MetroPCS, currently known as Metro by T-Mobile, operates as a MVNO in the US. This Company offers cell phones and plans that match consumer needs and budgets. With a primary MetroPCS phone, you can get the latest device with advanced features through the MetroPCS phone upgrade.

    However, you are eligible for the upgrade if you have an active SIM card and a compatible cell phone. Moreover, you may upgrade your MetroPCS compatible phones online, in-store, or by calling the carrier’s customer service department.

    Since the merger of MetroPCS with T-Mobile, most customers have been curious about how much it costs to upgrade a cell phone with MetroPCS. In this case, the upgrading fee of a MetroPCS phone gets revised periodically. A few years back, the total cost of upgrading your MetroPCS phone was $10.

    Currently, the cost increased to $25 plus the actual cost of your cellphone. MetroPCS acquisition by T-Mobile migrated older MetroPCS customers to the T-Mobile new band.

    As a result, most old cell phones from MetroPCS were incompatible with the new LTE network and thus the need to upgrade phones through the MetroPCS phone upgrades program. Customers who upgrade get reliable and fast services through T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.

    Eligibility Criteria For MetroPCS Phone Upgrade

    Generally, it’s easier to upgrade your cell phone through MetroPCS through a straightforward process. You need to purchase your dream cellphone from them, automatically qualifying to upgrade your cell phone. However, you have to attain the following eligibility requirements:

    • MetroPCS upgrade program is available for existing and new customers. You will receive an upgrade every 90 days or up to three times a year.
    • You must pay a $25 cell phone activation fee and $10 to buy a new SIM card.
    • You must subscribe to metro PCS phone services for at least 3 months.
    • If you want to upgrade your smartphone via the MetroPCS BYOP program, you must be an active subscriber, and your smartphone must be unlocked and compatible with GSM technology.
    • You must have a compatible smartphone with metroPCS that is specifically purchased from metro PCS online or retail store.
    • You should possess an active with metro PCS when requesting to upgrade your cell phone.

    Upgrade A MetroPCS Phone – The Ways

    You can upgrade your MetroPCS phone in the following three ways;

    i) Proceed to their in-store

    You can visit any MetroPCS physical store near you and ask the customer representative how you can upgrade your phone. However, you need to be an existing MetroPCS customer before upgrading your phone. Therefore, the store representative will assist you in creating an account with them, selecting a plan, and upgrading your cellphone.

    ii) Through a Phone Call

    You can contact the customer support team to help you upgrade your MetroPCS phone. Besides, you can contact them at 1- 888-863-8768, and they will guide you through the registration process, cell phone activation, and upgrading your device.

    iii) Upgrade Online.

    In this case, you must proceed to MetroPCS online website and chat them live for assistance. Alternatively, you can follow the below guideline and upgrade your MetroPCS cell phone online.

    Procedure To Upgrade MetroPCS Phone Online

    To upgrade your MetroPCS phones online, follow the procedure below:

    1st Step: Open an account

    After opening their site, you will see a guide on opening an account. Follow the step-by-step guideline and enroll to open an account in a simple process of about 5 to 10 mins.

    2nd Step: Select a plan

    After activating an account with MetroPCS, get your phone number and password to log in. Then, tap ”upgrade device”, choose the new device you want to upgrade to, and add it to your cart.

    Afterward, you will have to choose a plan. Interestingly, MetroPCS plans are too affordable and feature no contracts.

    3rd Step: Purchase a cell phone

    Without a smartphone, you are not eligible for the MetroPCS phone upgrade program. However, you can bring your own unlocked phone compatible with Metro phone services.

    Alternatively, you can purchase a new cell phone with the features and the specifications you want online. At this stage, you must checkout to pay for the device added to the cart. After paying for the phone, you need to pay a $25 activation fee, and your cell phone will automatically qualify to receive an upgrade every 3 months.

    Process That MetroPCS Phone Upgrade Work

    MetroPCS phone upgrades program can work through promotional discounts and offers on cell phones provided by the company to their consumers. However, these promotional discounts are seasonal and vary. Hence, you should keep hunting on the available discounted upgrade devices and select the most affordable for you.

    Additionally, you can get an upgrade deal in MetroPCS by trading your old device to the latest one that matches your trade-in credit. Besides, you can look for BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers on some selected phones. After purchasing your phone, you will get automatic eligibility to upgrade your cell phone every 3 months, 4 times annually.

    On the other hand, if your current device packs the features and the functionality vital in a cell phone, you can opt for MetroPCS Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) Program. For MetroPCS BYOP, you must ensure that your cell phone is unlocked and compatible with MetroPCS services.

    Then, purchase a MetroPCS SIM, select your preferred plan, and activate and upgrade your cell phone. You can successfully switch to MetroPCS using your current device and port in your number.

    Keep Your Number When You Switch

    1) Ensure Your Phone Is Unlocked And Compatible.

    Call your current carrier to ensure your phone is unlocked & ready to use. Then, verify that your phone is compatible.

    2) Purchase a Metro SIM card

    After your cell phone is unlocked and verified as compatible, you can get a Metro SIM card.

    3) Choose Your Perfect Plan

    All-Metro cell phone plans feature unlimited talk and text plus unlimited high-speed data and access to T-Mobile’s 5G network at no additional cost.

    Reason To Activate A MetroPCS Upgrade Phone

    • Phone and new SIM card: You need to have a compatible cell phone and new MetroPCS SIM card ready.
    • Select a rate plan: You’ll have to pick a plan and pay for your first month of service to finish activation.
    • E-mail address: You need a valid e-mail address not previously registered on another MetroPCS account.
    • Phone number: MetroPCS can provide you with a new number, or you can transfer your current number to MetroPCS. If you bring your existing number from a compatible carrier, the support team will help you set it up.

    Choose The Right Plan For Your MetroPCS Upgrade Phone

    MetroPCS packs incredibly affordable plans. Plus, their services are convenient because you don’t sign up for unnecessary contracts. You are free to terminate service anytime you feel dissatisfied. Notably, the MetroPCS plans come into two broad categories – individual and family plans.

    Final Words

    MetroPCS is an MVNO operating on the T-Mobile network. However, to experience the best of the T-Mobile 5G extensive network coverage, you need to upgrade to a device that supports the specific network band. Upgrading your MetroPCS cell phone gives you enhanced functionality and speedy network connection, thus improving the overall performance of your device.