Ranked third in national coverage, MetroPCS is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that runs on T-Mobile network and has been in the market for a while now. It is a prepaid cell phone carrier that provides the best 4G and 5G coverage. It offers very competitive mobile phones plans prices that are very budget-friendly as well as bonus perks. Today we discuss can you get a free phone when you switch to MetroPCS.

    The Metro-5G LTE mobile hotspot is currently a massive thing; even though 5G is not really a thing yet, you may translate this to mean fast hotspot speeds. Metro also offers a great selection when it comes to prepaid cell phone companies. Are you interested in the latest Samsung or Apple phone? You are most likely to find it here, at Metro, along with other brands such as LG.

    One thing that you need to note is that while you can purchase most MetroPCS compatible phones online, you are required to visit an actual store to set up your mobile plan. Also, most of the mobile phone offers are only available in-store. Locating a store near you is not much of a trouble as they are very common around the US. This article is centered on the free MetroPCS phones that are available if you switch as well as all you need to know about the process.

    Process To Get A Free Phone When You Switch To MetroPCS

    Many Metro deals require customers to sign up for wireless services. As long as you are switching to MetroPCS you can always get a free phone, you can even bring up to 5 members and they also get free phones too. It is now easy and simple to switch. You can now save big with just two steps:

    • Switch to MetroPCS and activate it on the $50 plan for unlimited LTE.
    • Select a free phone of your choice.

    You also have an option to choose the $60 plan for unlimited LTE with 10GB of hotspot if you wish.

    Does MetroPCS Charge Any Fee For Free Phones

    In the event you are upgrading your MetroPCS phone or are switching from another SIM provider to MetroPCS then there is a fee that is paid. The only thing you can get charged is the new SIM card, there are no fees for activation.

    The free phones are not charged any fee, the only thing is that you need to be under the $40 unlimited service plan for you to qualify for a free phone. Sales taxes and regulatory fees are included in the offer.

    Phones That MetroPCS Offer When You Switch

    Metro has free mobile smartphones that are on offer MetroPCS deals when you switch to the network. The offer is only available for in-store purchases only. These offers include sales tax and activation fee and an ID validation is required too. Some of the phones have discounted prices while others are free. Here is a list of those that are on offer for free:

    • Apple iPhone 7 32GB
    • Samsung Galaxy A20
    • Samsung Galaxy A01
    • LG Stylo 5
    • Motorola Moto E(2020)
    • T-Mobile REVVL4
    • Alcatel GO Flip 3

    Plus, other great phones you can choose from, including the limited-time offer of 2 Free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets when you switch. This offer requires activation of the voice line and tablet line on a rebate after 3 months of service.

    Is There Any Contract When You Switch

    MetroPCS offers unlimited wireless service with no contracts for cell phone plans. This means that MetroPCS does not require you to sign any contract.

    This provides you, the customer, the flexibility to choose if you wish to continue using MetroPCS each month at your convenience.

    There is also no late payment fee if you miss your payment due date, your service is temporarily interrupted until the payment posts to your account when the service will be automatically restored.

    MetroPCS Phones And Plans

    Metro by T-Mobile provide the best MetroPCS phone deals for their trustworthy customers with a competitive price and also outstanding coverage of any area. In the following we mention some significant MetroPCS phone:

    • Samsung Galaxy A02S
    • Apple iPhone 13
    • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
    • OnePlus Nord N100
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
    • OnePlus Nord N10 5G
    • Motorola One 5G Ace

    All the above phones are one of the best phone for their customers. So you can easily adopt those of one without any hesitation.

    Furthermore, MetroPCS offers five solid plans with each one of them offering a good amount of data for a competitive price and two of the plans offer unlimited data plan options. You can bet on us that there are no other better prepaid mobile plans than the MetroPCS plans. Here are some of the MetroPCS deals for switching.

    1) $30 2GB Plan

    This is a no-contract deal that:

    • Has mobile hotspot included
    • Has 4G LTE Coverage
    • 5G compatible (Device must be compatible)
    • Has taxes and regulatory fees included
    • Unlimited national talk and text
    • 2GB of mobile data

    You get 2 free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

    2) $40 10GB Plan

    The no-contract deal offers:

    • Unlimited music streaming
    • Tax and regulatory fees are included
    • Has 4G LTE coverage
    • 5G compatible
    • The plan has unlimited national talk and text
    • 10GB of full-speed data

    You get 2 free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

    3) $40 Unlimited Plan

    This is a limited-time offer that is available to new customers only. The no-contract plans that:

    • Has taxes and regulatory fees included
    • Is only available online
    • Has 4G LTE Coverage
    • Is 5G compatible
    • Unlimited national talk and text
    • Unlimited mobile data

    You get 2 free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

    4) $50 Unlimited Plan

    This is a no-contract plan that offers:

    • 100GB of Google One services
    • 5GB LTE Mobile Hotspot
    • Has tax and regulatory fees included
    • 4G LTE coverage
    • 5G services
    • Unlimited national talk and text
    • Unlimited data

    You get 2 free LG Phones + 2 Free Tablets when you switch and activate a new voice and tablet line.

    5) Family Plans

    MetroPCS also offers mobile family plans with $140 unlimited being one of the best values available in the market. Customers can have up to five lines under one account, with a $10, $20, or $30+ discount for every additional line depending on the plan.

    Do not miss the ultimate family cell phone plan deal that comprises 4 lines with unlimited LTE data + 4 free phones of your choice once you switch for only $100. All lines must be activated simultaneously, and if any line leaves for another network, all other lines lose the promo rate. Take advantage of this offer at a MetroPCS store near you.

    Final Thoughts

    There are several great reasons why you should jump over to MetroPCS great phone plan other than just the free mobile phone deal on offer. You also get to enjoy a stable mobile network that gives you solid coverage in most places and of course the competitively priced mobile plans that they offer.

    The 35GB data deprioritization threshold on the unlimited plans is also something you will not easily find in other mobile network providers. Their stores are available very close to you and the customer service also is very good.