Xfinity is a company under Comcast primarily dealing with cable TV and the Internet, providing regular promotions to existing customers. You get access to Xfinity promotions for existing customers and high-speed internet for streaming videos and other content with the right deal. However, Comcast is a national company, and these services are available in most locations across the 50 states.

    Moreover, Xfinity provides wireless phone service via Xfinity Mobile. If you’re a new Xfinity customer, who wants to switch from your current phone service to Xfinity Mobile, in addition to bringing your own phone, you can get a prepaid $50 Visa card. Besides, special discounts are applicable for existing customers are offered by Xfinity. If you have at once purchased on Xfinity, the existing customer discount is there for you.

    There are promotions displayed for Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers to support old customers. When using these promotions, you should copy and paste Promo Codes on when paying for your order. If you buy many goods at once at Xfinity, you can receive a considerable discount like 30% OFF. Most importantly, ensure the products you select are under the coverage of existing customer discounts.

    Xfinity Promotion Tips

    Xfinity services naturally provide several ways to save, from Xfinity cashback deals via prepaid Visa cards to status-based discounts. You can get plenty of in-store coupons, discount codes, and printable promo codes that can enable you to lower the cost of your monthly bills.

    Ways to Use Xfinity Coupons

    If you get an Xfinity online coupon code in your email or a promotion component, it’s easy to credit it for your next purchase, rental or monthly bill. When you tap on the coupon, you will get prompted to activate it.

    Then, choose the Xfinity service you wish to apply your coupon for. Immediately, your online discounts and online promo codes will reflect. Xfinity does not provide stackable coupons or cashback now.

    i) Bundle and Save

    Proceed to the Bundles and Deals page to learn ways to save when purchasing multiple products from this company. The provider gives several Xfinity deals when you combine internet, cable, mobile services, and telephone.

    However, you have to submit your home address to receive notifications about the ongoing local Xfinity promos. You don’t necessarily need to find an Xfinity sale to acquire some great deals.

    ii) Join The Xfinity Email Program

    If you want to have information at your fingertips on the latest Xfinity news, products, and holiday sales, it only takes a little time to sign up for the monthly Xfinity Newsletter.

    In this case, you will get notified with local and relevant information to your area, which might comprise printable coupons and store-specific in-store deals.

    iii) Refer Friends and Get Up To $500 Cash

    If you invite friends to join Xfinity’s internet and cable services, the benefit will be mutual. If anyone signs up with your referral code, you will get a nice thank you from the company and receive some handsome cash.

    Additionally, you will get a prepaid Visa card reward, which can add up to an extra $500 per year in your pocket. Xfinity doesn’t offer a rewards program or a loyalty program, so engaging in the refer a friend initiative is a suitable way to receive recurring deals and online discounts for your referrals.

    iv) Status-Based Discounts

    Xfinity keeps you on track financially while you’re in school, so it provides money-saving student discounts. You need to click on the Student Offers link and give information about you and your school. After finishing the sign-up process, you can see the services available on Xfinity offers for students.

    On the other hand, if you are in the military, you can receive a $25 Xfinity promo code applicable to your next purchase or bill. Some customers even qualify for a $100 Visa prepaid gift card if they attain specific registration requirements.

    Xfinity Promotions For Existing Customers

    You can save a huge quantity of money on your phone and wireless service with Xfinity promotions for existing customers. You can receive a massive discount on the latest smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and more. The ongoing promotions include:

    1) Save $300 On The All-New iPhone 13 Pro

    If you are an existing customer replacing or upgrading a mobile phone, you can get a $300 Visa Prepaid Card from Xfinity. However, new customers and new line activations get $300 off iPhone for number transfer within 30 days. The credits get applied over 24 months of the device payment plan, plus the offer ends 10/21.

    2) Free $150 Gift Card With Xfinity Internet +TV Bundles

    Get the best internet + TV plan that suits your budget. You can sign up to receive a free Visa prepaid card amounting to $150 on eligible plans that combine fast internet with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, 210 channels, and unlimited calls. This offer for existing customers ends on 12/31/2021.

    3) 30% Off Plans With Xfinity Promotions

    You can save as much as 30% off when you sign-up for a 2-year service plan that features fast internet, streaming, and mobile calls. You can select from various plans that comprise different download speeds, premium channels, unlimited data, and more. This promotion expires on 12/31/2021.

    4) Xfinity Mobile Internet Service From $59.99

    Existing customers can enjoy data on the go with Xfinity Mobile internet service. From as low as $59.99 per month, you can get fast internet speeds, access wifi hotspots, and much more. This offer ends on 10/31/2021.

    5) Free $150 Visa On Xfinity Gigabit Plan

    When you enroll for a Gigabit plan, you can enjoy download speeds of 1200Mbps on an unlimited number of devices. You’ll also get a free $150 Visa prepaid card with no Xfinity promo code required. This promotion is valid until 10/20/2021.

    6) Free $50 Gift Card With Performance Pro Internet At Xfinity

    When you sign up for a Performance Pro internet service for as low as $29.99 per month, you get up to 200 Mbps internet speeds. Thus, you can stream or play online games seamlessly. Additionally, you receive a free $50 Visa prepaid card when you join immediately.

    7) Xfinity Promotions For Internet + Flex Starting At $39.99 Discount

    Enroll for Xfinity Internet service with Flex 4K streaming box plus Voice Remote, starting at $39.99 per month. You can get an internet download speed of up to 1200Mbps and connect several devices at once. The expiry for this promotion is 12/31/2021.

    8) Internet + TV Plan Starting At $89.99 With Xfinity Promotions

    The above promotion allows you to get fast internet speed, access streaming sites, TV channels, and DVR service with Xfinity. You can enjoy all these when you buy a plan starting as low as $89.99 per month. You can also stream up to 12 devices simultaneously.

    Bottom Line

    Monthly wireless services bills can be a little bit costly, and for this reason, Xfinity customers are safe from this norm. The company occasionally offers terrific promotions to its new and current customers. Notably, it would help if you had all of the latest in-store promo codes, Xfinity online coupons, and other types of discount codes so you can receive the best in-store discounts and online deals every moment you shop at Xfinity.