Bring your own device program has become quite popular among millions of Americans. This program allows users to bring their devices to a service provider hence eliminating any extra costs required to purchase a new phone. BYOP is quite popular among prepaid cell phone providers since there are no contracts, and bringing your device does not have an intense application process. The Assurance wireless bring your own phone program is one of the best options when you wish to opt for BYOP.

    Despite Assurance wireless being a lifeline service provider, the network allows its customers to bring their own devices to the network. The user will still get a free cell phone plan but may not get a free phone or Tablet from Assurance wireless. Bringing your own device to Assurance wireless entails an application process like getting a free government phone.

    Also, the critical factor to consider is phone compatibility. If the device is compatible, you may proceed to apply for the service. From this article, we will unravel insights on bringing your device to Assurance wire3less. We will cover how to check phone compatibility, qualification, and eligibility terms and some of the best plans you can get based on BYOP.

    Terms Of Bring Your Phone from Assurance Wireless

    Assurance wireless allows the customers to bring their device to the network under some specific terms:

    i) The phone should be unlocked

    A locked phone is tied to a particular network, making it hard to use on another network. Ensure that the device is unlocked. If the phone is locked, contact your service provider requesting them to unlock the device. You may also consider purchasing unlocking codes online that may unlock the device.

    ii) The phone should not be reported lost or stolen

    Your phone should never be reported stolen or lost, as this will bring about legal constraints when applying for an Assurance Wireless cell phone plan. You can do a mini-background check by contacting your local authorities to see if there are any criminal records on the device. This may apply if you buy a second-hand device.

    iii) The phone compatibility with the network

    Later in the article, we will give insights on how to check phone compatibility. Phone compatibility is essential as it ensures your device works with the network. These are just some of the factors to put in if you wish to bring your device to Assurance Wireless.

    Eligibility For Assurance Wireless Bring Your Own Phone

    Before starting BYOD, eligibility terms must be met. There are several ways in which one may meet these terms and entail the following to get your device like free phone or free tablet with assurance wireless:

    a) Income

    If the person’s income is below 135% of the Federal Poverty level, then they may qualify to bring their phones to the network. You may also be required to submit tax documents and any other required income-related documents during the application process.

    b) Participation in Lifeline programs

    Lifeline programs aim to provide certain services at no cost to people of low income or no income at all. If you have participated in such programs, Assurance wireless allows you to bring your phone to the network.

    Some of the eligible programs include Medicaid, Food stamps, Federal Public Housing Assistance at Section 8, Tribal head start, supplemental security income, Veteran Pension, and survivor’s benefit.

    These are some of the options which you can use to see if you qualify to bring your device to the network. Proof to show that you participated in the lifeline program is also required.

    Procedure To Check Phones Compatibility With Assurance Wireless

    You can know if your device is compatible with Assurance wireless by using the phone compatibility checker on the Assurance wireless website. The checker will use your IMEI number to get data about your phone’s network technology.

    To get started, obtain your IMEI number. This can be done by dialing *#06#. Once you have the IMEI number, go to the IMEI checker on the Assurance wireless website and see if the device is compatible. If the phone is compatible, a prompt will be issued with the following instructions to follow. Are the device is not compatible, you will also receive a prompt that may subject you to apply for a free cell phone and plan from Assurance Wireless.

    If you have several devices, use the same procedure to check on compatibility. If a device is compatible, use it to apply for the BYOP program.

    Bring Your Own Phone to Assurance Wireless – The Steps

    Here is a complete guide on how you can bring your phone to Assurance Wireless:

    Step 1: Check phone requirements

    The first step will be to check if the phone meets basic requirements like being unlocked and never being reported stolen or lost. Ensure to do some simple checks to see if the device is specifically unlocked. A simple test you can do is place a T-Mobile sim card and observe any network bars.

    Step 2: Check phone compatibility

    The next step would be to check phone compatibility. Earlier on, we mentioned how it could be done using the IMEI checker. The checker takes a short time to see if the device is compatible or not. If the phone is not compatible, you will receive a prompt directing you to apply for a free phone and plan. You may also choose to bring a new device.

    Step 3: Meet the eligibility terms

    Once confirmed that the device is compatible, the next step would be to check if you meet the eligibility terms. You can choose from several terms, and once you have confirmed the right option, you can proceed to the next step.

    You may also be required to submit some documents and certificates to show that you are eligible for the service.

    Step 4: Create an online account

    Once you meet the terms, create an online account at Assurance Wireless. This process takes a short time, and you will be required to fill in your name, location, email address, and any other relevant information.

    Step 5: Fill the Application form

    Once you have an online account, you can choose to fill out an online form or download the form and fill it out offline. If you fill out the form online, ensure to attach scanned copies of the documents required. If you make the application offline, ensure to attach some copies of tax documents or certificates required to prove eligibility.

    Step 6: Approval

    Once approved, you will receive a notification via email. From there, a sim card toolkit will be sent to your address. The person may also choose to collect it at the nearest Assurance wireless store.

    Once everything is set, place the sim card inside the phone. Proceed to your Assurance wireless account and start the activation process. The activation process may take a short time to complete, after which everything will be ready.

    Activation Of Your Assurance Wireless Phone

    After completing the bring your own phone process, you need to activate your phone on the network of Assurance Wireless. The activation procedure is simple and you can do this in two ways. One is by phone and the other is online.

    For activating through your phone, you need to call 1-888-321-5880 from your own phone or any device. Then, you have to follow the prompts to activate our Assurance Wireless phone.

    You can activate your Assurance Wireless device online by following the steps underneath.

    1. First, visit the official website of Assurance Wireless and then log into your own account.
    2. Next, click on the button of “Activate SIM card“.
    3. Then, follow the prompts with a view to entering the IMEI number of your phone.
    4. You need to select also the model of your phone.
    5. By giving your contact number and shipping details, accomplish the activation process.

    Once the activation process is successful, you will receive a text message showing that you’re welcomed to Assurance Wireless network.

    Final Words

    Bringing your own device to Assurance wireless is considered a great option if you do not purchase a phone. There is a wide variety of Assurance wireless compatible phones, making it easier for a phone to be compatible.

    This article has also covered some of the terms required to bring your phone to the network. We also gave an in-depth, step-by-step guide on how to bring your phone to the network. At this point, you have all the insights needed to bring your phone to Assurance Wireless.