If you already have a Verizon phone service, you can upgrade to a more economical internet with reliable Verizon Fios deals for existing customers. This type of internet offers ultra-fast speed to help you stream music, game, and download HD movies. Verizon Fios offers existing customers more affordable internet deals and maybe worth choosing if you have a limited financial budget.

    Moreover, Verizon Fios deals for existing customers help you improve the connection and on-plan packages. Using Verizon Fios, you can easily mix and match internet, TV, and phone services together. Besides, Fios fastest internet offers you upload speeds of up to 25x faster than cable. Verizon Fios’s internet and TV comprise different packages that vary in channel count, download speed, and pricing.

    Verizon Wireless is a budget-friendly carrier that offers fantastic deals on cell phone plans, smartphones, and Verizon tablet deals. So, if you’re an android lover, an iPhone fan looking for a way to lower monthly bills on the internet, this guide will help you determine the best Verizon Fios deals for you.

    Process That Verizon Fios Work

    Verizon Fios is a combination of media internet packages that can also provide you with Fios TV service. However, Fios enable you to customize your home internet plans to have precisely the feature set you need, have on-demand media, and fast Fios internet speeds.

    Interestingly, some packages offer other bonuses, including discounts on home automation technology. The multiple devices integrate with Verizon Fios offering superior quality internet service. Also, the Verizon low-income internet is available for eligible households who meet the federal government poverty guidelines.

    Moreover, signing up for Fios comes with some bonus rewards, which you can benefit from. These advantages vary depending on your area but generally include promotional Fios TV packages, free Disney Plus, and higher speeds.

    Comparison Of Verizon Fios Internet Deals

    1) Verizon Bundle Verses Fios Internet-Only

    Fios provides quality TV plans in addition to home phone service. These bundling services can be helpful if you choose to use all three services instead of buying each service from separate companies.

    2) Contract verses No-contract

    Verizon recently terminated the contract plans in favor of month-to-month pricing. This option is an excellent move for renters and students, so bear that in mind when comparing with a provider that still has a 1–2 year contract.

    3) Taxes and Fees

    Note that taxes and fees may increase the monthly price of your service with any provider. However, Fios currently started providing free routers for Fios Gigabit Internet.

    Advantages of Verizon Fios

    i) TV Packages

    Entertainment is an essential aspect of your daily life; hence it’s crucial to embrace it. You can choose from a variety of Fios TV packages with the help of the Fios TV Test Drive. Or, you can stream live TV with YouTube TV.

    ii) Fios Internet

    You can get a Verizon upgrade for faster WiFi and boost your online entertainment experience today because streaming is good when your internet speed is good.

    iii) Digital Phone

    You can get nationwide and international coverage that matches your blazing-fast Fios Internet speeds. If you want unlimited national calls and your choice of 20+ calling features, you can shop online to get a Fios upgrade for your phone.

    iv) Mix and Match on Fios

    Bundling is one way you can save big on Verizon Fios. You can mix and match your perfect Fios package. If you want fast internet to great entertainment, you can get everything you need and get started by choosing your Fios package today.

    The Cheapest Verizon Fios Deals

    Verizon Fios provides several cheapest deals for their customers. These deals are as follows –

    1. $39.99 Fios Internet Promotion

    You can get Verizon Fios 200 Mbps/200 Mbps Internet Promotion for $39.99. This deal has

    • No Annual Contract at $39.99  per month for One Year.
    • Plan Includes 12 Months of AMC+ for Free.
    • Fios Internet with an upload speed of 200 Mbps and 200 Mbps download.
    • Savings of up to $40 more per month with unlimited wireless.
    • Up to a $500 credit to assist you to cover the early termination fee from another provider.
    • Must sign up for auto-pay.

    2. $64.99 Fios Internet Promotion

    Get Verizon Fios 400 Mbps/400 Mbps Internet Promotion for 64.99. This deal has

    • No Annual Contract
    • A Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite and 12 Months of AMC+
    • Saving up p to $40 more with unlimited wireless
    • Fios Internet with upload speeds of 400 Mbps and 400 Mbps download
    • $500 credit offer to help cover early termination fee from another provider
    • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay

    3. $89.99 Fios Gigabit Internet Promotion

    Get Verizon Fios 940 Mbps/880 Mbps Internet Promotion for $89.99. The following are the deal terms:

    • Whole-Home WiFi Included + Get a Samsung Chromebook 4 Free
    • Plan Includes 12 Months of AMC+ for Free
    • Router Rental Included
    • Free Stream TV
    • Save Up to $40 More with Unlimited Wireless
    • Fios Internet with Speeds of 940 Mbps Upload and 880 Mbps Download
    • Up to a $500 credit to assist cover early termination fee from another provider
    • Must Sign Up for Auto-pay

    4. $85 More Fios TV

    This Verizon Fios TV deal enables you to

    • Get up to $50 in Verizon Gift Card
    • Get a Google Nest Mini free
    • Enjoy Inclusive of 1st Set Top Box and Basic DVR
    • Watch anything from 300+ channels

    Verizon Wireless Promotional Deals For Existing Customers

    Verizon wireless provides different categories of promotional deals to their existing customers to improve their services. The following represents different types of promotions.

    i) Discounted Promotions

    This promotional deal provides a monthly credit to settle the cost to buy your device. The credit gets applied to your billing statement for more than 24 months. Besides, to enjoy this promotion as an existing customer, you must upgrade your existing line.  Notably, these promotions are subject to change with time.

     ii) Buy One Get One Promotion

    This BOGO is another fantastic promotion from Verizon that provides another device for free or at discounted price anytime you purchase a device at a total cost.

    iii) Trade-in Promotion

    If you want to benefit from this promotion, you need to trade in any perfect working smartphone and receive a monthly credit on your billing statement.

    iv) Military Prepaid Master Card Promotion

    This promotion applies to military workers, veterans, reservists, or first responders. Besides, the eligible customers get 100$ prepaid MasterCard, smartphone activation, and a two-year agreement. You prove your military status to qualify for this promotion.

    Method To Get The Best Verizon Phone Deals

    With most cell phone carriers, you can only get the best out of Verizon’s deals if you’re a new customer switching from a different carrier. However, this is not the case with Verizon; existing customers can get the best, including the Verizon iphone deals for existing customers. One way of getting this deal is by purchasing the new device on a monthly payment plan, usually on one of Verizon’s unlimited plans.

    However, existing customers savings are slightly lower than those provided to new customers. But Verizon tends to pack some of the more generous trade-in deals. In most cases, other carriers require your trade-in device in excellent condition to receive the maximum saving. In contrast, Verizon only requires your trade-in device to be in good working order.

    Final Words

    Verizon Fios Internet is the best choice of home internet among many Internet Service Providers in the US. This internet rates the best in low prices, fast download speeds, and good customer service. However, prices and speeds vary depending on where you live, and you don’t have to sign an annual contract to get Verizon Fios internet service.