeline and the ACP are different federal government assistance programs managed by the FCC. However, Lifeline benefits include a free phone from the government. You can combine with ACP benefits and apply to the same service plan or different service plans. Besides, you may apply Lifeline and ACP services from different service providers.

    For Lifeline and ACP eligibility criteria, call customer service at 1-800-544-4441. To enroll in Lifeline only, ACP, or a service plan that features both Lifeline and ACP discounts, proceed to Standup wireless. Notably, Lifeline plans feature Unlimited Text, 1,000 Minutes, and 4.5 GB of data. ACP-eligible customers can apply their discount to any plan. Again, the connected tablet benefits from Standup Wireless require a co-payment of $10.01 from eligible customers.

    2) Cintex Wireless and NewPhone Wireless

    Cintex Wireless and NewPhone Wireless are companies that share the same parent. However, both providers provide similar services and devices, plus both are participants in both Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) programs. Through the bundled Lifeline + ACP programs, they provide free monthly services with free talk, text, and data, plus a 4G/5G LTE smartphone and iPhone.

    Additionally, ACP-eligible customers can get a brand-new Alcatel Joy Tab tablet for only $10.01. Notably, the Affordable Connectivity Program supports this offer and is subject to availability.

    Qualifies for the Cintex or NewPhone Lifeline/ACP Program

    Eligibility requirements for Lifeline and ACP vary by state. However, two general qualification criteria exist, and you must attain at least one. You can either qualify for free government internet and laptop depending on your annual household income or your participation in the Food Stamp (SNAP) program, or another eligible government assistance program.

    Application Process

    Applying for a Cintex or NewPhone Wireless Lifeline/ACP benefit and free tablet is straightforward. Follow the guideline provided in the section below:

    1. 1st Step: Proceed to Cintex Wireless or Newphone wireless website and enroll with one of the two providers. You will have to present certain personal information and documentation that proves your eligibility to sign up.
    2. 2nd Step: Receive verification with a quick approval process.
    3. 3rd Step: Activate your service and get a free tablet.

    When applying for the NewPhone or Cintex Wireless Lifeline/ACP benefit, you may need to submit certain documents. The relevant Lifeline/ACP application documents include:

    1. An official certificate verifying your identity
    2. An official form showing your address
    3. If you qualify by your income level, you will have to provide a document that indicates that your annual household income equals at or below 135% for Lifeline or 200% for ACP of the Federal Poverty Threshold.
    4. If you qualify through government- assistance program participation, you will have to submit an official document showing that you are currently participating in the program.

    Furthermore, you may also get a free tablet with Food Stamps from Excess Telecom and Maxsip Telecom. Recently, no other Lifeline or ACP providers have been giving out free tablets, but the number may change soon. Therefore, it’s wise to check the different provider’s current offers now and then.

    QLink Wireless is also a Lifeline provider that provides free services and free QLink tablets to eligible customers. However, eligible Lifeline customers can receive the tablet discount by paying a co-pay of $10.01. This benefit is temporary, and it applies to product availability.

    Eligibility for this carrier benefits varies by state, but there are two general qualification criteria you must meet:

    1. You may qualify if your gross household income meets your state’s Federal Poverty Guidelines or if you are currently unemployed.
    2. You may qualify if you are in a government-aided program, including SNAP or Medicaid.

    Free Tablet From Other Non-Government Organization

    Free tablets for low-income people can be hard to come by. However, there are fantastic deals for low-cost computers and tablets, and there are even more excellent offers available if you have a household with one or more kids in school. Several sources are available whereby you can access affordable or free tablets or computers for low-income families.

    Besides Lifeline and ACP providers who provide SNAP participants with a free phone and tablet government, the low-income people may also receive a free tablet from specific non-profit organizations, charities, and companies. The following are some of organization that may offer free tablets:

    i) The Computer Technology Assistance Corps (or CTAC)

    The above is a donation-based organization offering affordable desktop and laptop computers to eligible low-income families, schools, and faith-based organizations. However, this organization collects donations, reconditions the donations, and avails the savings to recipients.

    ii) Computers With Causes

    This organization is available throughout the US that distributes gifted computer equipment such as tablets to people and families in tough, challenging situations. Computer with Causes allows people in need of computers to apply through their website.

    The turnaround for applications is 30 days, and it’s important to note that acceptance of a donated computer from Computers WithCauses may potentially impact some government benefits such as SNAP and SSDI.

    iii) On It Foundation

    Most importantly, the primary intention of these free tablets or laptop and free internet with food stamps are to assist students with educational needs in addition to helping disabled veterans who may require internet access. If you reside in Florida and you need a computer for a young person in school, you’ll need to consider the On It Foundation. The name implies “Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology” and strives to improve access to technology in low-income households that include kids in K-12 education programs.

    However, the easiest way for Florida residents to apply for the program is through the organization’s website. You can also walk in the physical locations for the On It foundation and apply from there. Either way, you can take advantage of the organization’s employment training opportunities and other resources.

    iv) Computers For Learning

    Computers For Learning is a program initiated and managed by the federal government to support organizations and schools’ access to digital devices. In other words, work with schools rather than individuals, so this organization is not the best for an immediate need. Besides, meet the eligibility criteria and the school(s) you or your family are involved in. The administration may use this organization to offer free tablets for all students.

    Final Words

    Free tablets for low-income people can be tough to come by. However, some Federal Government programs like ACP offer free tablets for people participating in SNAP and other programs.

    Suppose you don’t qualify for the free tablet with food stamps. In that case, there are incredible deals for low-cost computers and tablets from charities and non-government organizations you can benefit from.