AT&T has its best wireless deals online for both devices and plans. If you are a fresh customer looking to cut down costs, you can take advantage of the AT&T phone deals for new customers.  However, AT&T usually gives promo deals for both devices and plans for customers switching from another carrier. You can get one of the most terrific deals by purchasing a new cell phone through a monthly payment plan.

    Moreover, this carrier rarely discounts their wireless plans, but you can get incentives and gifts, including prepaid gift cards, inclusive of various promos. There are numerous AT&T phone deals for new customers, such as deals on all of your desirable brands, like Apple, LG, Samsung,  and Google.  Consequently, you can find the best savings on Android phones, iPhones,  5G phones, and even other valuable accessories.

    Besides, despite the large selection of AT&T’s best deals for new customers, there are also AT&T deals for existing customers. You can trade in an old smartphone for better savings, and still, other deals don’t need a trade-in at all. Besides, many deals require you to start or upgrade to an Unlimited plan to receive the discount. Notably, no deal lasts forever, and hence some devices run out early.

    Reasons to choose AT&T wireless

    i) AT&T Prepaid

    Signing up for your perfect Prepaid plan is simple, with no annual contract, no credit check, and unlimited data options.

    ii) Phone plans with flexible options

    You can pick the perfect phone plan for each family member and have their gaming, streaming, and always-online lifestyle.

    iii) Explore the latest 5G phones and deals

    AT&T offers a great selection of 5G phones and deals from top brands like Apple, Samsung, and LG. You can buy online and get free shipping with no upgrade or activation fees.

    iv) Bring your own device (BYOD)

    You can activate your current cell phone on the AT&T network. Also, you can keep your number and select the right phone plan for you.

    v) Add an extra line to your current plan

    You can add family and friends to your wireless plan, whether it’s a tablet, phone, smartwatch, or wireless hotspot.

    vi) Best AT&T cell phone plan deals

    AT&T deals become good if you’re adding new lines or switching carriers. Using these offers, you can save numerous hundreds of dollars on AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited data plan off the retail price of a new phone.

    Sometimes, you can even acquire the phone for free. On the other hand, AT&T might not offer the same coverage as Verizon does, but with these discounts, they have generally cheaper pricing of its plans, so your savings can begin to add up.

    How Do AT&T Phone Deals work

    Most importantly, AT&T deals for most smartphone discounts are only applicable to customers who purchase the phone in monthly installments, usually over 30 months.

    1. Through Trade-in

    If you are aiming to take the chance of one of AT&T’s trade-in deals, keep in mind that only certain trade-in phones are eligible, and most of these are newer devices.

    However, it must be in good working condition for your gadget to qualify in a trade-in and with no damages. If your phone screen is cracked or has water damage, it won’t be eligible for a trade-in discount.

    2. BOGO deals

    You can get an excellent deal through the buy one get one free (BOGO) offer. However, these offers through AT&T are sporadic.

    So, if you’re searching for multiple devices and you come across a BOGO deal through AT&T, take advantage of that opportunity fast, as the deal does not last around for very long.

    AT&T Allow For Bring Your Own Device

    It’s possible to switch to AT&T and keep your phone. Interestingly, you can get $250 in bill credits when adding your current phone to an AT&T wireless plan. If you bring your phone to a new AT&T plan, you can get a Visa Reward credit card for both new and existing customers.

    When switching to this carrier, you can;

    1. Get waived the $30 activation fee.
    2. Keep your number.
    3. A transfer without a contract.
    4. Get a free SIM card.

    For you to be successful for the bring your own device, there are some  rules to follow:

    • Generally, older phone models sold by Sprint or Verizon will not operate on AT&T.
    • Older phones from T-Mobile have a higher chance of working with AT&T.
    • Most newer phone models are compatible across all carriers.

    Suppose you bought your phone outright from a third-party dealer, such as AT&T prepaid phones Walmart. You have a higher chance of bringing it with you to AT&T. Mostly, many third-party cell phones are unlocked; hence, they are open to functioning on any network for which they are compatible. Interestingly, there is no activation fee when you bring your own phone to AT&T and activate your plan online.

    What Are The AT&T Best Phone deals

    • Receive $700 off the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 mini when you exchange an eligible device and sign up or upgrade to an AT&T unlimited plan. This deal is unique because it’s available to new customers and applies to existing customers who want to upgrade.
    • AT&T reduces down the price for iPhone 11 with this deal for new customers. You can switch to AT&T on an unlimited plan and pay just $10 per month for the iPhone 11 and receive total savings of $300.
    • You can purchase the new iPhone SE (64GB) midrange cell phone with an unlimited plan and pay just $5 per month and enjoy total savings of $250. The 2020 iPhone SE represents the second generation of these affordable Apple phones and features the same processor that drives the iPhone 11 devices.
    • You can save big with this Samsung’s newest flagship device when you trade in your old device and get savings up to $800 on the Samsung Galaxy S21. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 features the most advanced mobile devices available today with 5G compatibility, among other notable details.
    • If you’re hunting for a mid-range device with a great camera and 5G connectivity, the Google Pixel 4a 5G is a fantastic device. Currently, AT&T deals have this device for just $10  per month with a new plan. Also, you can get an additional $200 saving with a trade-in for this device, making this device almost free.
    • The LG Velvet deal will bring the price down to just $10 per month over 30 months. This device is already an affordable 5G phone, but this all you have to do is enroll for a new line on one of AT&T’s unlimited plans and buy the phone on an instalment plan.

    The Best AT&T Plan Deals 2022

    Phone service is better cumulatively, and AT&T makes it easy to have an affordable unlimited plan when you possess an account with multiple users. You can mix and match plans for each line on AT&T’s Unlimited Your Way family plan or get an Unlimited prepaid plan for just $50 per month when you sign up for Autopay.

    • Get unlimited data for $50 per month when you purchase an AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plus plan and enrol in AutoPay. However, after 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
    • You can also save more with Unlimited Your Way by picking the perfect unlimited plan for each family member, starting at $35 per month per line for four lines.
    • If you get four lines on an unlimited plan, you can pay just $35 per line. Acquiring the same plan alone would cost you $65 per month. Interestingly, these plans also entail access to 5G with compatible devices.
    • AT&T Unlimited data for key worker and military discounts gives teachers, healthcare workers, military personnel, veterans, and first responders a chance to save an additional $8 per line with AT&T’s special discounts.
    • AT&T Signature program applies to eligible members or employees at an eligible company or student of an eligible school or college. If you confirm your eligibility, you may get entitled to AT&T’s Signature program with benefits that include service discounts, discounts on phones and accessories, and even waived activation fees.

    Bottom line

    AT&T has the best deals for everyone out there. You can get the best smartphone deals and cell phone plans from the second-largest wireless provider in the US for both new and existing customers.

    Whenever you check out for a discount or a deal on AT&T, you don’t have to miss out on it. It would help if you acted fast by purchasing the deal sooner rather than later since they don’t last for an extended period.