Cricket Wireless works as a mobile virtual network operator owned by AT&T. This prepaid carrier offers affordable plans by leasing the AT&T network for coverage. However, cricket wireless switch deals enable you to have amazing discounts and offers on cell phone plans and phones. When switching to cricket wireless, you can have your number ported in, bring your own phone and get deals on plans and phones.

    However, one of the exciting things is about the Cricket Wireless deals for existing customers, families can enjoy unlimited data for as little as $25 per line on Cricket’s Core Unlimited Plan, with four or five people, which is essentially $55 per month for individuals or $50 with auto-pay. Besides, there are a massive variety of smartphones they have, along with their fantastic family discounts.

    Moreover, Cricket Wireless is a suitable option for many people because it doesn’t limit the phone models they offer. If you have to bring your own device, you can get a great choice of brands and models to choose from. On the other hand, the retail pricing of their smartphones is less cheap than the prices offered at significant carriers. Also, their plans comprise generous amounts of 4G LTE data and full-featured service.

    Cricket Wireless – A Surprising Deals

    Cricket Wireless gives several cell phones for $0 when you port in your existing number from another carrier, and when you subscribe for a monthly plan, that’s amounts to at least $30 per month. Besides, you can even acquire a free phone from Cricket Wireless under certain circumstances.

    Most importantly, for you to get a phone for $0, you have to bring your number to the service and activate it on a plan that qualifies. Cricket Wireless currently introduced a phone payment plan using Progressive Leasing, but that shouldn’t sway you since there are numerous devices for $100 or less.

    Cricket Wireless Switch Deals – Available Phone Offers

    • Apple iPhone SE 64GB, going for $49.99 and the 128GB for $99.99. To get this iDevice, you need to sign in and pay for two months of the $60 per month plan when you switch to Cricket.
    • Get a Nokia C2 Tava for $0 when you bring your number and activate it on a minimum $55 per month plan when you switch.
    • Receive the Samsung S20 FE 5G for $449.99 when you switch and bring your number & activate a minimum of $60 per month plan. You can also pay monthly with payment options as low as $19 per month at 0% APR.
    • Get LG Fortune 3 for $0 when you switch and bring your number and activate on a minimum $55 per month plan.
    • Get LG Harmony 4 for $29.99 when you switch, you bring your number and activate a minimum of $30 per month plan.
    • Get the Samsung Galaxy A11 for $29.99 when you switch and port in your number & activate on a minimum plan of $30 per month.
    • Get the Samsung Galaxy A12 for $59.99 when you switch. Or, pay monthly with a device payment plan as low as $20 per month at 0% APR when you bring your number and activate a minimum $30 per month plan.

    Phones That Are Available At Cricket Wireless

    The current lineup of a cell phone provided through Cricket comprises Apple, Samsung, LG,  and Motorola. There are also other brands from the likes of Nokia and Alcatel. When switching over to Cricket Wireless, you can opt to purchase a new phone or maintain your current device if it’s compatible. You can also maintain your phone number if need be.

    Most importantly, many phones are compatible with Cricket wireless. For this reason, Cricket Wireless has just reduced some of their most popular cell phones down to $0 when switching over from your current provider. Besides, this carrier has a strong pool of iPhones selection, with most models discounted at least $100.

    Switching To Cricket Wireless – The Steps

    If you love your current phone or data device, you can bring it over and switch to Cricket following the three steps.

    Step 1: Unlock your device

    Your device will need to get unlocked to function on the Cricket network. Your original wireless carrier must unlock it if it isn’t yet unlocked for provided it meets their requirements.

    Cricket Wireless Phone Unlocking Policy

    Cricket Wireless will unlock your phone cost-free if you meet any of the following conditions.

    • The phone must have been active on Cricket for at least six months
    • The phone must not be reported lost or stolen and is not involved with any fraudulent activity

    If you satisfy any of the listed requirements, you can call Cricket at 1-800-(274-2538) to ask for a device unlock code. You may also receive an unlock code by chatting online with a support specialist or going to your local store.

    On the other hand, military personnel is excluded from the six-month service obligation as long as they can prove deployment to Cricket Wireless.

    Step 2: Check device compatibility

    You can check that your unlocked phone or data device is compatible with the Cricket network. Some unlocked devices aren’t compatible with the cricket network. You can easily confirm using the Device ID (IMEI) checker. You have to dial *#06# for your phone’s Device ID number or look it in your phone’s settings.

    Step 3: Select a SIM card and plan

    You need to add the Universal Cricket SIM card kit to your cart and then select the plan for your device. You can choose from high-speed data and unlimited talk, text, or data-only plans for tablets and mobile hotspot devices.

    Is It Possible To Keep Your Current Cell Phone Number

    Usually, most cell phone numbers can get transferred to Cricket Wireless. You’ll need to avail your current wireless account information such as your account number and account PIN, password, or passcode. You may get asked for your Social Security Number’s last four digits and the billing ZIP code on your existing wireless account in some scenarios.

    Process that Transfer Work

    Cricket Wireless will liaise with your current carrier to confirm if your phone number is available to transfer. When you activate your new Cricket service, your number gets transferred over. You’ll have to expect a few things that include –

    Your data should function immediately after your new phone gets activated. If you bring your own phone and experience trouble with data access, you can check your data settings.

    It may take a maximum of up to eight hours for SMS/MMS messages to operate appropriately during the transfer processes.

    Bottom Line

    Cricket delivers a great experience no matter its low cost, and for many people, it is an ideal alternative to other major carriers. If you’re looking for a cheap cellular provider with a bundle of hot deals on a solid, reliable network, Cricket Wireless won’t let you down. On the downside, the speeds aren’t as fast as you would wish to be, but the low price for unlimited data constitutes a great value plan with Cricket.