Monthly bills on internet access can be pretty expensive and not affordable to many homes in both rural and urban areas. However, several ways how to get free internet at home without paying can help you have internet access for work email, student access for online learning and assignment, and social and entertainment purposes.

    Residents in the US experience uneven access to the internet, especially during the last occurred pandemic. Interestingly, several free options might help you get high-speed internet without cable or a phone.

    Besides, a few ways exist to get access to affordable internet access, including government programs that will give incentives on your internet service provider (ISP) bill if you qualify. You don’t have to worry anymore about internet unavailability in your home. Follow this article to the end for a remedy.

    On the other hand, long-term internet infrastructure development is complicated and requires huge investments that may take forever to establish.

    Therefore, understanding the multiple ways to get an internet connection completely free of charge or reduce cost can be a short-term solution to these challenges. Additionally, it’s crucial during a global crisis and any moment of financial stress.

    Our Recommended 5 Top Free Internet At Home Without Paying Providers

    The Most Successful and authentic service providers who are provide internet at home for free, lets begin to start.

    1) FreedomPop

    FreedomPop is a mobile provider that provides wireless internet, and it is based in Los Angeles, California. This company believes that everyone deserves internet access in this modern age. They provide talk, text, and data plans, which cost $0.00 per month.

    However, different options exist depending on which kind of service you want. You can buy a phone, where you will have to sign up for a device and plan when you checkout. You will get mailed a phone, and then you will require to download their Messaging application to start the service.

    On the other hand, the FreedomPop uses a cellular service known as VoIP, which is where you utilize a data connection to support the calls and text that you use. The devices get signals from close network towers powered by other more extensive US networks.

    2) NetZero

    NetZero is an old provider that started in 1998 and used a dial-up connection, and they’re still a suitable option if you want to get free internet at home without paying. If you are not a heavy internet consumer, this is the perfect choice for you. However, you will receive 10 hours each month for free with plans if you want to upscale your internet consumption.

    Notably, NetZero still uses the dial-up connection to date. If you’ve possessed a phone line, you can utilize NetZero to connect to the internet for absolutely free. On the downside, you’ll get availed of 10 hours per month if you choose to stay on the free plan.

    Additionally, you can subscribe to NetZero paid plans if you are comfortable with the free service. The carrier’s plans tend to cost significantly cheaper than the ordinary internet service provider plans. You will still get services through dial-up, so the speed won’t be as fast or powerful as the big ISPs. If you don’t mind about power or high-speed internet, dial-up can be an excellent low-cost option for you.

    3) Wi-Fi Map

    The above is a download app that will give you access to millions of Wi-Fi spots. Users upload the Wi-Fi spots so that other users can utilize them when they come to these areas. Fortunately, there are over 100 million free Wi-Fi locations available, and they offer both map and list views with passwords that you will require to connect to it.

    However, all you require to do is download the app and search in the area you want to access the internet. Then, you will get those near to you, and you can select which one to use. The benefit is that you can switch connections and get great Wi-Fi with stronger signals.

    4) InstaBridge

    You can use InstaBridge, a free internet app for your smartphone that conveniently provides you with Wi-Fi spots and passwords on the go. This app was initially designed as a way to share your home Wi-Fi with your friends on Facebook. But, gradually, it grew to a larger Wi-Fi sharing company.

    Most importantly, this app will give you the nearest places with free Wi-Fi, plus the walking distance and performance. It will automatically connect you to the ones that work and cut off those that don’t function.

    Interestingly, you can list your own home Wi-Fi to allow sharing with family and friends. This way, you won’t have to share Wi-Fi passwords every time they want to log in.

    5) All Free ISP

    The above is a listing of all broadband internet services in different locations with a database of free Internet service providers. Besides, the directory helps customers get free and affordable Wi-Fi access. It helps to know what is the best internet option for rural areas, for anyone in a dilemma on which provider offers the best internet services.

    All Free ISP doesn’t offer you free internet, but it helps find the best internet deals. The tool enables you to select between 4 or 5 ISPs, and then you can figure out the one that gives the best prices. You type in your state or zip code, and it will provide you with a list of providers all the free and cheap internet service providers in your area.

    Most importantly, All Free ISP also gives reviews of all the various providers, so you can conduct some research before signing up. On the downside, these providers run on dial-up, which is unsuitable for today’s typical internet consumers. However, a slow internet connection is preferable to no internet at all.

    Precautions To Access Free Internet Safely

    If you have free internet at your home using any of the above ways or any other program like the Free Government Internet, you need to browse the internet safely. Having a private network at home is a suitable choice if you are concerned about your information spreading across a public Wi-Fi system.

    However, it’s not an affordable option for everyone, and if you access your free internet using a public hotspot, you ought to be careful. The following are free access to internet precautions that explain you need to be vigilant concerning your security.

    i) Use Secure Websites

    When using the public internet, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, you are prone to severe security issues. Thus, you must keenly pay attention to the security of the websites you open. One of the vital things is to check the URL of the website.

    The URL should have ‘https:’ at the front, which means it’s secure and won’t interfere with your data. You also need to check for trust elements on sites you intend to make a purchase. Pay attention to trust seals from PayPal, Verisign,  or other trustworthy sites.

    ii) Protect Your Personal Information

    If you want to maintain your data secure, you must check out your computer’s security settings. Besides, you should have a preinstalled security program, like a firewall, that can block malicious sites from accessing your information. Never store your passwords in your browser.

    Additionally, ensure that your browser doesn’t save cookies and blocks sites with security threats. Enter your personal information carefully on websites, including your social security number or bank information, among others. Ensure you log out of your website and email accounts after use.

    iii) Avoid Automatic Connections

    There exists a box labeled “Connect Automatically,” or something similar on your laptop or mobile device for Wi-Fi connections. Ensure to uncheck this box.

    Of course, it’s convenient for your device to connect automatically in a range of a connection, but it’s not safe for your personal data. Hackers can gain the potential to access your information using the connection, so connect manually and remember to disconnect after you’re done using the internet.

    iv) Use A VPN For Extra Security

    A VPN denotes virtual private networks and is a safer tool to protect yourself if you’re not browsing on a secure internet connection. It offers a barrier between personal information and the internet; encrypt data that moves to and from the connection and your device.

    Interestingly, you can even connect to a different country for an extra form of protection to seal your identity. There are available VPNs for mobile devices as well. Hence, you can even store your tablet and phone data safely.

    Bottom line

    If you don’t have access to a strong internet connection, can’t afford the services of any providers, or don’t offer services where you live, dive in knowing several ways of getting free internet in this guideline.