The Internet is an essential aspect for nearly everyone around the world. Almost every service offered by companies or businesses is done online, and for you to access them, you need to have a stable Internet connection.

    Sadly, Internet penetration hasn’t been widely fulfilled, especially in the United States, since some rural areas lack adequate capacities to incorporate Internet service providers. However, the best unlimited prepaid Internet for home service providers covers nearly 100% of the US population.

    There are many types of Internet packages offered by service providers. Some offer the Internet with data caps which is quite frustrating if you love surfing the web or using large amounts of data.

    Other service providers offer unlimited Internet services but may come in postpaid or prepaid plans. Then limited prepaid Internet packages seem to be liked by many considering their flexibility, and there is not too much financial commitment from the internet user.

    Despite there being free Internet without paying, many do not consider these options since the plans have data caps whereby speeds are slowed when you reach a specific limit. Here we aim to unravel the best unlimited prepaid Internet for home, and we will look at the five best service providers to consider.

    We will also cover choosing the best unlimited prepaid Internet for home and applying for the service. If you are of low income or no income, we will guide you on how you can get free Internet for your home.

    Best ways to choose the Best unlimited prepaid internet for home

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the best unlimited prepaid Internet for home, and they include the following:

    i) Network coverage

    The first thing to consider is network coverage. It would help if you evaluated whether the network coverage of this service provider is adequate within your location. This will help save costs on buying things like repeaters, too, help in boosting Wi-Fi signal in your home.

    ii) Internet speeds

    Internet speeds are essential since this will be based on the activities you perform on the Internet. If you are a heavy gamer, you need Internet speeds to be as fast as over 200 Mbps. However, if you wish to have the Internet for primary usage, getting an internet service package with around 30 Mbps at the minimum is recommended.

     In general, it all comes down to the user’s preference regarding the services or tasks to be achieved while using the Internet.

    iii) Costs

    Cost is a significant factor to consider since you need to have a budget before buying the unlimited prepaid Internet for home plan. You should also ensure that you’ll be able to meet payments on time in the long run with your chosen plan.

    Later in the article, we will unravel the five best service providers who offer affordable Internet packages. On costs, ensure the service provider has no hidden cost or extra taxes on the displayed price. You can also do extensive research by reading the comments from the community page or users who experienced their services.

    iv) Customer support

    Customer support is an essential aspect as it determines the relationship between the company and the customer. You need to ensure the customer support team has good communication skills. Some customer support agents may be proficient in several languages besides English, which can be a plus.

    If you contact customer support and notice they are not reliable, ensure to report the issue to your potential service provider.

    v) Type of Internet connection

    There are s several types of Internet connections which range from fiber optic, cable, and satellite connectivity. Consider a connection that offers a fast, stable, and reliable Internet connection to your homestead. Fiber optic is considered the best option since it is a current generation of Internet connect with has high speeds, it is easier to maintain.

    The other types of Internet connections are also reliable, but it all comes down to the service provider offering that type of connection.

    Applications for unlimited prepaid Internet for home

    The application for prepaid Internet for the home plan is quite simple and entails the following steps:

    Step 1: Choose a network

    A person needs to determine the network offered by the service provider. Should evaluate based on their coverage and the type of connection. Also, checking online reviews from people who have used the service can be used as a determining factor on the reliability of the network.

    Step 2: Choose a plan

    They prepare the Internet for home plans that come at varying prices. Evaluate the best plan best on your budget and the Internet speeds you want. Another factor is the equipment needed for installation, which in most cases are included in the pricing for the Internet plan. Remember to cross-check the price of this plan to avoid any hidden costs.

    Step 3: Installation

    Once you have chosen the plan, the customer service agent will be in touch on installation day. You may be required to purchase new equipment depending on the type of Internet connection you have chosen.

    You will only need to purchase a router since the fiber optic cables can easily be pulled straight to your homestead. Other types of connections may require you to purchase equipment such as a satellite dish, a few cables, and a router.

    Step 4: Activation

    Once installation is complete, you can activate it by logging into your account to buy the service provider. The activation is free of charge, and a prerequisite for you buying the Internet package is required.

    The 5 Best unlimited prepaid Internet for home

    In the following we analysis about that providers whose provide unlimited prepaid internet for home.

    1) Xfinity

    Xfinity is ranked a top-tier pioneer in internet plans. Here we will discuss their top tier and budget internet plan. Gigabit Pro is considered their top tier plan and comes with 2000 Mbps internet speeds and uses a Fiber Optic network. The plan costs $299.95/mo and uses a Fiber-optic network that is fast and reliable. This is a plan recommended for mega users like warehouses or companies with many people.

    The affordable plan offered by Xfinity is the $29.99/mo Performance starter plan. Performance starter plan offers 25 Mbps of downloads/upload speeds. It uses Cable connectivity, and it is the best option for an amid social networker. You can find all these plans by visiting Xfinity.

    2) T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is a giant in the Mobile industry and offers some unique features that can’t be compared to other service providers. They have no monthly equipment fee or installation fees.

    The best plan is the $50/mo home internet package that comes with no annual service contracts and offers high-speed internet connectivity. The network comes with a reliable connection except during network congestion, where you may notice slow internet speeds due to data prioritization.

    To get started with the plan, you first need to check availability. From there, apply for the plan, and you’ll receive a 5G WI-FI Gateway device. The process will be completed when you download the T-Mobile App and set it up in minutes.

    3) Verizon

    Verizon FIOS is one of the popular internet packages offered by Verizon wireless. The Verizon FIOS internet speeds range at 940/880 Mbps. This package comes with ultra-Low latency, meaning you get a smooth experience when gaming or streaming.

    The plan comes with no extra fees or any contracts. You also get a free router and a WIFI extender on rental based on your request. The plan covers a vast part of the US, and you may be required to check availability. You can get this package by visiting Verizon home Fios.

    CenturyLink offers some fantastic deals on Unlimited prepaid internet plans for home use. The internet packages can offer speeds of up to 940 Mbps. The plans start at $50/mo and come with Unlimited data.

    The network is very reliable, and you get minimal downtime experiences. Discounts apply if you opt for AutoPay and Paperless billing. To get the plan, simply head over to CenturyLink’s internet and provide your location. From there, you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

    5) Cox

    Last on our list is the famous Cox, which offers the best deals on internet plans for the home. The service provider’s internet plans start at $29.99/mo, which offers 25 Mbps of internet speeds. The top tier plan is the $99.99 plan which offers 940 Mbps download speeds. To apply for the Cox internet plans, visit cox internet.

    Bottom line

    The best unlimited prepaid Internet for the phone is a great avenue to get affordable internet plans. The service providers listed in this article are very reliable and offer close to 99% coverage. If you are looking for the best internet option for rural areas, we list the best options. Just visit their website or the nearest retail store to get started!