How to Upgrade my Metro PCS Phone

If you plan to change your mobile carrier, Metro by T-Mobile is the ideal service provider. Since the merge between Metro PCS and T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile comes with many offers that its customers are enjoying. Metro by T-Mobile comes with enticing mobile plans at an affordable price to cater to individuals on a tight budget. At Metro by T-Mobile allows one to connect to other devices such as tablets, Smart Watch, pet tracker, and a Metro Smart Ride. Due to the merger, one needs to get the Metro PCS phone upgrade to avoid inconveniences in the future.

Though a T-Mobile subsidiary, Metro PCS has provided good network coverage across all the states in the country. Once you subscribe to the plans, you get two options to choose from the unlimited plan. Both the unlimited plans come with various exclusive features and data of 35 GB a month. One can get an endless music stream in unlimited plans, enough hotspot data, cloud storage, and access to Amazon Prime. The Metro PCS phones and programs for low-income families are ideal if you have a big household and on a tight monthly budget.

You wonder which phones will work with Metro PCS, no need to worry as you are in the right place. In this article, you will see which phones are compatible with  Metro by T-Mobile. Also, I’ll guide you on how to upgrade your Metro PCS phone. I’ve noted the requirements you need to consider while updating your phone. Read ahead.

How can I upgrade my Metro PCS phone?

Metro PCS phone upgrade

Due to the numerous merger changes, unfortunately, old phones cannot connect to the service anymore. It would be best if you upgraded your phone to avoid inconveniences in the future and so that you can access the new exclusive features offered.

Metro PCs have rolled out a promotional update offer to get a $150 discount on any phone you get! Mind-blowing, right. Once you buy one, you get a promotional upgrade of 90 days after activation up to four times in a year.

How do I activate my phone on Metro PCS?

There are three methods on how to activate your phone on Metro PCS;

  • You can contact the customer care team on the numbers provided on their website. Also, all of your questions shall be answered.
  • You can activate your phone on Metro by the T-Mobile website on the phone activation page.
  • You can visit the nearest Metro PCS mobile store.

You can also get more information about the mobile and family plans, Metro PCS compatible phones and prices in the state you live.

What are phones compatible with Metro by T-Mobile?

Since Metro PCS is a T-Mobile subsidiary, through numerous partnerships with mobile companies, you can get the latest smartphone rolled out by the company. Through their website, you can access the Metro PCS free phone upgrade. Customers can still upgrade their phones in the 90-day limit but will account for the full cost. Below are some of the brands of phones offered;

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. Motorola
  5. Alcatel
  6. Coolpad

As you can see from the phone brands above, some are among the top phones globally and come with various premium features that will suit your lifestyle easily. You can enjoy Metro PCS phones and plans for low-income families with the high-quality smartphones offered at an affordable price. If you are a Google phone user, then too bad as their store doesn’t provide the devices.

If you have a Google Pixel, you need to visit the Metro PCS store to make sure your phone is compatible to activate the Metro SIM card.

Which is the ideal mobile plan for Metro PCS customers?

The best mobile plan you can opt for is the $60 monthly plan. The unlimited plans come with exclusive features once you upgrade your phone to Metro by T-Mobile. In this bundle, you get unlimited texts, calls, and high internet speed. You get to enjoy Amazon Prime’s services, 100GB of Google cloud storage, and 15GB of hotspot data.

Can you bring your phone to Metro PCS?

Yes, Metro PCS offers a swap option for upgrading to its existing customers. In the BYOD program, one can change his/her phone for a new one at an affordable price. You need to confirm that your phone is compatible with Metro PCS so that you can enjoy the services offered.

For the new subscribers, you need to have Wireless Number Portability that enables you to retain your phone number when moving to Metro by T-Mobile to avoid loss of contact with family and friends.

Is the Metro by T-Mobile a reliable network?

Metro PCS uses the T-Mobile network so that you can enjoy excellent network coverage in the various states. Though average network coverage in rural areas, you will enjoy the mobile carrier’s mobile plans. You will enjoy the network’s internet speed though it might buffer due to the customers’ congestion as stated on their website.

Bottom line

From the article, you know how to upgrade your Metro PCS phone and the requirements you need to consider while applying it. You can visit the nearest Metro PCS shop in your state so that you can get much aid if you get stuck. At Metro PCS, you can get high-quality smartphones in the market from the top mobile companies.

If you aren’t satisfied with the phone, you can bring your phone, provided the device meets Metro PCS requirements. The BYOB program enables one to enjoy the services offered by mobile carriers. You have seen the Metro PCS compatible phones so that you can choose from the multiple smartphones at their website. I hope I’ve answered your burning questions, and you will be able to upgrade your phone to Metro by T-Mobile.

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