Technology is evolving every day, from new internet services, new locomotives, advanced infrastructure development to new and advanced telecommunication services. With the increased demand for mobile phone users, mobile phone service providers have developed new ideas to ensure that they satisfy the need due to the rapid increase in population growth. The Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program provides some benefits to the consumers and in this article you’ll know about it.

    There are over twenty mobile phone service providers in the US. Some companies include Verizon, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, US Cellular, Straight Talk, Xfinity, Consumer Cellular, and many more. Cricket wireless has developed super exciting mobile phone plans such as the Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program to attract new customers and maintain the available customers. More about this program and other available mobile phone plans will be discussed later in the article.

    The federal government of the United States of America is also on the far front of ensuring that all US citizens are receiving mobile phone services at affordable prices. The federal government introduced the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to ensure that citizens who have low income also receive the best mobile phone services. This ACP program, including its benefits, will be discussed further in the article.

    Qualification For Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program

    Cricket Wireless is one of the United States mobile phone service providers on the run to dominate the market. Cricket has come up with many offers and deals, such as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), to attract more customers and maintain the existing customers. Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program that helps lower the cost of mobile phone services for households that satisfy some specific qualifications.

    Cricket wireless does not determine if a customer is eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The program’s eligibility is determined through the National Verifier, the federal government application, and the approval process for determining eligibility. To qualify for this ACP program, one has to satisfy the following:

    1. The household income should be at or below 200% of the Federal Property Guideline.
    2. The household is participating in one or two federal assistance programs such as Supplementary Security Income, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, National School Lunch Program, Medicaid, Federal Public housing assistance, and more.
    3. You qualify for the Lifeline program.

    Benefits Of Cricket Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program

    The main reason for forming the Affordable Connectivity Program was to provide the best mobile phone services at affordable prices for low-income households. This program is available for both the existing and new Cricket customers, provided that they are eligible for the program. Cricket new customers can purchase a new phone or use the Cricket bring your own phone (BYOP) plan to be eligible for Affordable Connectivity Program enrollment.

    Some of the benefits of C customers enrolled in the program have been below.

    1. The customer receives a discount of up to $30 per month for internet services.
    2. The customer will also receive a monthly discount of up to $75 if their household is on qualifying Tribal lands.
    3. There is also a one-time discount of up to $1000 for purchasing laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. This plan comes with a co-payment of more than $10 but less than $50.

    Deals Available For Cricket ACP Applicants

    Many service providers are providing wireless network services in the US. Therefore, different service providers offer amazing mobile phone deals to their customers to make more sales and profit in the existing competitive market. For this reason, customers will always opt to move to mobile phone service providers that offer the best and most affordable cell phones and plans.

    The cricket wireless network provider offers many Cricket Wireless deals when you switch to its network. Some of these deals include;

    1. The new customer will get two free smartphones like the new Alcatel VERSO. 
    2. The new customer enjoys unlimited mobile phone data for only $80 with additional two lines. 
    3. Two unlimited data deals that have a good limited internet speed of up to 3 Mbps.
    4. The customer enjoys SD quality video streaming without any data charges.

    A new customer switching to Cricket Wireless and who does not want to purchase a new mobile phone may use the bring your own phone option. However, for you to use this option, the phone must satisfy the following conditions.

    1. The mobile phone must be unlocked 
    2. The phone must not have been used for any fraudulent activities. 
    3. The mobile phone must be compatible with the GSM network. 

    Advantages of Cricket Wireless Network

    There are many mobile phone services advantages that a customer receives when using Cricket Wireless. From free mobile phones to cheap phone services, Cricket Wireless also provides the best services to customers who have lost their Cricket phones, known as the Cricket Wireless replacement phone plan. This service is fast and straightforward since it allows the customers to receive a new Cricket Wireless phone a few business days after the claim has been made.

    Some of the other benefits of using Cricket Wireless network service have been discussed below. They include:

    i) Robust Number of Compatible Phones

    Most of the mobile phones manufactured today use GSM network technology. Since this is the same technology used by cricket wireless mobile phones, many cell phones can use cricket wireless services. Even if your phone does not have the same network as cricket wireless, there is the bring your own phone plan that does not take more than two business days to be complete.

    ii) Affordability

    Cricket wireless network provides very cheap smartphone services compared to other carrier companies. The cheapest mobile plan for this network costs $25 per month. This deal offers unlimited data, talk time, and text messaging.

    iii) Good Network Stability

    Besides providing a wide range of network coverage covering up to 99% US stock, cricket wireless also provides high-speed internet services that do not buffer easily

    iv) No Hidden Costs

    Some mobile phone services offered by other carrier companies are entitled to costs even if the customer is not using those services. However, cricket wireless customers are only charged for what they use. Additionally, any extra charges and taxes are included in the mobile phone plans; hence the customer knows what the deals entail.

    Bottom Line

    Cricket Wireless is one of the mobile phone service providers that offer the best deals to its customer, with the cheapest plan starting at $25. Since it uses the GSM network technology, it is compatible with many phones, offering nationwide network coverage. Low-income US citizens can also enjoy cricket wireless services when enrolled in the affordable connectivity program. The company is also trying to provide 5GB high internet speed to its customers.