You can keep your device when switching networks is considered an excellent priority for many. BYOD is an affordable option since you don’t have to purchase a new phone which might be pretty expensive. In the past, bringing your own device to the network was a tedious process, but things have become relatively easy in the current digital era.

    You may be wondering whether Cricket Wireless bring your own phone to Cricket Wireless is a seamless process, and we will give all the insights to ensure you have a smooth transfer. Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator with a base across the entire United States. They offer affordable prepaid cell phone plans and much more benefits.

    You can bring your phone to Cricket Wireless if it is a Cricket Wireless compatible phone. They have a digitized process that is fast, and it takes a few minutes to complete. Cricket Wireless bring your own device service has helped millions of people switch networks in a fast and simplified process.

    Did you know you can also port your number to Cricket Wireless? From this article, we will do a deep dive on the best process to switch Cricket Wireless. We will cover some of the best cell phone plans deals you can find on Cricket Wireless and how you can bring your own device. If you opt for BYOD, you’ll need to check phone compatibility, and we will give a detailed guide on how to do so.

    Which network does Cricket Wireless use

    Cricket wireless uses GSM network technology. This is a crucial factor when bringing your own device as the network technology should be like that of Cricket Wireless. Since Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator, it gets its services from AT&T.

    AT&T is a leading standard service provider known to offer stable network coverage. It is ranked among the top 3 regarding coverage since it issues network services to 99% of the US landmass.

    The requirements to Cricket Wireless bring your own phone

    There are some things to consider if you wish to bring your device to Cricket Wireless and entail the following:

    a) The phone should be unlocked

    Ensure that your device is unlocked as it may not be accepted to the network. If you opted for financing from your previous service provider, it is recommended to pay off any debt. Also, you can use unlocking codes that are available online.

    b) It should be compatible with Cricket wireless

    Your device should be compatible with Cricket wireless. Later, we will give a detailed guide on how to check phone compatibility.

    c) It should never be reported stolen or lost

    If your phone is reported stolen or lost, you may not bring it to Cricket Wireless as it may be subjected to legal scrutiny. If the phone is a refurbished device and you are not sure whether it was reported stolen or lost, consider contacting your local authorities and inquire.

    Cricket Wireless phone compatibility checker

    Checking phone compatibility on Cricket wireless is a fast and smooth process. The first thing you need is an IMEI number. You can get the cricket IMEI check number by dialing *#06#, and you will receive a prompt on the IMEI number. The next step would be to check phone compatibility using a Cricket Wireless phone compatibility checker.

    The IMEI checker may take less than a minute to give feedback on whether the device is compatible or not. If the phone is compatible, you can then sign it up and choose a cell phone plan.

    If your device is not compatible, it is advisable to get a phone from the Cricket wireless phone deals for new customers. Here you can find a wide range of Cricket Wireless compatible devices at varying prices.

    Can I bring more than one device to Cricket Wireless

    You can bring several devices on the network depending on the number of sim cards you purchase. If you opt for a Cricket wireless family plan, it is best to bring more than one device to the network. All the phones will be subjected to a compatibility test on the network to see if the devices are locked or unlocked.

    You can contact Cricket Wireless customer support to get insights on how you can bring more than one device to the network.

    How to port phone numbers on Cricket Wireless

    Aside from BYOP, you can also port your phone number to Cricket Wireless. Before doing so, ensure you have not deactivated the cell phone service with your previous service provider, as this may lead to the deletion of your phone number permanently.

    This service can be done online, and you will be required to provide some information to Cricket wireless. The information entails:

    • Current account PIN
    • Current wireless phone number
    • Billing Zip Code of your account
    • Last four digits of your social security number

    Once you have these details in place, Cricket wireless will work with your current carrier to start the porting process. However, the process will not be complete until you activate the service on your Cricket wireless account. Cricket Wireless will also give updates via your mail once the porting process is complete.

    The FCC has made it easier to port your phone number with the current legislation. If there are any hurdles, you may contact them via email or on their social channels.

    Cricket Wireless Bring Your Phone – A Complete guide

    Below is a detailed guide on how you can bring your device to the network. It will also cover the best cell phone plan you can use:

    Step 1: Check phone compatibility

    The first step is to see if the device is compatible or not. So you wish to check your android phones compatible with cricket wireless, You can use the IMEI checker on their website. Earlier on, we mentioned how you could check phone compatibility.

    Feel free to use the process or evaluate it based on the phone’s type of network technology. Also, the phone should be unlocked; if not, get unlocking codes online or see if you meet the requirements for it to be unlocked by your service provider.

    Step 2: Port your phone number

    If you wish to port your phone number, then you can do so via their website. We talked about the porting process and gave detailed info on how to go about it. If you get stuck anywhere, visit the Cricket Wireless FAQs section, or contact them.

    Step 3: Choose a Cell phone plan

    There are several cell phone plans to choose from on Cricket wireless. All the plans come with perks like:

    • 5G access with no extra cost
    • Unlimited texting
    • Prepaid service
    • Discounts and promotions based on meeting certain requirements.
    • No hidden costs or extra taxes

    Our team did some evaluation, and here is the best cell phone plan on Cricket wireless:

    $33/mo per line plan

    This is a top-tier plan offered by Cricket Wireless. You can also get four lines for $130/mo, which is a great deal. The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. Data speeds may be slowed down during network congestion. You also get 150 GB of cloud storage. The plan comes with a 15 GB mobile hotspot for compatible devices.

    HBO max is available and allows you to stream over 10,000 hours of music, shows, and exclusive originals. Streaming is available at SD quality. Mexico and Canada’s usage of cellular services are also available.

    The plan offers unlimited texts from the US to 37 countries. The plan features Cricket Call Defense for compatible devices, giving warnings and blocking spam calls. The Call defense also supports automated fraudulent call blocking and authenticating using the STIR/SHAKEN industry standard.

    Step 4: Activate Plan

    Once you have completed the process, you can proceed to activate the service. You can do so after checking out and paying for the plan. Cricket Wireless will not charge you if you activate the device online. However, if you go to a store, you will be charged $25. Doing the whole process online is considered a great option to many. If you are doing a Cricket wireless phone upgrade, a $25 bill will be debited on your account.

    Once the device is activated, place your sim card on the sim card slot, and you are good to go.

    Cricket Wireless Compatible phones List

    If you would like to choose your own phone to Cricket Wireless, you can check whether it is listed on the list of phones compatible with their network below. 

    Cricket Wireless Compatible Android Phones

    • Google Pixel 4
    • Google Pixel 5
    • LG K51 model LM-K500QM
    • LG Premier Pro model LML413DL
    • LG Q70 model LM-Q620M
    • LG Rebel 4 model LML211BL
    • LG Stylo 5 model LM-Q720QM
    • LG Stylo 6 model LM-Q730QM
    • Alcatel TCL A3 model A509DL
    • Alcatel TCL A3X model A600DL
    • Alcatel model T766S
    • Asustek ROG Phone 3 model ASUS I003D
    • ASUS 1005DA
    • Motorola Moto G Play model XT2093DL
    • Motorola Moto G Play model XT2093-4
    • Motorola Moto G Power model XT2041-4
    • Motorola Moto G Pro model XT2043-8
    • Microsoft Duo model 1930
    • OnePlus 6t model A6013
    • Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G (SM-G986U1) (5G compatible)
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (SM-998U1) (5G compatible)
    • Samsung Galaxy A51 5G (SM-A516U1) (5G compatible)
    • Samsung Galaxy GS10 (SM-G973U)
    • Samsung Galaxy GS9 (SM-G960U)
    • Samsung Galaxy GS20FE (SM-G781U1) (5G compatible)
    • Sony Xperia 1 II model XQ-AT51
    • Teracube 2E model TR20072EQ
    • ZTE Avid 579 model Z5156CC

    Bottom line

    The Cricket wireless bring your own device is an excellent option for people who wish to keep their own phone. The process is done entirely online, and you will not be required to visit a retail store unless it’s collecting the sim card toolkit.

    The sim card toolkit may also be sent via mail. Cricket wireless has a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team who will guide you if you experience issues during the BYOD process.