Assurance Wireless Phone Upgrade – A Complete Guideline

Assurance Wireless is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the US. It is also part of a Lifeline Assistance Program service owned by Virgin Mobile and offers services using the T-Mobile network. Besides, it offers phone services to low-income households at free or low cost. The lifeline program is a government initiative funded by the Universal Service Fund and has members spread across most US states.

Are you tired of your old phone model and you wish to change to a more advanced model? Well, assurance wireless phone upgrade allows you to land on your desirable smartphone. However, you have the option to purchase select Assurance Wireless compatible phones of your choice. If you purchase this new device, the warranty gets provided by the phone manufacturer and not your cellular service provider.

Moreover, if you wish to upgrade your Wireless phones, you need the first step to visit their website. Then, proceed to Assurance Wireless Account to ensure as a customer your account still has or not, so press “My Account” and follow the process. Alternatively, you can also contact the customer service number at 1-888-321-5880 to enquire if you qualify for a device improvement.

Does Assurance Wireless Upgrade Phones Offer

Generally, you can purchase a new or refurbished device as part of your phone upgrade. The purchased phone is usually better in terms of performance and features than the current one you own. Interestingly, an Assurance wireless phone upgrade service is applicable for all customers anytime.

 Besides, you can upgrade to a new device through trade-in and by paying the difference amount towards the total cost of the new device. If you have an outdated device, it’s time to upgrade your phone to the latest technology.

Notably, your upgraded phone comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Thus, if your device develops malfunctions, you can call Assurance Wireless, which will get replaced. However, assurance wireless phone replacement may not necessarily represent the exact model as the original phone.

How Do I Upgrade?

assurance wireless phone upgrade

If you are confident that you are upgrading your Assurance phone, you need to  follow the below simple steps to get your  phone upgrade;

  • Launch Assurance Wireless’s official website.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Go to ‘My Account and search for the options available on the phone upgrade.

However, you can look out for the Assurance Wireless tablet plus, all the upgrade options “shop assurance wireless.” When you get your smartphone, you have to activate it to be able to use it. You would be best to do it immediately after you get the phone to ensure you check for any phone malfunctioning. If you detect any defects, you can instantly call Assurance Wireless service provider or pay a visit to their offices.

How Do I Qualify?

Not everyone is eligible for free phone service, if you would like to qualify for Assurance wireless free phone from the Lifeline program that is given based on specific eligibility criteria. You can qualify for a free smartphone and service based on your gross family income, that is, when your income lies at or below the 135% US Poverty Guidelines.

On the other hand, you can also qualify if you receive aid from the government-supported programs below. The programs are distinct from state to state, and you need to check your state to know which benefit program makes you eligible. You can also receive this valuable offer if you participate in public assistance programs such as:

  • Calfresh
  • Medi-cal
  • SNAP Medicaid
  • Free Lunch Program
  • Section 8 Housing, etc.
  • Work First
  • Woman and Infant Children (WIC)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The application can get done using their website. Or, you can call customer services to help you apply. Lastly, you can also download, print and mail, or fax your application and wait for free assurance wireless services, including a free government phone, 2GB of data, unlimited text messaging, and 350 talk minutes monthly.

i) Program-Based Eligibility

After finding the list of government programs, you need to check the box to the right, showing the programs you are currently getting assistance from. You need to submit proof of program participation and or gross yearly income that includes;

  • A letter from a qualifying agency
  • Photocopy of your Benefits ID Card
  • Statement of your benefits for the current or previous year

ii) Income-Based Eligibility

If you qualify on an income basis, you will check the box with your family size and the amount that identifies your gross yearly income. You also have to avail of 3-months statements such as:

  • Veterans Benefits Statements
  • Retirement or Pension statements
  • Pay stubs
  • SS Benefits
  • Unemployment Benefits statement

iii) Additionally, Provide One Of Each Document

  • State or Federal Income returns
  • Income statement from job
  • Federal letter of General Assistance
  • Divorce papers or child support documentation

How To Get My Assurance Wireless Phone Replaced

Generally, all cell phone, including the free government phones, features a 1-year warranty. However, there are cases when you can get a Free replacement cellphone due to any malfunction that has not happened due to misuse (cracked screen, water damage, drops, falls, etc.) If your phone develops no mechanically related problems within the first year, you can receive a free replacement device for your assurance wireless lost phone.

Moreover, you can also get a free compatible phone with an assurance wireless substitute when your device gets lost, damaged, or stolen in some cases. If your cell phone gets damaged, stolen, or lost, immediately call 1-888-321-5880 to block anyone from misusing your cellphone or using your remaining account balance. In most cases, you may get charged for a replacement device and shipping charges.

Why Replace Assurance Wireless Phone?

You may replace your Assurance carrier device for some of the most common and obvious reasons. You can replace a phone if it gets lost, stolen, or irreparably damaged. However, most users also replace their phones for other reasons not mentioned earlier.

You may want to swap your cellphone if a particular feature is not working correctly. If the device has connectivity issues, call interference, text messages not going through, or a mechanical part of the device gets broken, such as the touch feature, the speakers, or the screen. You may also wish to replace your phone when it is ancient and outdated.

Most importantly, newer phones feature newer and more advanced features, and you may adequately benefit from some of those features. Other common alerts that it may be time to replace your phone include trouble updating the operating system, slow performance, limited storage amount, a lousy camera, trouble charging the device, etc.

Assurance Wireless Warranty Details

All New devices come with a 1-year warranty policy offered by phone manufacturers and not by Assurance Cellular. So, if the machine breaks down within the first year, the general warranty should service the repair or offer you a free new phone.

  • If your phone gets lost or stolen, you need to call the Assurance Wireless customer care at 1-888-321-5880 and explain the occurrence.
  • Request them if you can get a free replacement phone, and they will inform you what your options are. You can receive a replacement phone cost-free, or you might have to pay a small fee for a replacement device.

One-Year Warranty for New Phones

The policy indicates that you can get a new one if you receive a defective device within the first year. However, you must provide the phone’s purchase date and accompany a receipt to replace your cellphone. The warranty can only get exercised by the owner and is in no case transferrable.

During the first-year warranty, procedures are very case-sensitive. Thus, it is advisable to feel free to contact with them for support at 1-888-321-5880 as soon as the issue happens. You can also go to their local representative to help you further.

If your phone malfunctions after the first year, you are most likely to incur the cost for the repair or purchase a replacement phone. Better still, it is recommended to call the Assurance service support at 1-888-321-5880 and inquire specifically about your case.

7-Day Returns

Cell phones purchased directly from Assurance Wireless can be returned within 7 days of purchase through calling Customer Care. Besides, the customer must return the complete, undamaged device packed in the original case, all of its components, and the original receipt.

However, devices purchased from third parties such as Assurance Wireless Sales Agents, Web Store, or authorized retail dealers are subject to their own respective return policies. Additional fees apply for phone number or equipment change requests carried out by customer service. You can ask for a change of your mobile phone number up to three times per year.

How to upgrade Assurance Wireless Sim Card?

You are in luck if you are upgrading your phone through assurance wireless because you can use the same process as outlined in this guide to upgrade your phone. Assurance Wireless offers two different upgrades for customers, so the first thing you want to do is determine which promotion you are using.

If you are using the SIM card upgrade, you will need to provide your current phone number, current SIM card, current account, and payment for the upgrade. Once you have those things, you can visit a wireless assurance store or call their customer service line and have them upgrade your phone.

How Do I upgrade my iPhone with Assurance Wireless?

The good news is that iPhone upgrades are a breeze. It would be best to visit your wireless provider’s store to make the switch. They will handle the rest.

If you have an iPhone and want to upgrade to a newer device, your wireless provider can either do it for you, or you can do it yourself. In either scenario, you will need the following: – Your current iPhone – This is how your wireless provider will transfer your existing account and settings to a new device.

  • A credit card – This is how your wireless provider will fund the upgrade. The receipt for your new iPhone confirms the sale and lets the wireless provider authorize your new device.
  • The iPhone you are upgrading to – This is the device you will use to activate and use your wireless account.
  •  An Apple ID – This is how your wireless provider will activate your new iPhone and sign you up for Apple services.

Moreover, whether your iPhone is nearly out of warranty, you can upgrade it yourself. You can find instructions for upgrading your iPhone online, and most wireless providers will let you upgrade your iPhone online, although some may require you to call in for the upgrade. Most wireless providers will let you upgrade your iPhone online, although some may require you to call in for the promotion.

Is a Wireless Phone Upgrade Worth It?

Upgrading your wireless phone is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, enjoy faster and more reliable internet connections, and take advantage of new technologies without breaking the bank. Most people get a newbie smartphone every couple of years, and it’s worth looking into the possibility of upgrading your current phone.

Furthermore, there are a few things to unforgettable when you are thinking about whether to upgrade your phone. First of all, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting with your wireless contract and what upgrade options you have. Most wireless contracts include an early upgrade fee, usually around $100-300. If you’re not happy with your arrangement and can’t afford to pay that fee, upgrading your phone may not be worth it.

Bottom Line

Cell phones purchased from Assurance Wireless comprise several features you might find on any other reputable carrier’s mobile devices. Assurance wireless phone upgrade will get you sorted if you want to dispose of your old device for a cell phone with a particular set of features you like. You can visit their website to select cell phones that include at least those features you’ve been longing for.