If you’re planning on ditching your current carrier and switching to AT&T, your cell phone must be compatible with the carrier’s network. However, AT&T cell phones are compatible with low-cost carriers supported by the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. AT&T is a wireless provider that uses GSM hence the phone you’re opting to bring must support the GSM wireless frequencies.

    Fortunately, when you activate a new phone at AT&T, it’s now simpler to find affordable AT&T bring your own phone (BYOP) cell phone plans. You can get a great plan that matches your needs and enjoy wireless services on this carrier’s reliable nationwide 4G LTE network. Additionally, the BYOP plan options include paying only for the texts, talk, and data amount you exactly need.

    On the other hand, bringing your cell phone to AT&T is easy, provided you have a compatible device. You can also maintain your current number if you wish to when you make a switch to AT&T. However, there are several things to consider when switching to AT&T and get AT&T bringing your own phone (BYOP), as explained later in this guideline. Stay alert, and don’t move an inch!

    The Benefits of AT&T Bring Your Own Phone

    There are numerous advantages of switching to AT&T affiliated MVNOs with a cheap AT&T cell phone plan that’s not limited to AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan. They include:

    1. Experiencing the same reliable service on the AT&T network.
    2. Cheap rates give more than 50% off on your monthly plan.
    3. No contracts or credit checks. You can switch whenever you want.
    4. You can custom plans by paying only for what you need.
    5. Bring your cell phone and keep your number.
    6. Easy online signup.

    The AT&T BYOP Plan Features

    1. Tethering/hotspot data: Many low-cost carriers enable you to use your cell phone as a hotspot. You can choose an MVNO giving the best mobile hotspot plans to share your mobile hotspot data with other devices.
    2. 4G LTE data speeds: All the AT&T MVNOs get powered by the AT&T network, and you’ll pay less without compromising speed.
    3. Unlimited talk and text messaging: Getting a new unlimited plan is not easy. Many MVNOs carriers feature unlimited text and talks in their plan options. Hence, compare the cheap talk and text plans with or without data.
    4. International calls to Canada and Mexico: many people prefer International calling as a must-have feature. Luckily, MVNOs provide some of the best international cell phone plans, with free calling to specific countries like Mexico and Canada and discounted rates on others.
    5. Multi-line discounts: AT&T MNVOs carriers also provide some of the cheapest family cell phone plans, including multi-line discounts.
    6. Wi-Fi calling: This feature is helpful when you’re out of the network service coverage area. You can make calls using the internet instead of your cellular network connection.

    Types of AT&T BYOP Cell Phone Plans

    1) Unlimited plans

    If you are looking for unlimited text, talk, and data, AT&T got you covered. For data-hungry consumers looking for unlimited plans, you can save a severe amount by switching to one of the affordable AT&T unlimited data plans.

    2) Basic Plans

     If you often use your cell phone to make a few calls, send several text messages and rarely browse online, then you can go for a prepaid plan. You will have primary cell phone features, an allotment for minutes of talk, and around 2GB of data at a fantastic price. Once you deplete your data allowance, speeds slow, but adding more data is accessible.

    3) Family plans

    If you are looking for four lines or more, AT&T offers group plans. You can compare the cheapest AT&T family plans so you can select and pick what each family member wants.

    4) Prepaid plans

    AT&T prepaid plans are so familiar with the smaller carriers. You need to compare the cell phone prices and go for an excellent deal having an affordable cell phone plan.

    5) Single line plans

    You don’t need to purchase a premium rate because you only require one line. You can find the best AT&T plans for individual users.

    6) Talk and Text Only Plans

     If you don’t require any data, you can compare cheap AT&T basic plans. Besides, you’ll save several dollars if you’re not paying for data.

    AT&T BYOP Deals For You

    AT&T is at the forefront of ensuring that its customers are happy and satisfied. On this note, this carrier offers AT&T deals for existing customers, and new customers who bring their devices from AT&T receive $250 in Bill Credits and a free wireless charging pad upon bringing their Own Smartphone to AT&T.

    However, AT&T offers a promotion on a diverse number of cell phones at any given time. If you are not bringing your device, there are solid devices you can get from this carrier at a great price. However, there’s nothing wrong with bringing your own phone either.

    New customers looking for this offer should order online, activate service on their existing smartphone, and port in a new line. Then, you will receive $250 in bill credits and a free wireless charging pad. Notably, the offers are subject to change and may become discontinued at any time.

    AT&T Phone’s Compatibility Check

    When bringing your own mobile device to AT&T, you’ll have to ensure that your current device is compatible with AT&T’s network. If your phone isn’t compatible, you can’t use it with your new AT&T cell phone plan, and you’ll have to buy a new phone from a site like AT&T prepaid phones Walmart, or any other reputable online store of your choice.

    Additionally, the effective way to ascertain whether your phone is compatible with AT&T’s network is through conducting a compatibility check on AT&T’s website. You’ll require your phone’s IMEI number to check compatibility, which can get retrieved by dialing *#06# on your cell phone.

    Ensure Your Device Is Unlocked

    After determining your phone’s compatibility with AT&T, you’ll have to ensure that your phone is unlocked. The unlocking means that you can use SIM cards outside your original carrier’s network. For instance, if you purchased your phone initially from AT&T, by default, it will only function on the AT&Ts network with an AT&T SIM card.

    Luckily, most wireless providers have unlocking policies that enable you to unlock your cell phone after eligibility. The unlocking is free of charge, but the unlock policies differ by each carrier.

    Therefore, you will have to contact your carrier’s customer support to know whether or not your phone qualifies for unlocking. Received compensation for your lost, stolen, or damaged device from AT&T; check out on activate replacement phone AT&T to get the device up and to function.

    Can You Keep Phone Number When Switching to AT&T

    The same case with AT&T bring your own phone IMEI Check; AT&T’s website contains a page made for checking if your current phone number is eligible to get transferred or not. For this scenario, you need to input your phone number, and the system will inform you whether a number transfer is valid.

    When you get a message informing you your number is ineligible. You’ll have to contact your existing carrier to check if there is an issue hindering the number from porting into AT&T. You can port in your number and come across AT&T phone deals for new customers that may land you to your dream mobile device.

    Ways To Transfer Your Phone Number to AT&T

    Immediately you confirm that your number is eligible to transfer to AT&T, you have some options to initiate the process, including going to an AT&T store or customer service. The easiest method to transfer your number is through AT&T’s website.

    Proceed to AT&T’s BYOD page to start the process. You’ll require a few different things to seal the number transfer, including:

    1. The Social Security number of your old account (in some cases, the name works as well)
    2. The account number and PIN attached with the account you’re transferring from
    3. An AT&T SIM card (given for free when activating your new line of service)

    Then, choose the type of device you’re activating from the given options, whereby you’ll then get prompted to select from one of AT&T’s cell phone plans. After your SIM card arrives, you can go back to AT&T’s BYOD portal to activate it and begin service with your new carrier.

    Bottom Line

    AT&T wireless carrier allows customers transferring from other providers to bring their current phone to its network and keep their phone numbers. However, before switching to AT&T, you’ll have to confirm compatibility on the carriers’ website. Most phones manufactured over the last few years will work with any carrier, provided your phone is unlocked.