MetroPCS is a mobile virtual network operator that operates on the T-Mobile 4G LTE network. However, as a prepaid or no-contract provider on phone deals, it offers MetroPCS phone replacement whenever your phone gets lost, damaged, or stolen. The company provides mobile device protection that handles all unfortunate scenarios when they occur. You can easily file a claim to request a replacement if you become a victim.

    Most importantly, one of the most significant advantages of selecting MetroPCS wireless service is the premium handset protection plan that they avail to their customers. This plan caters to damages or loss of your MetroPCS device at one low monthly cost. You can opt to have your new smartphone covered and never need to worry about incurring charges for malfunctions, damage, or loss due to theft.

    On the other hand, if your MetroPCS phone gets broken or cracked, there are numerous options to fix it. With the help of cell insurance, you can get a replacement delivered to you on the following day. Additionally, you can have the MetroPCS phone upgrade to replace the lost, damaged, or lost cell phone. Using MetroPCS insurance, you can also receive a replacement device even if your phone gets robbed, lost, or damaged.

    About MetroPCS Insurance

    MetroPCS offers Premium Handset Protection to enable users to present their MetroPCS phone insurance claim in circumstances when the device gets liquid damage, physical damage, theft, loss, or mechanical or electrical breakdown after the manufacturer’s warranty period get expired.

    However, you must report MetroPCS Insurance within 60 to 90 days of the date of loss, and you have the damaged device inclusive of the original prepaid shipping label.

    Premium Handset Protection Program

    This protection program secures your device against all types of damage, including physical and mechanical breakdowns. However, the program protects you after the Manufacturer’s Warranty get expired.

    The Premium Handset Protection Program will be acceptable only seven days from the date you activated or upgraded your phone. The program is only applicable to new MetroPCS devices, and MetroPCS recommends that you file a claim for 60 days starting from the date of the incident.

    Cost Of MetroPCS Premium Handset Protection Plan

    For just $6 per month, you can maintain your new phone or tablet secured from likely damages resulting from malfunctions, drops, and falls, or loss and theft. To enjoy the full benefits of this particular plan, you will have to sign up for the Metro PCS Premium Handset Protection Plan the first time you activate your brand-new phone or tablet. This monthly fee is deductible from the debit or credit card put on your account every month upon approval.

    Enrollment In Premium Handset Protection Policy

    You may qualify for Premium Handset Protection if you upgrade or purchase a new phone. Besides, you get issued seven days from the date of activation or upgrade to enroll in the device insurance program. You can do the registration by contacting the customer support team or visiting a nearby retail store.

    Filing a Claim

    You may register a claim by contacting a customer support agent via phone or by an in-person visit to the MetroPCS website. Besides, your deductible will get charged from your preferred method of payment. The primary things to have when presenting your claim include the following:

    1. Personal Billing address
    2. Mode of payment for your deductible
    3. The IMEI and model of your phone
    4. A description of the incidence and when it occurred
    5. Preferred place to have the replacement sent

    If you contact the customer care team to file a claim, you may ask to answer a few questions to verify your identity. Moreso, you cannot file a claim if you are not an authorized user on account of the device that gets claimed.

    Additionally, you can conduct your deductible payment in a store if you wish or go to a nearby dealer and request your deductible amount. You may require paying a small charge when using the in-store deductible option. Besides, another way to settle your deductible is through a credit card.

    Things To Do If Your Device Is Lost Or Stolen

    You need to call MetroPCS immediately when your device gets lost or stolen because you may be liable for additional usage charges incurred over your rate plan charges, applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges in case of late notification.

    If you request service suspension, you will remain responsible for all charges incurred, but the company may block a lost or stolen device from registering on its and other networks.

    Reasons To Return Your Damaged Device

    Once your claim gets validation, the claimed device remains the company’s property offering your coverage and must get returned to Assurant as soon as you get your replacement. If you don’t return your damaged device to Assurant within 15 days from the date you obtain your phone replacement, you’ll get charged a fee no greater than the value of the replacement device.

    Furthermore, if you’ve lost your phone or got stolen and have Premium Handset Protection (PHP), you will have to contact Asurion to order the next steps for your phone replacement. You can file a claim through the PHP website or by calling 1-888-862-3397.

    Interestingly, MetroPCS can help you to suspend service to your lost or stolen phone, blocking anyone from using your phone to send texts, make calls, or use data for any reason. If you belong to a family plan, suspending service on your phone won’t affect any other lines on your cell phone plan.

    Best 10 Situations About MetroPCS Phone Replacement

    1) Phone Upgrades

    If your phone gets broken, you can take this opportunity to check what MetroPCS has in store for your upgrading needs. If you are interested in phones with newer features, then going for an upgrade phone as a replacement for your damaged phone makes sense.

    2) Old Phones Repairs

    If you spend hundreds of dollars repairing your old phone only to have the software become obsolete within the year, you would instead think of a phone replacement. It would help if you noted how many repairs the phone has undergone and remembered that every time your phone gets opened, the likelihood of damage increases. If your phone has had three or more repairs done, it might be the right time to look for a replacement.

    3) Cracked Phone Screen and Physical Damage

    When your device experiences any physical damage covered by the Premium Handset Protection Program insurance, including the coverage for cracked screens and other accidental damage, you might be eligible for a phone replacement.

    4) Loss and Theft Protection

    When your device has loss and theft coverage, which has not essentially been covered with other warranty plans, you can proceed with a replacement by MetroPCS.

    5) Broken Phone

    MetroPCS offers a wide variety of phones and services, plus MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers and new subscribers. MetroPCS can help you set up a new service and fix your cracked or broken phone. If the replacement phone you receive is damaged or cracked, you need to contact MetroPCS and report it.

    6) Local Repairs

    If your phone repair at a local store becomes more frequent, it’s the right time you need to weigh options for constant maintenance or a one-time phone replacement.

    7) Normal Wear and Tear

    Failures resulting from dust, internal heat, humidity, and defects in materials and artistry are not covered.

    8) Mechanical Failures and Manufacturer Defects

    MetroPCS doesn’t provide coverage from defects after the manufacturer’s warranty ends, but Premium Handset Protection will help you out if you want a replacement after the warranty expiry.

    9) Water Damage

    MetroPCS doesn’t offer a replacement due to spills to full submersion, but the insurance does cover such and all liquid damage.

    10) Expired Warranty

    After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, you might have to look for an alternative option on how to get another phone if it gets damaged or experiences malfunctioning.

    Final Words

    There are different scenarios whereby you can demand a replacement from MetroPCS. If your device has a warranty and develops problems covered by the warranty before expiry, you are eligible for a replacement.

    However, after the warranty expires and your phone has defects or malfunctioning, the only thing that can help you is MetroPCS insurance. On the contrary, if dropping your phone in water or cracking your screen is a rare happening for you, cell phone insurance may be a waste of money.

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