If you are a Cricket Wireless customer on a mission to change an outdated device, you can upgrade your cell phone through a Cricket store. Besides, you can contact a customer service representative and learn how do you qualified for your Cricket wireless phone upgrade. However, if you don’t find the nearest store, you can proceed to Cricket’s web page and click on the Store Locator website in the navigation bar at the top.

    However, to be eligible for an upgrade and enjoy cricket phone deals for existing customers, you must sign in for a Cricket Wireless plan costing $30 per month or more. The upgraded mobile phone must have been newly bought online or from a Cricket store. The upgrade takes place if you haven’t made an upgrade within the last 180 days. Nevertheless, you will get charged a $25 fee for the upgrade.

    Moreover, Cricket cell phones make prepaid wireless an attractive option. If your cell phone is over a year old, you may have to upgrade your cell phone to a newer and more advanced model. Cricket allows customers to upgrade their cell phones whenever need be, which is why you choose Cricket wireless as your cell phone provider. The exciting news is that you are not required to enter into a one or two-year contract with this provider.

    The Best Ways To Upgrade Cricket Wireless Phone

    If you love your Cricket service, but you are comfortable with the current device that you are using, you can plan to upgrade to a new, flagship phone. This guideline takes you to the upgrade process, eligibility, and so much more. Luckily Cricket Wireless has a cell phone that is suitable for everyone.

    Cricket Wireless Upgrade Eligibility Policy

    • You must possess an existing line of service with Cricket;
    • You must subscribe to a Cricket monthly rate plan that costs $30/month or more;
    • The upgrade device must be new and bought from a Cricket store or online at Cricket Wireless.
    • You can upgrade your cell phone only once every 180 days
    • A $25 device upgrade fee gets charged to phone upgrades in Cricket stores and online.

    However, it’s easy to upgrade your cell phone online in My Account or go to your local Cricket store near you. You can check out the instructions below for upgrading online.

    1st Step

    Choose the phone model you would like, and compare it with other models to ensure you get the best deal. Then, check and ensure it is compatible with Cricket Wireless before purchasing it.

    2nd Step

    Purchase the phone either from Cricket or through a third-party vendor. Choose a third-party vendor that is an authorized Cricket wireless dealer. Otherwise, you could purchase a phone that is not up to standard.

    3rd Step

    Activate the cell phone in one of three ways. You can proceed to a Cricket store or a wireless store connected with the Cricket company and have it activated. Besides, you can call Cricket’s customer service to activate your cell phone or activate the phone online.

    Immediately it is activated, you can contact someone to confirm that the phone is working and then call your phone using another number to ensure that you can receive incoming calls.

    Notably, while upgrading your cell phone, you will have the opportunity to add Cricket Protect insurance or secure it if you have already subscribed to your line of service. However, the upgrade cell phone must be eligible for adding or maintaining Cricket Protect.

    How Does Cricket Wireless Phone Upgrades Work

    Generally, a new phone is a huge investment, and you need to protect it! When you upgrade your cell phone online, you’ll get a chance to add coverage for a Cricket replacement phone through Cricket Protect (if eligible). This option gives you some relief, and your phone gets covered against theft, loss, and accidental damage, as well as water damage.  However:

    • If you already possess Cricket Protect on your existing line of service and your new cell phone is eligible, you can maintain it!
    • You already subscribed to Cricket Protect, but your new cell phone is not eligible, this feature gets removed when you activate your new cell phone.
    • If you are not enrolled in Cricket Protect yet, but your new cell phone is eligible, you can add it during the upgrading process.

    When you receive your new phone, you must come back and choose Activate. This feature is found at the top of the navigation bar and helps your new phone get up and running. However, ensure you insert your new SIM card into your new device before activating it. Immediately you’re activated, you can view or change your features and current plan online in My Account.

    How Do You Upgrade Your Cricket Wireless Phone Online

    Follow the below step-by-step instructions when upgrading a Cricket Wireless device;

    • Proceed to My Account online and sign in.
    • On the Account Summary page, peruse down to Phone Numbers, and choose the blue arrow located at the right of the line you want to upgrade.
    • Next, scroll down to the device, then choose Upgrade Device.
    • You’ll find some information concerning the upgrade process on the next page.
    • Choose Shop Smartphones to begin shopping for a new cell phone.
    • Add the cell phone you wish to purchase to your cart.
    • Next, you’ll have to review your insurance options.
    • Pick accessories (under Shop) from the top navigation if you wish to shop for accessories. Add the accessories you require to your cart, and then choose the Cart icon at the top right to receive back to your cart.
    • Review your shopping cart, and tick Check Out.
    • View your contact information, and amend, if necessary, then Continue.
    • Input your billing/shipping address and payment information. Then, tick to the terms and conditions and choose Continue.
    • Review your order and tick Place Order.
    • You’ll find the Receipt screen. Print or save the confirmation number for reference. You’ll also get a text message confirming your payment and an order confirmation email.

    However, after getting your upgrade phone, proceed to Cricket Wireless and activate your new device. Before you upgrade, insert your new SIM card into your new mobile device.

    Does Cricket Wireless offer BYOP

    Switching cellular carriers can be tricky since carriers in the US depend on different cellular technologies. Therefore, a cell phone designed to operate on one particular network won’t necessarily function on another. However, if you want to bring your device and get Cricket free phones when you switch, here are the general rules:

    • Cell phones from AT&T will function on Cricket
    • Cell phones from T-Mobile have a higher chance of operating using the Cricket network
    • Generally, phones coming from Sprint or Verizon will not operate on Cricket.

    Additionally, if you purchased your mobile device outright from a third-party dealer, you may be lucky as well. Such devices are frequently sold unlocked and are compatible to work on any network.

    The Benefits of Cricket Wireless Bring Your Own Phone

    Cricket Wireless provides a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program, allowing customers to come with their own unlocked compatible phones from other networks to Cricket Wireless. However, existing customers can benefit from the BYOP program in several ways, as explained below:

    • You can receive a new SIM card. If your SIM card gets stolen, lost, or damaged, or if you switched to a cell phone that utilizes a different SIM size, you can buy a new one online. Sign in to ‘My account’ and choose ‘Get a new SIM card. You can also buy one in your local store.
    • You can add a service line to your account through a mobile phone you already own. Sign-in into ‘My Account,’ choose ‘Add a line,’ and click on ‘Bring your device.’ However, eligible lines with BYOD phones qualify for Cricket’s multiline discounts.
    • You can bring your tablet and activate it with one of Cricket’s data-only plans with access to messaging.
    • You can bring a data device and activate it using one of Cricket’s data-only plans with access to messaging.

    Most importantly, only the Cricket network compatible devices qualify for the BYOD option, ensure the device you plan to bring is both unlocked and compatible. You can check the device’s compatibility at the Cricket Wireless website.

    How can I upgrade my cricket phone for free

    To be qualified for a free upgrade, you must trade in an old Cricket Wireless phone. This will require you to visit a store and trade in your old Cricket Wireless phone.
    Then, you will need to wait until a technician has completed any troubleshooting and repairs necessary on your current phone before you can trade it in.
    You will then pay the price of the current model of phone that you traded in, along with any applicable taxes. You’ll be able to keep the old phone as a gift for someone else or have it recycled or donated.
    Once you are done, head to the store to upgrade your Cricket Wireless phone.

    Bottom Line

    Cricket Wireless is among the renowned mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of AT&T and utilizes its network. Besides, this carrier offers affordable prepaid plans high-quality devices from Cricket phone upgrade deals and delivers AT&T’s nationwide coverage. This company enables customers to upgrade their cell phones once every 180 days by paying a $25 device upgrade fee.

    On the other hand, Cricket provides discounts on a vast selection of Cricket-compatible devices, like android smartphones and iPhones. The upgrade devices can be bought directly from the provider (online or in-store) or a third-party store, like Amazon.