Cricket Wireless is a prepaid mobile service provider owned by AT&T and operates on a 4G LTE network. AT&T is ranked as the second-best mobile service network in the country. Cricket Wireless, therefore, gives you access to great network coverage at a cheaper price. The plans of this company are some of the best in the market.

    Cricket Wireless offers plans that include unlimited data as well as data usage in Canada and Mexico. The plans that are offered by Cricket Wireless are a great way to get your whole family connected to the internet and skip the credit check. The biggest advantage of choosing Cricket Wireless is that it offers quite a large coverage area compared to other services.

    The add-ons are also another attractive feature that can be attributed to the popularity of Cricket Wireless compatible phones. In this article, we discuss some of the best Cricket Wireless plans that are offered. You will also get to find out why you should choose Cricket Wireless over other services providers.

    Cricket Wireless Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

    Switching to cricket ought to be one of the best since they do not offer postpaid services, hence no contracts. Cricket Wireless offers mobile plans for every kind of mobile user, whether you just prefer a data-only plan, or you need unlimited talk, text, and data, you can find it all here at Cricket Wireless.

    There are also no coverages when it comes to cricket wireless and monthly taxes are included in the cost of the plan. You even have the option to add on as there are plenty of add-ons that you can choose to boost your current plan. Cricket Wireless is committed to having you stay connected to your loved ones and for this reason, some of the unlimited plans include calling Canada and Mexico.

    i) Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plans – $130/Mo.


    4 lines for $130/ month or $33 per line/month


    • Unlimited high-speed data + 15GB of Mobile Hotspot
    • Unlimited talk, text and picture messages in the US
    • Mexico and Canada data usage
    • Unlimited texts from the US to 37 other countries
    • Enjoy SD quality video streaming
    • HD Voice & WiFi calling with a compatible phone
    • Cricket Call Defense with a compatible device
    • Enjoy Nationwide 5G access

    ii) Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan – $100/Mo.


    4 lines for $100/month or $25 per line/month.


    • Access unlimited high-speed data
    • You also get unlimited talk, text, and picture messages in the US
    • Enjoy SD quality video streaming
    • Cricket Call Defense with a compatible device
    • Mexico and Canada data usage
    • HD Voice & WiFi calling with a compatible phone
    • Unlimited texts from the US to 37 countries

    iii) Cricket Wireless 10GB Plan – $110/Mo.


    4 lines for $110/month or $40 per line/month.


    • 10GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited talk, text and picture messages in the US
    • Cricket Call Defense with a compatible device
    • HD Voice & WiFi calling with a compatible phone

    iv) Cricket Wireless 2GB Plan – $150/Mo.


    4 lines for $150/month or $30 per line/month.


    • 2GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited talk, text and picture messages in the US
    • HD Voice & WiFi calling with a compatible phone
    • Cricket Call Defense with a compatible device

    It is advisable that you take advantage of the multi-line discounts that are offered by Cricket Wireless. There are also other Cricket wireless plans for 2 phones, it is not only restricted to 4 lines.

    Reason To Choose Cricket Wireless Phone Plan

    1) Plans & Pricing

    The plans offered by cricket wireless are very easy, straightforward, and simple to understand. The basic monthly charges on the plans include text, talk, and data. There are additional services that are included in the higher-level plans.

    The pricing is also quite competitive compared to the other providers in the market. Their plan pricing is as follows:

    • $25 for a basic plan without data.
    • $30 for 2GB of data comes with an optional add-on feature to buy an extra 1 GB and access to Deezer Music.
    • $40 fr 5GB data with an option to buy an extra 1GB, access to Deezer Music, AutoPay discount or group save, and more.
    • $55 for 22GB data with a max speed of 3Mbps, access to Deezer Music, group save or AutoPay discount, and more.
    • $60 for 22GB data with a max speed of 8Mbps, access to Deezer Music, AutoPay discount or group saves options, and more.

    2) Network Coverage

    Cricket’s cell phone network covers 99% of Americans. Cricket Wireless is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that is owned and runs under AT&T’s network. Cricket Wireless also launched its 5G nationwide coverage in August 2020.

    Be sure to check the coverage map online as there are some areas where roaming and coverage may be different.

    3) Phone Selection

    Cricket wireless offers smartphones at every price point, you can also check out some of the amazing phone deals that are on offer with some even being free. It also offers the option to bring your own device, as long as it is compatible with the network.

    For you to get the free phone, you have to bring your number to the service and have it activated on a plan that qualifies. You may also get a free government smartphone if you qualify.

    4) Customer Service

    Cricket has retail stores widely spread across the country hence it has more and better customer service options compared to its competitors. Customer care is also always ready to help in case you have issues with your account. There is also customer support available through live chat and phone too.

    Cricket Wireless Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no additional fees or taxes with Cricket Wireless. The price that you see on the plan is exactly what you pay. This also implies that there are no contracts, credit checks, or commitments.

    If you exceed your data, there are no overage fees or any additional charges to your account, you, however, get slower data speeds until the plan renews for the next period. There is, however, an activation fee of $25.

    Does Cricket Wireless offer hotspot plans with phone plans?

    Yes, mobile hotspot plans are available as part of the add-on features with the Cricket Core Plan and ha a limit of 10GB each month. The Cricket More Plan also includes 15GB of Mobile Hotspot.

    Once the 10GB of hotspot usage is depleted, the hotspot data speeds are slowed to a maximum of 128Kbps until the billing cycle for that month is complete. You can check your mobile hotspot usage separately from your phone’s cellular data usage. Your phone needs to be compatible with the Mobile Hotspot feature for you to enjoy this.

    Where can I find my usage data?

    You can find this by simply visiting the usage section in My Account for your data usage history, seeing your international call log, and for your high-speed data usage.

    Here are the steps to view data usage:
    * Open your myCricket app and sign in.
    * Tap on the Usage button at the bottom of the screen.
    * If you have more than one line under your account, select the line you want to view usage. (You can view your usage details by date).
    It is that simple!

    How do I set up myCricket App?

    The myCricket App allows you to make payments, view usage, check data, add features, or even change your plan. It lets you manage your Cricket account on the go.

    Setting up the myCricket is quite simple and straightforward. For android devices purchased from Cricket, the app is already pre-installed for you. However, if you are using an Apple device, or bring your own device, you do not have to stress. Once you activate your device, a text message with a link to the app is sent to you.

    Also, you can easily download the app yourself on the App Store for iPhone users and Google play store for android owners. After you have installed the app, you will be required to set up a myCricket account.

    Will high-speed data work in Mexico and Canada?

    If you are on a Cricket unlimited plan, you can have high-speed data in Mexico and Canada. The data speeds in Mexico and Canada are subject to the capabilities of the local service providers, your plan, your location, and the type of device you are using.

    If you are not on an unlimited plan, once you go above the high-speed data allowance included in your plan, the speeds are reduced to a max of 128Kbps for the rest of your monthly plan cycle.

    Bottom Line

    Cricket wireless offers relatively low prices and good network coverage. It may not provide blazing internet speeds, but it is still good enough. It is a perfect option for someone who primarily wants to talk and text, with less app usage.

    Just like any other data service provider, Cricket Wireless has its pros and cons too with the biggest con being the fact that they have data caps and speed throttling. Other than this, however, Cricket wireless has a good performance and is a good deal if you are looking into huge data bill savings.