What are The Metro Pcs Cell Phone Deals in 2022

Metro Pcs is a wireless network service provider based in the US-owned T-Mobile. Working under T-Mobile, the company can offer the best metro Pcs cell phone deals and plans for new and existing customers at an affordable price. It offers cheap services since it is a virtual operator that does not have physical branches, saving a lot on rent.

Metro by T-Mobile, formally known as Metro pcs, now operates as a no-contract or prepaid mobile network provider that uses T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. Most of their cell phone deals are available to new customers. However, the company is also providing some mobile phone deals for existing customers.

Metro pcs also offers the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This is a federal government program offered by the company that allows eligible customers to sign up and receive free from the government. This article discusses the ACP program and some of the Metro pcs most affordable mobile phone plans and deal in detail.

What Plans Do Metro Mobile Offer?

All Metro PCS paid plans to include access to the 5G network provided by T-Mobile at no extra cost. Some of these plans offer Google one storage and Amazon prime. In general, the company offer discounted and free Metro prepaid mobile phone plans and deals which include;

 i) $30/mo Plan

  • You get $30 off all prepaid plans offered by Metro pcs.
  • With ACP registration program of $60 per month
  • Unlimited talk time and text messaging
  • Unlimited high-speed mobile data
  • Access to 5G network technology
  • Hotspot capability of 15GB
  • Google One cloud storage of 100GB

 ii) $20/mo Plan 

  • The deal comes with unlimited talk & text
  • ACP registration program of $50 per month
  • Unlimited high-speed cell phone data
  • Access to 5G network technology
  • Hotspot capability of 5GB
  • Google One cloud storage of 100GB

 iii) $10/mo Plan

  • It comes with an ACP registration program of only $40 per month
  • When you switch to the network with one line, you will get $10 per month for unlimited talk tie and text
  • 10GB high-speed cell phone data
  • Access to 5G network technology

iv) The free Plan

  • This Plan offers an ACP registration program of $30 per month
  • Unlimited calling and texting
  • Access to 5GB high-speed mobile phone data
  • Access to 5G network technology

Do Metro PCs Offer the Affordable Connectivity Program?

metro cell phone deals

A new federal government known as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which offers payment assistance to eligible households on mobile data plans based on their income or other factors, has been introduced by metro PCs. This Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program that discounts high-speed internet service bills for qualifying low-income households monthly. ACP was launched at Metro PCs by T-Mobile network provider on January 27, 2022.

Customers who subscribe to the Affordable Connectivity Program by metro pcs enjoy many merits. Some of the benefits that the individuals and their households will enjoy include;

  • The household will receive up to a $30 per month discount on their qualifying rate plans service or up to a $75 per month discount if their household is on qualifying Tribal lands.
  • Each household is only given one discount on service every month.
  • All-Metro by T-Mobile rate plans with mobile phone data qualifies for the ACP benefit. This means that you can get free unlimited texting and calling, free 5GB of high-speed mobile phone data, and a Scam Shield with free Scam ID, free Caller ID, and free Scam Block from Metro by T-Mobile.

Apart from the benefits associated with ACP, you can get some other cell phone plans when you qualify for the ACP $30 monthly discount at metro pcs. You will enjoy all the fantastic 5G internet services free Scam ID, free Caller ID, and Scam Block with Scam Shield. Some of these mobile phone plans include;

  • With only $10 per month, you are capable of getting unlimited talk time and text messaging with a massive 10GB of high-speed mobile phone data.
  • With only $20 per month, you will get unlimited text, talk, high-speed cell phone data, 5GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data, and 100GB of storage in the Google One cloud.
  • If you make a plan of $30 per month, you will be able to get Metro by T-Mobile’s top plans that come with;
  • Unlimited talk time and text messaging, and high-speed mobile phone data
  • High-speed mobile hotspot capability of 15GB of data
  • 100GB Google One cloud storage and an Amazon Prime subscription of $14.99 per month value

Who Is Eligible for ACP Program?

Not all individuals can qualify for the ACP program. This program is designed specifically for a certain types of individuals and households. For a metro pcs customer to qualify to be eligible to subscribe to the ACP program, one member of the household must meet at least one of the conditions below:

  • If the individuals have a low income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  • If one of the household members participates in specific federal government assistance programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), temporary assistance for needy families, Federal Public Housing Assistance, school lunch program, Medicaid, some tribal programs, head start, and many more.
  • The individual participates in Tribal specific programs, such as Tribal TANF, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.
  • If one member of the household Is approved to receive benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision.
  • If the individual has received a Federal Pell Grant during the present award year
  • The individual meets one or two of the eligibility criteria for a participating provider’s existing low-income program.

How Can I Know If Qualify for the ACP Program?

The National Verifier is the organization that determines individuals’ eligibility for the ACP program. It is advisable to contact the National Verifier if you have any questions concerning your eligibility. The moment you receive a message that you qualify for the offer, you’re eligible until at least the end of your current billing cycle, that is, the end of the year.

The ACP benefit is provided to individuals based on the living standards of their household. So, what is a household for the ACP benefit program? This refers to any individual or group of related or unrelated people who stay together at the same address and contribute and share the household income and expenses. For example, if an adult has no or low income and lives with someone who provides financial assistance, both individuals shall be considered part of the same household.

Applying for the ACP benefit through any network, in our case the metro pcs, is straightforward. You are only required to have an internet connection and ensure that you meet the eligibility criterion. The following is the application procedure;

  • Visit the ACP website at ACP benefit.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Wait for approval from the National Verifier.
  • When approved, join Metro by T-Mobile and choose a 5G prepaid plan from the available wide selection of free 5G phones.
  • Then visit “My Account” on metro mobile.com.
  • Fill out the application form for the ACP benefit program.
  • After a successful application, you will receive a text message that will let you know whether you have been successfully enrolled in ACP with Metro by T-Mobile network provider.
  • If you do not wish to make the online application, you can also visit the nearby Metro by T-Mobile store for more assistance.

What Mobile Phone Deals Make Metro Offer for New Customers?

New Metro PCs customers instantly get up to $150 off ANY phone when they bring their eligible wireless mobile number to MetroPCS and sign up for an unlimited LTE plan. Metro PCs also provide $150 off any cell phone for new customers as long as they come with their number to the network and register for an Unlimited LTE plan.

Metro is one of the mobile network operators with many free 5g phones than any other network provider elsewhere. These free phones are offered in prepaid when you switch to their network. These free mobile phones include;

  • Samsung A13 5G
  • Motorola moto g stylus 5G
  • OnePlus Nord N200 5G
  • TCL 30 XE 5G
  • Samsung J7 Prime
  •  LG Stylo 3 Plus
  • Nokia X 100

What Metro Pcs Cell Phone Deals for Existing Customers?

Existing MetroPCS customers have not also been left behind. Metro pcs offers many mobile phone deals and service plans to exist customers. For example, a customer who wants to add another line to their current $60 Unlimited LTE plan gets a $50 cash back on any phone. This makes some cell phones like the LG Aristo and ZTE Avid 4 accessible.

The customers are also allowed to upgrade from a $50 instant rebate to a $60 unlimited plan as long as they have been loyal carrier customers for at least three months. This rebate is also available on mobile phones that cost $79 and more.

In general, some of the best metro PCs phone deals for existing customers include;

1) The $30 Monthly 2GB Metro PCS Plan

 Metro PCS offers almost 28 phones for existing customers. The customer pays Plan remains $30 plus an upfront $25 per month. The Plan is characterized by;

  • 2 GB of full-speed mobile data
  • A maximum of 4 extra lines at $30 per line per month
  • Unlimited text and nationwide talk
  • Global Voice Calls for more than 140 countries
  • Streaming that has a high quality of up to 480 pixels
  • It also has a cell phone data Maximizer

2) The $40 Monthly 10 GB Metro PCS Plan

This Plan provides 28 mobile phones that require a $25 upfront fee and a monthly charge of $40. The Plan comes with;

  • 10 GB full speed internet with no overages –
  • Unlimited texts
  • Limitless nationwide talk
  • You can add more lines to a maximum of 4 lines

3) $50 Monthly Unlimited Metro PCS Plan

One of Metro PCS’s unlimited phone deals provides 28 cell phones. It has a monthly charge of $50 plus an upfront $25. Some of its features include;

  • 35 GB complete speed data with no overages – data speed slows to 3G at data limit
  • Mobile hotspot capability
  • Unlimited texts and nationwide talk
  • Cell phone hotspot data of up to 5GB
  • You can add up to a maximum of 4 lines
  • Cloud storage of up to 100GB
  • Global Voice international calls
  • Excellent performing music stores such as Apple, Pandora, Music, and many more that does not affect your data
  • High-definition video streaming

4) $60 Monthly Unlimited Metro PCS Plan

This Plan also comes with 28 mobile phones that existing customers can choose from. The Plan includes the monthly upfront fee of $25 and a subsequent service charge of $60. Some of the features of this Plan include;

  • 35 GB complete speed data with no overages – data speed slows to 3G at data limit
  • Mobile hotspot capabilities
  • Unlimited texts and nationwide talk
  • Cell phone hotspot data of up to service charges
  • You can add up to 4 extra lines
  • Cloud storage of 100 GB
  • Global Voice international calls

5) Metro by T-Mobile $40 Monthly 10 GB Family Plan

This is the best family plan for metro PCS customers. The Plan provides;

  • 10 GB 4G LTE mobile phone data
  •  The data speed slows to 3G after 10 GB capacity
  • Unlimited texts and nationwide talk time
  • Up to four additional extra lines
  • Unlimited music and a data maximizer
  • Global Voice international call

Bottom Line

Metro PSC, currently known as the Metro by T-Mobile, is a network provider that offers the best mobile phone deals and plans for new and existing customers. They entice new customers into the network by offering wide brands of mobile phones for free. It offers nationwide services, unlimited talk, text and data, international calling, and more. Since it is a virtual network provider, it offers cheap mobile phone plans and deals.