What smartphones are compatible with assurance wireless?

The most of United States resent knows about the assurance wireless. The assurance wireless telecommunications is another one of the biggest part of lifeline programs. We knows that, the lifeline is federal government programs and under the programs more than 54 companies provide free cell phones for low income families. The assurance wireless is one of them and today I am going to talk about assurance wireless compatible phones.

What is compatible phone for assurance wireless?

Really do you a lifeline consumers? If yes! Than nothing to talk about lifeline classic and basic phone. For your kinds help I am explaining something about it. Once you subscribe into the lifeline programs, they will give you free classic cellphone that is really not compatible for you and your family members.

But most of the lifeline cell phones providers have a bunch of opportunities to update the class phone. The assurance wireless also have the greatest options to update your classic cellphone to upgrade smartphones like iPhone X, Samsung galaxy s9 etc.

compatible with assurance wireless

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Here I have present for you a bunch of assurance wireless compatible phones.

1.  iPhone 5c

This is one more great creation of apple company. iPhone 5c come first on the list because of this phone convenient proficiency. This phone supported 1GB RAM and variant internal storage which is defend on price as well, 8/16/32 GB. Processor is another speed up method of any device and iPhone 5c come with dual core which calculated 1.3 GHz.

When you try to buy iPhone device then you don’t need to check anything else because iPhone devices RAM processor and most of the part is different from then every others cell phone. In the network side we can get that this apple device supported every high speed network as well GSM/WCDMA/LTE.

The camera of the iPhone 5c 8 Mega Pixel and when you goes to shot video then you can get 30 FPS with 1080p resolution. Many others pro technological part you will be able to see in this iPhone 5c. Lets see others assurance wireless compatible phones.

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2. Assurance wireless virgin UL40

Virgin UL40 built under assurance wireless company. This phone may be looking like old but did you know that this virgin UL40 supported android version nougat 7.1.  This phone also supported world high speed network 4G LTE. in other side we see that this phone have 8GB internal storage with 1GB RAM.

This is the thing we looking in every mobile before own and the processor is 1.1 quad core processor. We must know that Ram and processor is the only one thing who provide us the our main lag fixing, high speeding and keep safe our phone from hanging.

However this cheapest assurance wireless phone is great in this way. Additionally we have some more question about the phone in our mind as well, the camera, battery and the screen of our phone. So, the time of our discussing about the assurance wireless virgin UL40 then we known that this phone supported, 2 Mega Pixel rear camera and 0.3 Mega Pixel front camera.

We calculated that this phone can cover up to 120 hours standby and 5 hours talk time. However, if you are a individuals of low income family and looking for expensive rate cell phone then it could be the best phone for you.

3. Samsung Entro SPH M270

The Samsung Entro SPH M270 can suit in old and new generation people. In most cases this cell phone for seniors and disabled because, when you look on this phone then you will understand that this phone design is most suitable in then seniors. This is the 1.7 inches flip phone of Samsung.  Under this phone you can get 800, 1900 MHz CDMA this is great network coverage.

This flip phone have numeric keypad, soft keys and Dpad. you can get only one color in this phone design. Additionally you can get some extra feature as well voice dialing, voice commands, TTY/TDD. This phone special proficiency is the battery power of this phone.

This phone battery will cover you 20.0 days which 480 hours this is the best thing which we could follow in every phone. However you can get this phone specially for voice calling because its will give you a huge time coverage battery power.

4. Kyocera Kona S2151 by Virgin Mobile

According to amazon that you can get this phone in very cheapest rate. This is one more best flip phone for individuals of low income family. As you can see that this phone supported large tactical keypad with visual separation which can give you faster typing speed.

Otherwise you this phone supported 2.0 Mega Pixel camera with dedicated function key that’s must be awesome because in most of the low range phone we never able to see the good camera option. You can see in that phone that this phone can be your second best phone.

This phone providing by the virgin mobile and we probably we know the virgin mobile. If you looking for any little phone which will give you the best method of voice calling. The black color of this phone is very competent on this flip phone. However, lets see look in below for know about one more assurance wireless compatible phone.

5. Kyocera Hydro Reach C6743

American can understand the value of this brand phone. First of all this phone is best for supporting LTE which means world fastest network 4G. The time of you buying this cell phone then you could get 1GB LTE data and with talktime privileges.

You can get the network service under the sprint’s network. In the photo section you can get 5 Mega Picture camera resolution. If you want to own this phone then you need to know that this phone have 30 manufacturer warranty method.

In most cases our cell phones speed on the ram and processor and Kyocera Hydro Reach C6743 supported 1GB ram with 8GB internal storage. Otherwise, you can connect up to 64GB external SD card. Smartphone supported 5.1 lollipop android version.

Under this phone you will able to use quad core processor which is really comfortable for this phone.  As a result now we know that this phone really compatible for assurance wireless.


Therefore, there was the specification of 5 compatible phones with assurance wireless. As you can see that assurance wireless have various different cell phone for variant generation people.  

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