What Phone Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

The cricket wireless story begin from 19 years ago. When we try to know that what phone are compatible with cricket wireless then we needed to know about the company first. In united states people know this by their convenient proficiency. Include the cricket wireless company customers never needed to be aware for capitalize themselves under cricket wireless. When we consider about the cricket wireless company then a huge amount of good feedback come from their customers.

What Phone Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

This company faced many problem from 1999 until now. Cricket wireless old name was ALO wireless company. The time of ALO this company needed to increase their popularity to the market and because of that AT&T company bought this company for make something new on this. When AT&T buy this company they makes one new names of this company which is called by cricket wireless company.

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Day by day, after hiring this company by AT&T cricket wireless company never pushed in increasing their popularity in market. Popularity never found by selling product or listed on top list. Popularity only find in people mind and only people mean customers can opting the popularity of any company.

Cricket Wireless plans

Did you know the cricket wireless plans for 2 phone. Cricket wireless plan is the most important thing which you really want. You need to choose your specific plan from the company. When you look at the plan  then you will see many benefits.

Your internet speed depend on which package you bought.  You can get 150 dollar discount in two phones method. You just need to pay 100 dollar per month via that you can enjoy 150 dollar discount. There is no question about getting a new plan.

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Top 4 Phones Are Compatible With Cricket Wireless

1) Samsung Galaxy S8

You must know the Samsung galaxy brand, Samsung galaxy S8 released in 2017. This also come up with 4GB Ram, 64GB internal storage. Most of the time we looking for those features in our new phone.

This smartphone also supported 3000mAh battery. Additionally we look for the network compatibility, and Samsung Galaxy S8 supported GSM/ HSPA and the world best network LTE or 4G.

2) iPhone 8

We know iPhone by the apple tech and the world’s best branded creation of human. iPhone 8 supported 64GB Internal memory and 2GB ram. Network priority is GSM/ HSPA/ LTE and many others good feature.

After looking those feature then we should thinking that this is very low ram. One thing always keep in mind that apple every technology part is different from every others technology.

3) Alcatel Idol 5

Alcatel Idol 5 is one of the best cell phone for cricket wireless. This smartphone have some good feature as well. 3GB Ram, 12 Mega picture camera, 2800mAh battery power, 16 GB internal storage and many others good proficiency. All of those feature are give you the idea to choose which amount cell phone you love to user under cricket wireless. 

4) ZTE Blade X Max

This is one more mid range smartphone which is compatible under cricket wireless. However, let’s talk about this mid range compatible smartphone.

This phone supported 2GB ram, 16GB internal storage, Maximum high speed network 4G LTE and many others feature supported this device.


There are some specification of 4 compatible phones cricket wireless phone. Here you can see that cricket wireless company have many great companies cell phone to provide their consumers. You can get many benefits by following their terms and condition.

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