Assurance Wireless is among the most renowned telecommunication companies in the United States. Besides, it is also a provider of Lifeline and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) programs supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. Assurance Wireless offers free phones or discounted phone services to qualified low-income households through these programs. Besides, if you are not comfortable with the primary phone given for free by this provider, you can opt for the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade program.

    Notably, the free government phones given for free are either entry-level basic/ flip phones or smartphones. However, this depends on Assurance Wireless phones current availability. Besides, customers don’t have the chance to choose a device. All FREE phones are selected by Assurance Wireless. You can obtain your desired smartphone with the latest features that match your needs through the phone upgrade.

    Most importantly, if you need to upgrade Assurance Wireless cell phone, the first step is to proceed to their website. Then, navigate to “My Account” and find out the process. You can also contact the carrier through their customer service number at 1-888-321-5880 to confirm if you qualify for a device upgrade. Currently, you can upgrade to a better smartphone with advanced features through Assurance Wireless.

    Reasons To Upgrade Your Assurance Wireless Phone

    Generally, there are various reasons why you may decide or even need to upgrade your cell phone on Assurance Wireless upgrade phones. However, the most common reason is if you are dissatisfied with the features and functionality of a free phone with the free Lifeline plan. Besides, you may need an upgrade phone if your free Assurance Wireless phone stops working usually.

    Moreover, if your cell phone got lost, damaged, or stolen, you may opt for a device upgrade or request for Assurance Wireless phone replacement. Besides, the cost you may have to pay for a replacement device may be higher than the price of an upgrade cell phone. Thus it makes sense to check the available Assurance upgrade phones.

    Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade Process

    The upgrade process of Assurance Wireless phone is not as complicated as many thinks. However, you should follow the following simple steps to receive your phone upgrade:

    • 1st Step: Proceed to Assurance Wireless’s official website. Navigate to the “My Account” section. then tap on “Login.”
    • 2nd Step: Sign in using your Assurance account.
    • 3rd Step: Identify the options available on the Assurance Wireless phone upgrade.

    On the downside, you can’t upgrade your Assurance Wireless smartphone entirely free. However, the phone available in this carrier’s online store is highly discounted.

    Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade – The Method

    Proceed to Assurance Wireless’s online shop, which is available at Assurance Wireless website. On this page, choose a cell phone with your preferred features and specifications. However, ensure it meets your telecommunication needs and your budget. The cell phones available at Assurance Wireless vary from time to time as the stocks keep changing and newer models flood the market.

    Moreover, after choosing your ideal phone from the list of upgrade devices provided, press on it to view additional detail or directly add it to the cart by tapping the “ADD TO CART” button. Then, finish the purchase and wait for your cell phone to arrive.

    Again, after receiving the Assurance Wireless upgrade phone, you will require to seal the final step by switching your Assurance Wireless service from your old device to a new upgrade phone. The service transfer process is highlighted in the following sections.

    Steps to Follow After Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade

    After obtaining an upgrade cell phone, the final step includes switching your Assurance Wireless service from your old cell phone to your new device. The details on how to go about the transfer are explained below.

    Switching Your Assurance Wireless Service From Old Phone To A New Upgrade Phone

    To switch your Assurance Wireless service from your old cell phone to a new upgrade device, follow the prompts below.

    • Log in to using your computer
    • Choose Account Login, then input your Assurance Wireless phone number and Account PIN.
    • Proceed to Account Overview on the My Account page.
    • Choose Swap Phones from the listed choices under ‘I Want To’….
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to enter and verify your ESN/MEID number (this number is located under the battery after rejecting the cover).

    Notably, if you are switching to a new plan when transferring to a new phone, you will be directed on how to switch plans. Assurance Wireless will transfer your number and account balance to the new phone. However, your new cell phone should function after you’ve activated the device and it finishes all updates.

    Assurance Wireless Phone Activation Process

    • Long press the Power Button to put on your cell phone. Then, allow for hands-free activation to connect the cell phone to the Assurance Wireless network. Next, allow the cell phone to check for any updates. The phone will power off.
    • After the phone reboots, you may have to customize your phone. You may require to skip the setup screens and finish Step 3 first.
    • Dial 611 and follow the recorded instructions.
    • When prompted, input your Assurance Wireless Account PIN, which is at the top of your Assurance Wireless Approval letter.

    Bottom Line

    Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline provider that offers free phones, including free Android Smartphones, to eligible customers depending on availability. However, If you are an Assurance Wireless dissatisfied with the provided device, you may proceed to Assurance Wireless phone upgrades. Additionally, if your cell phone develops malfunctions and you are unable to receive a Free replacement phone, the next choice would be to consider upgrading.