In the US, there are two major network technologies used by standard service providers. These technologies are GSM and CDMA. CDMA is seen to be phased out by most service providers Because it is not more robust when compared to GSM network technology. Currently, all the three stable service providers in the US use GSM network technology, and they lease network services to mobile virtual network operators like Cricket Wireless. At this point, you may be asking yourself what network does cricket use?

    Cricket Wireless is a leading mobile virtual network operator with a robust network technology backed by a major standard service provider. Cricket has been in existence for nearly two decades, and the service provider aims to offer affordable Cricket Wireless prepaid phone plans and many other benefits. The network used by Cricket Wireless is sufficient such that there are few reports of downtime or network signal interruption.

    They have a reliable network and was that all customers are happy, and it also helps bring new customers to the network. Despite the network being reliable, you may experience slow or no Internet connection during network congestion. Here we will cover which network technology Cricket Wireless uses and look at how to know a phone is compatible with their network. The article will cover which areas does Cricket Wireless cover and the benefits of the Cricket Wireless network.

    Which network technology does Cricket Wireless use?

    Cricket Wireless uses GSM network technology. GSM stands for global system for mobile communications. It is considered a standard network technology that is used around the globe by several standard service providers. The network technology is seen to be robust and, as given, tries to other technologies like 5G, which offer high Internet speeds and many other benefits.

    Cricket Wireless leverages the use of GSM technology under a standard service provider which owns the company. The network technology Crickets Wireless uses also allows users to bring their own devices and have a high probability of being compatible.

    How to know a phone is compatible with the Cricket Wireless network?

    Someone may know a phone is compatible with Cricket Wireless if they use a phone compatibility checker. This checker leverage uses an IMEI number to check whether the device info is compatible with the network technology.

    To get your IMEI number, dial *#06#, and a prompt will appear on your display in which you can screenshot it or write down the IMEI Number. Once done, the next step will be to go to the Cricket Wireless phone compatibility page and key in your IMEI number.

    From there, you will receive information in a few minutes whether the device is compatible or not. If not, there are several Cricket Wireless deals for existing customers and new customers which you can get discounts on cell phones.

    Which areas does the Cricket wireless network cover?

    This network covers nearly 99% of the US population. It leases network services from a standard service provider and then redistributes them to its customers. The network is very solid, especially in urban areas in some densely populated rural areas.

    However, the only major issue is that priority goes to users with a post big plan on the standard network ends during network congestion. Some people may experience slow or no Internet at all.

    It is recommended for new customers to check out whether their area is fully covered by using the Cricket Wireless map checker. This map chooses the areas that have stable coverage and areas which are not well covered. If your area is not well covered and you wish to get a Cricket Wireless phone plan, you may need to get a cell phone signal booster to boost the signal within your location.

    What network does Cricket Wireless use?

    Cricket Wireless uses AT&T to offer network services to its customers. AT&T also owns a big part of Cricket Wireless, and it is seen to offer reliable network coverage to new and existing customers.

    AT&T is a standard service provider based in the USA. It has been in existence for nearly three decades, and the service provider is known for offering reliable network coverage despite having less affordable cell phone plans. If you wish to leverage AT&T cell phone coverage and get affordable cell phone plans, the best option would be Cricket Wireless.

    Which phones are compatible with Cricket Wireless?

    Several phones are compatible with Cricket Wireless. Most cell phone manufacturers now use GSM network technology on their phones, which raises a chance for nearly all current manufactured devices to be compatible with the network.

    If you are looking to bring your phone or buy a phone on Cricket Wireless store, it may most likely be compatible with the network filter; however, it is recommended to check on phone compatibility if you have older devices that used to work with CDMA network technology. Some devices work with both CDMA and GSM network technology. You can also check the specs of the phone to see the network stack in use.

    Cricket Wireless iPhones are the best devices that are compatible with the network filter. If you have an apple device ranging from iPhone 7 to iPhone 13 pro-Max, they are most likely to be compatible with the network. However, for you to bring the device, it must meet conditions like:

    • The phone must be unlocked
    • It should not have been used for any fraudulent activities
    • The device should be compatible with the network

    Other phones compatible with Cricket Wireless may come from brands like Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG, Motorola, ZTE, and much more.

    What are the benefits of the Cricket wireless network?

    The Cricket Wireless network comes with a wide range of benefits and includes the following:

    i) Affordability

    The Cricket Wireless network is very affordable compared to AT&T who is the standard service provider. The cheapest plan at Cricket Wireless goes for $25/mo and offers unlimited talk text and data, among many other benefits. This makes them more affordable when compared to other service providers who tend to have a high cost on cell phone plans.

    Their flagship plan costs $33/mo, and it comes with unlimited data plus a 15GB mobile hotspot and many other benefits. Email so leverages on cricket emergency broadband benefit programs which offer free cell phones and phone plans. The services are offered to users who qualify either through income or participation in federal assistance programs.

    ii) Network stability

    The Cricket Wireless network is very reliable and covers 99% of the US stock. This ensures that users have access to fast Internet speeds and reduced or nearly no dropped calls. The network you should see the wide range of phone compatibility making them stand out from other service providers.

    iii) Dedicated customer support

    Cricket Wireless offers dedicated customer support end you can always reach out to them whenever you have issues. The customer support has good communication skills and is proficient in English to ensure every customer is served perfectly. If she notices any issue with the customer support agent, feel free to raise the alarm on their social media channel, and they will fix the issues

    iv) No hidden costs

    Cricket Wireless only lets you pay for what you’re using. There is no hidden cost on the cell phone plan. Also, taxes and any extra charges are included in the cell phone plan. However, the price may be subject to change after 12 months. Price changes do not occur very often.

    v) Wide range of phone compatibility

    There is a wide range of phone compatibility on Cricket Wireless. If your device has the same network technology as Cricket Wireless’, you can always bring it to the network. The cricket brings your own phone service is a very simple and well-structured process that only takes nearly one or two business days to complete.

    If your device is not compatible with the network, getting a phone on their store under the cricket deals for existing customers is a great option. These deals offer discounts and promotions on selected devices.

    Pros and cons of Cricket Wireless network


    • Affordable cell phone plans
    • Reliable network coverage
    • Dedicated customer support
    • Incorporated with emergency broadband benefit program
    • It uses GSM network technology


    • Internet speeds are slowed down during network congestion

    Bottom line

    At this point, you have insights into what network technology does Cricket Wireless uses. We have covered all the insights needed to help users get started with the network. Cricket Wireless uses a robust network that ensures users have fast Internet speeds and make HD voice calls. The cell phone plans are affordable and start at only $25 per month with no contracts.